Dreams Related To Weak

Being weak

Being weak or unable to move yourself in a dream can point to a number of different things, depending on your circumstances. Some dream workers speculate that this vision is an allusion to physical inadequacy in reality. You may feel insecure about your looks or feel powerless in the presence of those with stronger personalities. Other interpretations of this mysterious symbol have to do with being able to accomplish your plans or how fortunate you feel in your circumstances. No matter which interpretation you feel best applies to you, it is clear that finding your own strength or voice in reality should be of prime importance in the coming days.

Physical weakness

Perceiving yourself as physically weak or feeble in the dream realm is often considered, according to the philosophy of John Paul Jackson, to mean that your mental or physical health is about to take a turn for the worst. Your body may be attempting to fight off or attack an invading bacteria or virus, causing you to lose sleep or feel ill. Alternatively, this state may root itself in your mind and make you powerless to the emotions that follow. Gaining back control would be a difficult process.