Dreams Related To Watched

Watched by someone

A dream where you are being watched by someone means you have to be careful about your actions. You are going to commit something illegal or get involved in fraudulent or illicit activities. No matter how clever you think you are, you will leave a trail of evidence which will eventually get you caught. To avoid wasting the rest of your life in jail or paying for your crimes, it is best not to dip your toes in criminal acts.

Being watched by a man

A man watching you in your dream could represent a person in your life who is giving you the creeps. Perhaps you watched a show about a peeping Tom and feel like you know someone who exhibits the same suspicious behaviors. You may know others who have been stalked in real life and, as a result, you are especially sensitive to lurkers. You have a good sense of people, hence you oftentimes feel the need to warn your loved ones whenever they associate themselves with seemingly bad influences. The results of your initial impressions are usually accurate, but there are instances when you are proven wrong.

Being watched

Feeling like you are being watched in a dream is often a sign you have a subconscious awareness that you are being observed. The reason for this surveillance is not clear by this symbol alone. Perhaps it is rather innocuous, like being watched by a classroom teacher for participation points. However, it is also possible that you are being watched for less than innocent reasons, such as having a stalker or enemy on your trail. This vision is a warning that you should keep an eye on others and protect yourself and your privacy as much as you can.