Dreams Related To Wand

A wand in a hand

I'm a female. I dreamt of an older-looking hand with a wand sitting on top of some sort of book and my own hand was clenched in a fist sitting next to it.

The wand symbolizes power and influence. The older hand holding the wand symbolizes a person in reality who holds significant power over you. Meanwhile, your clenched fist signifies defiance. The more this person tries to control you and make you obey their wishes, the more you would want to assert yourself. This conflict and tension between the two of you makes the presence of the book much more important. A book is associated with wisdom, so it is possible that your subconscious is telling you to listen to this elder because of their wealth of experience and knowledge. If nothing else, listening could give you a whole new perspective about your situation. Maybe you can begin to reconcile your differences and meet halfway.