Dreams Related To War

Seeing war

Dreaming of seeing war and living near a war zone is a negative sign. It means you are about to experience periods of sadness and hardships, especially if you are a younger-aged person.

Fleeing a war

Dreaming of seeing yourself fleeing from a war situation is a sign you will have temporary relief or periods of rest from tribulations and hardships you have been experiencing in your life.

War being declared

To dream of hearing war being declared for the nation you belong to is a sign you will soon participate in a very important meeting or serious conversation that will highly influence and positively affect your life from that day forward.

War battles

Seeing war battles and war scenes in your dreams is a warning that you need to concentrate a considerable amount of time and effort into maintaining your current position or status in life in order to secure your current social standing.

A war between kings

Ruin statues and the emperor I was serving was at war with another kingdom of some kind and used these ruin robotic-like statues to fight the other king or emperor and the other emperor killed my king. And I started to be able to control the ruin robotic statue things and then it ended.

The war in your dream portends upcoming chaos and upheaval in your waking world. This could manifest as a workplace conflict or disagreements at home. The emperors or kings are the ones who wield power and influence in your professional or social circles. There could be an upcoming reshuffling of responsibilities in which your superior or authority figure would end up getting demoted or stripped of his or her position. Perhaps the robotic statues are their subordinates or your colleagues who are unhappy about their leadership. Fortunately, since you are aware of their plight and issues, this could become an opportunity for you to step up by getting everyone to cooperate to achieve your collective goals.

Nuclear war

Dreaming of having a nuclear war take place before you is a sign of dishonesty. It means you are behaving dishonestly and acting unfaithful towards someone. It could also mean you have done something that turned out to have negative consequences and will soon be discovered by others.

Being victorious in the war

Dreaming of successfully defeating your enemy and being victorious in the war is a sign that great success and achievements are coming your way in business and in your personal life.

War maneuvers

Dreaming of seeing war maneuvers unfolding right in front of you as planned means upcoming changes will occur in your household or place of work. It can also indicate a need to relocate to another place because of your current circumstances.

If someone sees a war

War is a bad omen in the dream world, especially for younger dreamers. It alludes to chaos and hardships in your life. Since someone else witnesses the war, this means you probably do not feel responsible for this disorder and maybe you do not care that much. This detachment could be seen as apathy by people who are directly affected by the chaos and they may not take kindly to your attitude. Your subconscious may be forcing you to confront your privilege and learn how to empathize with others.

Hiding in war

Hiding from war and conflict in the dream realm indicates you are concerned about scrutiny in reality. This symbol often reveals repressed emotions from your subconscious, usually negative feelings like anxiety or fear. Usually this is in response to things outside your control but that directly impact your life, like the clothes you wear or the things you desire. You may be surrounded by people who see the world in a very different way than you. Their strong emotions and determination to wipe out opposition may cause you to push down your own opinions in favor of adopting a relaxed, agreeable personality on the surface. However, pushing aside what you really want can only work for so long before you become stressed or discontented.

Visions of war for young people

If you are a young person and having visions of war, then it is a sign you will soon experience conflicts or disagreements within your circle of friends that you have become popular in.

Visions of war for older people

If you are an older person and having visions of war, then it is a sign you are about to lose a friend or relative to death or through some other unfavorable events or circumstances.

Sending someone you know to a war

Dreaming of sending someone you know off to war is a sign you are about to face some undesirable behavior or see some negative character traits being exhibited by that person, which will in turn affect you in a negative way.

World war

Seeing the onset of a world war in your dreams is a sign of you experiencing major changes in your life, or it could be a sign of you experiencing material or financial problems in the near future.

Actively fighting in a war

Dreaming of seeing yourself as a soldier actively fighting in a war is a warning that you need to pay more attention to taking care of your health and overall well-being because of the current issues you are having with your health.

Being killed in the war

Dreaming of yourself being wounded and eventually killed in a war is a sign you are about to be defeated by your competition, personal adversaries, other people who do not like you, or people you are in a bad relationship with.

Constant wars

Dreaming of constant wars or having recurring dreams about warfare is a sign that you are living in a very negative environment that is starting to greatly affect you. It is time you think about changing your social circle or remove the people you hang out with in order to improve your situation.

Destruction left by a war

Dreaming of being a witness to the chaos and destruction left by the aftermath of a war means you are going to discover some negative traits or personality flaws in your lover or sex partner which he or she has been concealing from you for quite some time now.

The discovery of these negative traits will cause you much pain and suffering. It will take a considerable amount of time to resolve these issues, or it may lead to a complete separation from your lover or partner.

Caught up in a war

Getting involved or caught up in a war, whether you are actively fighting or just trying to survive, means you have to focus on your health. You are either ignoring your well-being completely or you are exercising too much and going too far with your diet. It is best to consult a physician, so you get a better understanding of your current state of health. From there, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly for your body to function in its optimum level.

Being in a war zone

Being in the midst of a war zone is a highly negative symbol to perceive in a dream vision. Jungian sources suggest that this portent is the precursor to major misfortunes and tragedies in reality, such as sickness, job loss or the death of a loved one. In many cases, young people who see this vision are more likely to suffer the worst consequences. If you see this symbol while you are dreaming, prepare your heart for the difficulties to come.

Strangers ending a war

I was in a chaotic war, then coming over the hill I saw two men in what looked like red riding hoods coat. As soon as I seen them, they spoke to me, but I can't remember what was said, just that they were friendly and as they went In different directions, the chaos ended and I knew it was they who stopped it.

Dreaming of war or living near a war zone is usually a negative sign. It means you are about to experience periods of sadness and hardships, especially if you are a young person. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for someone to bail you out, sort of like a savior figure. Yet in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if your sphere of influence is small. Ripples can cause waves given the right conditions.

Being forced to go to war

I am a 15 year old girl. I was being forced to go to war. I knew that if I went to fight I would die. I was saying goodbye to my 1-year old niece. I couldn't leave. I actually woke up and I was crying my eyes out and I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards.

War in dreams signifies a tumultuous period in your existence. You could be facing a physically and emotionally demanding predicament which would force you to mature pretty quickly. Similarly, being drafted into this war alludes to confrontations or disagreements with someone close to you, possibly a relative. The fact that you were forced to fight or go to war means that this pivotal moment or stressful period is inevitable and the only thing you can do is to cope and adapt the best way you know how. Dying in a war does not mean actual death in reality, it just means that after all the challenges, you would find yourself changed by the experience.