Dreams Related To Wax

A baby made of wax and melting away

I was holding a possibly month-old baby, maybe a boy? He never opened his eyes but it seemed he was made of wax, he was almost melting because he was so hot. I removed a white robe and he was still really warm, so I removed a blue-striped button down shirt, but he still had khaki shorts on. I was blowing on him to try and cool him down and was either on my way to pick up some ice or someone was going to bring me some ice for him. I was to put the ice in a paper towel, so cold water dripped on him.

Holding a baby during the course of a dream vision is often symbolically linked with the idea of searching for a solution to a big problem. This dream, however, does not provide enough context to determine whether this is related to your personal life or career. No matter the situation, the hotness you felt radiating from the baby could indicate things are about to get out of hand because you did not find an answer fast enough. Trying to cool the child, then, represents your efforts to calm the situation down and get things back to normal. If you felt like you succeeded by the end of the vision or were on the way to doing so, it may signify much the same in wake life. However, if you felt like you were fighting a losing battle, it may be better to let things burn and try again later.