Dreams Related To Whale

Being attacked by a whale

I dreamed of witnessing a whale eating up a little girl who happened to be standing by the water. I screamed for help and no one came to help that girl. A little while later this whale jumps out of the water to bite my left foot. I managed to stuff a pillow into its mouth and the whale released its grip of my foot. I remember being very careful and concerned when I saw the whale in the water before it started to attack the little girl and myself.

The image of a whale in a dream often refers to a huge burden. It could be a big business project that you are handling or a relationship that is a causing a lot of complications. In your case, the latter interpretation may be more applicable. The little girl may represent your innocence and playful nature. She may also symbolize your potential for growth. As such, being devoured by the whale suggests that someone with a lot of power and influence may be stifling your creativity and spontaneity. Similarly, the bite to your foot reveals limitations or threats to your freedom and independence. On the negative side, the whale could be a controlling personality in your reality that is squashing your dreams. On the other hand, it is also possible that the same person may just be encouraging you to be a little less hasty with your decisions and little more practical. It all depends on your current mindset and priorities.

A dead whale

A dead whale is a very positive dream symbol. Whales often represent big challenges and insurmountable problems. As such, a dead whale is a symbol of triumph. If ever you have been beset with obstacles and seemingly endless problems, then this dream vision represents your inevitable success in resolving issues or finally achieving your goal. The fulfillment of one of your biggest aspirations would likely stem from your sound judgments and good choices. Never straying from the path and focusing on your desired destination would finally bear fruit, giving you a sense of satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment.

A whale in general

Whales in general represent something significant in dreams. Depending on the context, it can refer to a negative or a positive outcome. If the dream scenario is a happy one, then the image of a whale can represent a valuable asset or personality which would enrich your life. For example, the whale could symbolize your nurturing mother who has always protected and guided you. On the other hand, if the picture or imagery of the whale looks grim or violent, then it means a huge storm could be in your future. Perhaps a gigantic problem could cause you sink into depression and self-pity.

Killer whales

Seeing a bunch of killer whales in dreams can have both a positive or negative meaning depending on the situation. If you are simply seeing the animals without fear of getting attacked, it means you are overestimating your capabilities and project a level of confidence which is not commensurate with your abilities. As a result, you tend to take on responsibilities and projects which you cannot implement effectively. On the other hand, if you are afraid of these powerful predators' presence, you will discover the sinister side of people you respect. You may end up fearing them rather than respecting their authority.

A whale in the sea

A glimpse of whale in the sea, perhaps while you are on a boat or by the beach, means you are about to receive a helping hand in reality. If you have been having financial problems or just a general down and out luck, then this dream vision may be the lifeline you have been looking for. The help could come in the form of a lucrative job offer or an opportunity to be mentored by someone you admire and respect. The distance from the whale means this generous individual is not from your close social circle and may be an unexpected source. This personality could be a big deal or a successful player in your chosen industry, hence it is a wonderful chance for you to join the big league.

Observing a whale in the wild

As a dream vision, observing a whale in its natural habitat in the wild refers to pleasantly surprising encounters in reality. Specifically, you could meet someone with an interesting or unusual personality. You would instantly have a connection despite your differences. Maybe you have been eyeing this person before, but you just could not find the right opportunity. Alternatively, this can also mean you would experience new adventures in a rare moment of spontaneity. You may be looking for a change of pace lately and this vision is telling you that this would happen sooner than you think. The overall experience would reignite your passions, making you happier and more inspired.

A white whale

A white whale as a dream symbol is a sign of good luck. Specifically, your good fortune would be associated with wealth and prosperity. For example, you could acquire something valuable, like an antique or a rare item which would significantly boost your finances if you decide to sell it or auction it out. You may also come across a very lucrative investment opportunity. While others may neglect this chance due to risk aversion, your good instinct and knack for spotting potential could give you an advantage by investing early in this promising venture.

A whale causing a shipwreck

Dreaming about an aggressive whale which caused a shipwreck can be an ominous sign of a series of unfortunate events and unrelenting bad luck in your future. This period of hardships would test your mettle as you deal with problems coming in succession. There could be a singular event which would cause the domino effect of obstacles and challenges. For example, a natural calamity could destroy your properties and possibly injure you or your loved ones. It is also possible that global issues would slowly affect your own career prospects and financial standing. You just have to grit your teeth and get through it with the help of your loved ones.

Swimming with a whale

Envisioning yourself swimming with a whale in the ocean alludes to many romantic prospects. This can be good or bad depending on your desire to partner up in reality. Perhaps your belief in yourself or general positive aura would grab the attention and interest of several individuals in your social circle. You could also attend an event wherein you would meet new faces and personalities. This occasion could attract new suitors or make old acquaintances see you in a different light. Alternatively, it is also possible that the interest may not be entirely romantic, but it would certainly be strong enough to alter their initial impression of you, good or bad.

A whale approaching your boat

Dreaming that you are in a boat and a whale is approaching or swimming towards you denotes a major dilemma. The substantial size and weight of the whale means you are about to deal with a huge burden or problem. It could be a choice between two things that you hold dear. For instance, the time for deciding whether to settle down or cling to freedom may be fast approaching. Settling down could mean committing to a person or a job. Whatever the case may be, this path would lead you to a more stable existence but with bigger responsibilities in tow. The other choice has to do with keeping your independence with all of its ups and downs.

The image of a whale approaching a boat can also refer to huge responsibilities. These tasks and duties may be weighing you down too much. The amount of focus and attention required from you could be keeping you from pursuing your passion or being more productive. You may aspire to create something more valuable, but you simply do not have the time. These time-consuming tasks could also be distracting from more important pursuits, like spending quality time with the people who matter most.

A whale attacking the ship you are on

Envisioning a whale attacking the ship you are on denotes tumultuous times ahead of you. The immense size and formidable appearance of the aggressive whale in your dream vision symbolize the enormity of the hardships and catastrophes you are about to encounter. It could be a natural calamity that would not only threaten you, but also your entire community. The aftermath of such a destructive event could displace you and your loved ones indefinitely. It would take a lot of working together to expedite recovery from a disaster of such scale. Surviving this tragedy depends on your resilience and courage against all odds.

A whale washed ashore

Envisioning yourself by the shoreline and seeing a whale washed ashore is usually a warning about upcoming hardships. For instance, you or a loved one could experience a major misfortune or tragedy, such as an accident or a serious illness. The enormous size of the beached whale is a metaphor for the heavy burden that would fall on you or your loved ones as you cope with the repercussions or further concerns associated with the unexpected challenge. It would likely take a lot of time and effort for those involved or affected and it would require the help of others to overcome it.

Whale's liver

The meaning behind seeing a whale's liver in a dream depends on the size of the whale. If the liver came from a large whale, then it is usually a positive symbol of wealth. You could stand to gain great profits from your business or a possible bonus at work. However, if the liver came from small whale, then it carries negative connotations. It means you may soon experience a period of poverty. Perhaps unexpected expenses and other incidental events could drain your finances, forcing you to tighten your budget significantly. You may even dip into your personal savings just to make ends meet.

Being swallowed by a whale

Envisioning yourself swimming in the ocean and getting swallowed by a whale usually predicts domestic issues. Perhaps there would be conflict between you and some household member, like fundamental differences in beliefs or life-changing decisions. For instance, your partner could be contemplating resigning and pursuing a different career. It is also possible that a family member would inconvenience you and the entire family for their careless actions and bad decisions. As such, there could be far-reaching effects and repercussions to this family-related issue.

Whale hunting

Hunting for a whale in a dream vision could reveal your overly ambitious nature. Since you are looking to catch a majestic creature, it means you may be reaching for something well beyond your capabilities. Perhaps you think too highly about yourself, hence you often grab chances to pursue certain goals and opportunities without proper preparation and training. This lack of due diligence and not putting in enough hard work to successfully achieve what you want would likely end up exhausting you and making you bitter in the long run. This kind of attitude would not bring you the success and fame you want for yourself.

Riding on whale's back

As a dream symbol, riding on the back of a whale likely means you are self-confident. More specifically, it means you find yourself attractive and comfortable in social settings. In this context, the whale represents your belief in your ability to achieve your dreams through the impression you give off as well as your personal qualities. After all, society still pretty much operates on first impressions, so you find it easy to get people to listen to you and once they do, you can show them how competent you are at your job. This can also refer to your confidence in your ability to find a suitable romantic partner in reality.

Petting a whale

To dream of petting a whale can be an indication of unexpected wealth. Your luck could take a happy turn in reality as you would likely become significantly richer through unexpected means or channels. For instance, you could suddenly get an offer for a lucrative job or your investment could pay off in spades under pleasantly surprising circumstances. It is also possible that a powerful or influential personality would take notice of your skills and abilities which could open up a lot of doors for you. So make sure you remain observant and grab opportunities while fortune is on your side.

Looking inside whale's mouth

Taking a look inside a whale's mouth in a dream vision can be an allusion to your fascination about someone in your social circle. Perhaps your dreams and aspirations about your pure and innocent feelings of admiration mixed with curiosity towards this individual are being projected into your subconscious through this dream. While you could be entertaining thoughts of a possible love affair, you could be keenly aware that it is not going to progress beyond a professional relationship or a close friendship which you currently have.

A whale of unusual color

Seeing a whale with an unusual color in a dream could be an indication of an upcoming celebration. There is likely a big occasion coming up at work, since this symbol is usually associated with jobs or professions. Maybe a significant anniversary or milestone is happening for your company which would entail a grand event or party for every employee to attend. It could be a rare opportunity to mingle with the bosses in a social setting. This may give you a chance to bond with some of your colleagues and get to know them outside of your usual workplace interactions.

A whale without its head

Despite the gruesome imagery, a headless whale in a dream vision is actually a sign of good tidings. It means your family would likely hold a huge party or celebration in the near future. Perhaps this is a personal milestone for one of the family members, like a retirement or a wedding. As such, this momentous occasion would likely be a reunion of sorts for family members and relatives who may not have seen each other for a long time. You would find the opportunity to catch up with members of the paternal and maternal side of your family as well as possibly members of the family being welcomed as part of your clan.

A whale ejecting water from its back

The meaning behind seeing a whale ejecting water from its blowhole can carry differing interpretations depending on the specifics of the scenario. In general, this dream vision is associated with affairs and romantic encounters. Specifically, if you see the whale from afar, then a romantic encounter would just end up being a fling, fizzling out eventually. Meanwhile, a whale from up close, and especially if you got wet or drenched by the ejected water, means that a supposed short-term affair would likely turn serious, possibly a marriage down the line. Ultimately, this relationship would likely last for decades.

Sister and a giant white whale

I dreamed my family owned a huge white whale (albino) that we kept in the back yard pool. My sister would move it at the end of the day to another pool located at the other side of the house. For this, she would have to make the whale slide across the street into on coming traffic and then slide it into the other pool. Meanwhile, I am standing back being cautious of this thing wondering if my sister was safe with it.

Dreaming of albino animals can be a sign of something significant happening to one of your children if you are a parent. If you are not a parent, then this dream could possibly mean that you are about to deal with some unusual behavior exhibited by your younger family members, acquaintances or relatives. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a whale is closely related to maternity and being constantly preoccupied with matters directly related to raising a child or children. Due to the fact that it was your sister moving the whale around, it is possible that she is the one presently experiencing these life situations which were captured in your subconscious visions.

Whales floating in the sky

A vision of animals usually signifies your inner thoughts and spiritual aspect. For instance, an image of an animal swimming in water implies that you might be feeling overwhelmed in your current situation and are seeking help. There could be a matter in your personal and professional career that makes you feel this way. You might also be having a weird feeling that something is up, yet you can't determine what it is, so it is best to look at your inner self and situation as your guide to enlightenment.