Dreams Related To Weapons

Acquiring a weapon

Dreaming about acquiring or coming into the possession of a weapon could be a positive sign. It could translate upcoming recognition and respect. Your power, knowledge, skills or status would start to be acknowledged, renowned and admired by others.

Having a weapon and being with other people

Dreaming about carrying a weapon amidst a crowd of armed people could translate the offering of support. Some perhaps unknown person or group of individuals might make available to you important defense resources. That is, you would go under their wing and receive their protection. Alternatively, you would find an important ally to your cause.

Military weapons

Dreams involving visions of military weapons often symbolize negative emotions. You may soon become seriously preoccupied, anxious, unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated or disillusioned. If you belong to any military organization, you may be called on duty or enter the battle field. You would feel preoccupied and tense with your future. Alternatively, some event taking place near your living area or to the one of your acquaintances would cause you such upsetting feelings.

Receiving a weapon

Dreaming about receiving or being handed a weapon could represent conflicts and disagreements. You may be or become involved in a fight or hostile situation. During this event, there could be physical, verbal or emotional aggressions between you and someone else.

People carrying weapons

Dreaming about observing a crowd of armed people carrying weapons could be a positive sign. You may soon be pleasantly and joyfully surprised by some news or developments. Alternatively, you might start feeling reassured, less frightened and safe. This specially applies if you did not feel endangered or intimidated by the crowd in any way.

Ancient weapons

Seeing or handling ancient weapons in a dream could translate some a long-waited recompense. It is possible that someone made a promise or asked you for a favor a long time ago. This person would have failed to repay or compensate you in any way up until now. Alternatively, this dream could translate the making of a sound investment. For example, you would buy some material possession, such as a new property or possession and end-up having some profit.

Firing a weapon

Dreaming about firing a weapon could translate impulsiveness. You could currently be or soon become careless, reactive and irresponsible. You would fail to pay the necessary attention and dedication to your existing duties and obligations. This could be a temporary state caused by factors such as fatigue and exhaustion.

Cleaning weapons

Dreaming about cleaning or polishing weapons could be a negative sign. You should get ready to fight. That is, you could presently or soon face some conflictual, challenging and antagonistic situation. You would have to assemble your means, stand up to the opponent and resourcefully deal with the situation.

This dream could also reflect some feisty inner tendency. You would tend to try to outsmart everyone else, beat them at their own games, predict any possible self-impairing move, and so forth. You would consider everyone and every situation as a field of battle. In this case, the dream could serve as an advice. You would benefit from being less paranoiac and deal with life in a more order-obeying, quiet and peaceful manner.

A weapon covered in blood

Dreaming about seeing or handling a weapon covered with blood could represent lack of emotional balance or instability. You may experience mood swings, alternating from moments of happiness to moments of sadness. These moods are not necessarily reactive and consequent of external circumstances.

Weapons in general

Dreaming about weapons is a negative sign. It could warn you about some impeding threat, danger or overwhelming feelings of insecurity. This menace could be caused to you by those around you. You would desperately try to take charge of the situation by force. For example, you would try to impose yourself upon others via an authoritative and bossy relationship style. You could also try to force yourself into some sort of inflexible and rigid state of mind.

A single type of weapon

Dreaming about a very unique and specific type of a weapon, such as a rifle, a pistol, a cannon, is a forewarning. You may encounter other peoples’ oppressive, authoritative and despotic orders and desires. This person or group of individuals would be close to you. They would make your life a living hell. To cope with their attitude, you could become subservient and submissive. At an extreme, you would completely silence your personality, wishes and needs. Although you could be aware of what was happening to you, you might feel unable to resist or counteract their demands.

Weapons as firearms

Dreaming about firearms is a positive sign. It could reveal the existence of an optimistic attitude. You would be, and continue to be a positive and enthusiastic person. You would project such good vibe onto others. For example, you would be the life of the party or the driving force of some project. This personal characteristic would be appreciated by others.

Choosing weapons at a gunshop

Dreaming about observing yourself inside a gun shop and browsing through the weapons with the intention of buying some could symbolize acceptance and reconciliation. Some news might have been disclosed to you in the past by a close friend of yours. At the outset, you might refuse and repel the news as lies, offenses or misjudgments. You might feel angry. However, under close and sincere inspection, you would realize that the news were true. Hence, you would benefit from accepting and reconciling with what has been revealed to you.

Accepting weapons as a gift

Dreaming about accepting weapons as a gift could be a warning. You might be striving to achieve some particular objective. You currently contemplate the employment of illegal or fraudulent means to assure or prove your success. However, the dream suggests that this path would probably culminate in failure.

Hunting weapons

Dreaming about seeing or handling hunting weapons could symbolize the pursuit of a genuine personal interest. You might feel inclined to go after something that you truly enjoy, are interested in and feel curious about. That is, you would try to bring some old passion or hobby back to life.

Buying weapons

Dreaming about buying weapons could be a forewarning. Namely, you could have recently been the victim of some unexpected and sudden aggression. You would feel the need to ensure your safety. Alternatively, you could presently be in a fragile situation. There would be a high likelihood of soon being materially or psychologically robbed or assaulted. In this case, the dream works as a warning. You should be more attentive to what is happening around you so that you can prevent or minimize the adverse effects of any upcoming offense.

Hearing weapon shots

Dreaming about hearing gunshots could symbolize death. It is possible that someone distantly related to you or to someone close to you might pass away. Alternatively, you could escape some dangerous situation, only becoming aware of the menace from a distance. Finally, the dream could also translate the possibility of being the victim of other people’s offenses and accusations. However, their hostility would not last long.

For those in love with someone, this dream could serve as a forewarning. Someone might be striving to win the affection of the one you love. They might even try to damage the relationship you have with your loved one. For business people, the dream could also be related to the existence of strong opposition and competitors. Their actions might bring you some losses in terms of market share, revenues or partnerships.

Carrying a weapon

Dreaming about carrying a weapon or weapons could symbolize grief. It is possible that you have been greatly disappointment by someone or something in the past. Presently, you might feel the need of keeping yourself safe by resorting to potentially aggressive and violent means. Alternatively, you could become involved in some dubious or unexpected situation. This event might emotionally harm and hurt you to a great extent.

Unusual types of weapons

Dreaming about observing the use of unusual types of weapons such as an axe, a shovel or a fork could symbolize inner conflicts. It is possible that you currently or soon would experience an internal struggle. Your practical and logical side is producing outcomes which contradict those achieved using more creative and imaginative processes. Alternatively, the dream could speak of your anti-social, destructive and violent tendencies or personality traits.