Dreams Related To Wheelchair

Someone in wheelchair

The symbolism behind someone in a wheelchair represents seeing someone or multiple people that you care about negatively affected by a rule, policy or social convention. In essence, the wheelchair suggests restricted movement in the physical sense and mental or emotional dependence when things are less tangible. While wheelchairs give freedom to those who actually need them, those who do not may find their options limited in reality. If you are especially perceptive or even clairvoyant, you may see these metaphorical handcuffs being placed on those you care about, leading to this vision.

Pushing a wheelchair with a client in

I was in the mountains pushing my client in a wheelchair and I had to go through water and over big rocks, but there were all sorts of large reptiles and rats that I was trying to avoid.

Dreaming about helping your client cross treacherous and dangerous waters signifies the number of obstacles in your path toward success. Though the presence of water portends that you would be able to amass wealth and fortune, dream symbols like snakes and reptiles represent the difficulties or hurdles you may have to go through while achieving success. The partnership between you and your client would be tested time and again. However, your constant support and goodwill will lead the two of you to a successful business relationship albeit with a few pitfalls in the process.

Husband in a wheelchair and being promiscuous

I am a female. My dream was of my husband in a wheelchair going into bathrooms and other rooms having sexual encounters with males and females. He is not in a wheelchair in real life.

Dreaming that your husband is in a wheelchair means he badly needs your help in reality. He is probably scared to approach you about his problems or there could be some shame and guilt involved. Fortunately, your subconscious has picked up on his silent cries for help and this is why these dream symbols have manifested in your dream. The sexual encounters with various individuals, both males and females, suggest a humiliating or shameful secret your husband is keeping from you. He wants to unburden and relieve himself of these issues in order to seek professional help. Before he can do that, he would need your understanding and support to get through this ordeal.

Being in a wheelchair

The image of being in a wheelchair in sleep paralysis symbolizes a feeling of being restricted or limited in some aspect of your life and also a feeling of weakness, helplessness, and dependency on others for help. Moreover, the dream could also be highlighting emotional boundaries that you may have set for yourself or others have set for you plus an indication of feeling dependent on others emotionally. Overall, it is a reminder of the need for help and support in certain areas of life and a call to make a change in your life that will help you become more self-sufficient.