Dreams Related To Wardrobe

Wardrobes in disarray

I dreamt I woke up to find my wardrobe on its side in the bedroom. My husband's wardrobe had gone, he was also gone. I went outside to find him sleeping in the car. I am a woman.

Finding a wardrobe or closet in disarray, damaged or tipped over for example, means long-held secrets will be uncovered which could potentially damage relationships. In the context of your dream, the secret is yours since it is your wardrobe that you found on its side. Meanwhile, your husband's missing wardrobe alludes to more undisclosed information. Once your secret or secrets come out, your relationship with your husband will change dramatically. He would turn into someone you would not recognize anymore. This strain in your marriage would push him to focus his energies on work or other preoccupation, as illustrated by the image of him sleeping in the car. It would take a lot of effort and humility on both your parts to fix whatever damage has been done.

Money inside a wardrobe

Here's is my dream. I dreamed of where I was sleeping and I woke up and went to the wardrobe where I usually hang my clothes. I opened the wardrobe and to my surprise I saw currency of different countries packed in the wardrobe. I immediately went to call our in-law living with us to see what was in my wardrobe but he refused to follow me. And he kept on going his way and then I woke up from my sleep.

A wardrobe or closet in dreams symbolizes secrets, repressed emotions and even unrealized potential. The last dream interpretation is the most appropriate in the case of your vision since money in different currencies suggests hidden wealth. Rather than pointing to actual material assets, your subconscious is telling you that you have so much more to offer to the world. If you only learn to harness your maximum potential, you can become wealthy, self-efficient and fulfilled. In turn, you can use those blessings to share with your loved ones or help the less fortunate.