Dreams Related To Wallet

A wallet with money

The image of a wallet full of cash in a dream vision could be interpreted as a sign that things would be looking up for your financial situation. You may soon find yourself richer and more prosperous than you have ever been at any time in your life. This includes both increasing your cash flow from business sources or investments and monetary gifts from supporters or an inheritance.

Wallet overloaded with banknotes

I dreamt that my wallet was so full of money, mostly $20's and $100's that my zipper busted open. It was my actual wallet in waking life too.

Dreaming of a wallet full of money is a very auspicious dream symbol. This is usually associated with strong and positive social connections instead of worldly possessions. There may be upcoming events in the near future which would allow you to bond with your friends and family, or perhaps reconnect with long-lost friends and relatives. This would bring a lot of optimism and joy in your life knowing that you have loved ones who fully support and love you no matter what happens.

Finding a wallet

Finding a lost wallet, such as one lying on the ground or left on a bench, suggests you are soon about to go through a period of good luck in reality. Events that could go either way would tend to swing in your favor, and even those that do not seem to do what you want would benefit you in the long run. This would be a good time to take some small risks and try something new to better your life.

An empty wallet

Dreaming about an empty wallet is an ominous symbol to behold in a vision. It is a harbinger of poverty and destitution, predicting that you and those who depend on you would soon suffer due to lack of money. Not only would the loss of cash flow or savings prevent the buying of food and other necessities, but it would also come as a blow to your self-esteem and self-worth. You would likely feel disappointed, frustrated and embarrassed by your new situation.

A wallet burning

I saw a desk. On the desk there was a wallet, a side of the wallet was burning, not the entire wallet, only the side of the wallet was burning.

Dreaming about a wallet on a desk suggests that your love life is in some trouble. You likely have some fantasy you want to indulge in or a crush you have your heart set on. The burning edge of the wallet is considered a fairly literal sign that this fairy tale you are indulging in could be beginning to consume your thoughts. You should be careful lest you lose sight of reality.

Losing your wallet

Losing your wallet during the course of a dream vision predicts great loss and heartache for you in the near future. You may soon find yourself in a terrible situation where you have seemingly everything of importance taken away from you. While this could refer to material possessions and monetary wealth, it is also associated with things of emotional or sentimental value. For example, this symbol can sometimes refer to a favorite childhood toy or the loss of a beloved relative. Alternatively, this same symbol has sometimes been seen as the manifestation of concerns about taxes, particularly around the filing period for taxes or during times of increased tax scrutiny.

A wallet stuffed with money

A wallet that is stuffed to the brim with bills and coins is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It predicts sudden and unexpected good fortune in various areas of your life. In particular, you may have extra luck in romantic affairs and endeavors. For example, you may catch the eye of someone you did not think you even had a chance with.

If the wallet stuffed with cash was one that you discovered or found by chance, it suggests you would soon have the opportunity to be involved with a lucrative business deal. You would likely profit from whatever project or partnership you are introduced to during this time. However, you should avoid deals that require you to either borrow money to finance the work or lend money to someone who cannot currently pay their part. If you borrow money you may not be able to repay it, and if you lend money the other party is unlikely to be able to repay you.

Finding a wallet with money

Found a wallet full of money.

A wallet in the dream world symbolizes your level of confidence and state of affairs. As such, finding a wallet full of money alludes to the possibility of putting up a profitable business venture or project. A lucrative idea or a promising opportunity may present itself just when you need it the most. Alternatively, this may also signify success in your personal affairs, particularly with romantic prospects. If you have been down and out lately, take heart because things would soon turn in your favor.

Losing wallet

A lost wallet, whether you own it or not, predicts heartache as well as personal losses. Traditionally, wallets represent self-confidence and desirability, so a missing wallet indicates low self-esteem. You could get rejected by someone you like or lose out on a job opportunity because someone else has better credentials. These rejections will make you feel insecure and may even prevent you from taking risks for fear of failure.

Losing wallet then finding it

If you lose a wallet in your dream, it means you are losing confidence in yourself. Oftentimes, lost items in the dream world is a projection of something missing in your life which you yearn to regain. In this case, losing the wallet could be a metaphor for a failure or a rejection which would damage your self-esteem. Finding the wallet, therefore, indicates a confidence boost. The bad incident will be balanced by a personal triumph which will make you believe in yourself again.

A wallet filled with diamonds

Envisioning a wallet that is filled with diamonds rather than actual money is a highly auspicious sign to behold in a dream. It is often thought to represent the men and women in your life who respect you for who you are. You probably have friends, neighbors and family members who admire your character and look to you as a guide for how to go about life. Their approval and affection is sure to make you smile with pleasure and satisfaction.

A wallet at your feet

Suddenly finding a wallet on the ground at your feet predicts a possible vacation or holiday in the future. This would be a lavish, luxurious affair filled with the most exciting activities and exquisite food. You would be able to spend quality time with your family, enjoying their company and happiness during this break away from ordinary life. You are sure to remember this time fondly for many years to come.

A wallet as a gift

Receiving a wallet or purse as a gift from a friend or family member may represent the presence of liars and cheaters surrounding you in reality. Such a nice and valuable gift is meant to distract from the fact that they are in some way unfairly benefiting from the relationship. For example, you may pay for more than your fair share of meals, or perhaps you do work for them for free. In any case, receiving a wallet as a present should be considered a serious warning to pay close attention to those you interact with in reality.

Adding money to your wallet

The act of adding money to your wallet is often interpreted as a positive, auspicious symbol in the realm of dreams as it is associated with increased income or additional cash flow. In this type of vision, the amount of money added directly corresponds with the amount you can expect to achieve in reality. Therefore, those who only added a few bills could see a slight to modest increase in wealth, while those who continuously added money over the course of the vision may double or triple their bank accounts over time.

Stealing a wallet

Stealing a wallet in a dream vision, whether you took it from someone's pocket or lifted it from a table when no one was looking, suggests you could fall prey to gambling or money scams in the future. By taking part in activities that promote being loose with money, you are opening yourself up to a world of financial hurt. Specifically, you are likely to lose a lot of money and, as a result, lose things that are even more important, like family and friends.

An expensive-looking wallet

An expensive-looking wallet has two different interpretations, depending on the amount of money inside. Finding little to no money inside such a beautiful, well-made wallet suggests you have made good choices in your life. You have put down a solid foundation from which to stand, and even if you are not rich and successful now you may find yourself checking off many goals from you list in the future. On the other hand, an expensive, brand-name wallet that is filled with money could represent your tendency to make decisions based on current trends rather than long-term thinking. This rashness may cause your decline or complete downfall in the future.

A wallet for men

For men in particular, the image of the wallet in a dream vision holds special connotations. In a sense, it is symbolic of his ideas and truths he holds in his head. It is a reflection of his deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings. In some cases, it can even be the manifestation of what he truly desires out of life and the universe. Therefore, when this symbol is seen in a man's dream, he should be particularly aware of the other symbols present and of his situation in wake life so as to come to the right conclusion about what he saw.

Holding a wallet in your hand

Particularly noticing that a wallet is in your hand at some point during a dream is indicative of soon becoming privy to some news or information. Whatever you learn is sure to be useful and important, either for you or someone close to you in reality. This symbol by itself, however, does not indicate whether or not you would be pleased or disappointed by what you hear.

An old wallet with money

Seeing a wallet filled with cash and noticing that it is an older design or well-used could mean you are currently aiming for a goal that would be impossible for you to achieve. This symbol suggests that you are out of your league, and your goals are unrealistic for what you hope to accomplish, at least at this point in time. Unless you aim smaller at first and work your way up, you are destined to fail and would probably give up your dreams due to frustration and disappointment.

A wallet in general

The image of a wallet in the general sense can have different interpretations depending on whether it is seen by a man or a woman. For men, wallets can be regarded as the manifestation of their self-confidence, power and masculine energy, particularly if the wallet seemed full or of good quality. For women, wallets tend to be associated with desires of a sexual nature, meaning she has a particular fantasy or move she wants to indulge in.

Someone trying to take your wallet

Someone trying to take your wallet from your hand or remove it from your bag could mean your words or actions are causing you to lose out financially. In particular, this symbol suggests your rash and thoughtless behavior is rubbing some important people the wrong way, meaning those that pay you or offer you financial incentives may be about to fire you or retract their generosity. To avoid this, you should avoid speaking before you think, especially in online forums or the break room at your place of work.

Picking up someone's wallet

Reaching down to pick up a wallet that belongs to someone else in the vision, like a friend who dropped it, may represent an upcoming situation where you would have to act in a way that opposes your personal moral code. Specifically, you may need to lie or deceive someone in order to achieve a special goal or influence something to happen in your favor. You would likely feel guilty about your behavior but helpless to act otherwise.

A very old-looking wallet

A seriously old-looking and worn wallet is symbolic of tedious, time-consuming tasks that are about to come your way. You may soon find yourself in the difficult position of having to complete a number of laborious chores in order to make some project succeed. However, even completing these activities may not be enough to save the goal. There is a high percentage chance that your efforts are doomed to failure.

A wallet with documents

A wallet filled with documents and papers rather than money is a predictor of upcoming business success. Your projects, ventures and endeavors are likely to be lucrative, earning you money and income that would allow you to live a comfortable life. You would also get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from your achievements, giving you a reason to hold your head high for years to come.

Your wallet full of money

Envisioning your personal wallet as being full of cash and being surprised by this development could predict upcoming occasions or events filled with great joy and happiness. You would be able to gather those who you love most around you and enjoy their company to the fullest. Not only would you be able to be with them physically, but you would be able to renew your connections and express your affection for one another, bringing mutual satisfaction and goodwill.

Banknotes of large denomination in your wallet

Seeing bills in your wallet of a high denomination could indicate an upcoming opportunity to use your talents to their best advantage. You may soon be able to showcase some skill you have picked up or a latent ability you have always had, proving to your boss or senior manager that you have what is necessary to move up in the ranks. This could allow you to develop your career further and may be accompanied by an increase in wealth and prosperity.

A wallet with coins

A wallet that is filled with coins rather than paper money suggests you would soon meet some new and interesting individuals. This sudden expansion of your social network is likely to have multiple positive effects on your future. In particular, some of these men and women could hold the secret to improving your life or getting on the path you were destined to follow. This would eventually lead to great happiness and satisfaction for both you and them.

A torn wallet

A wallet that has become ripped or torn, especially if it contained some money within it, is often thought to symbolize an upcoming situation where you would be duped into believing or buying something. The seller is likely to play on your fears or desires, offering something that appears too good to be true for such a reasonable price. However, this is probably a scam that would ultimately risk your physical health, mental sanity or pocketbook.

A red wallet

A bright red wallet is thought to be the manifestation of your subconscious desire and readiness for change. You have likely been waiting and biding your time, looking for an opportunity to break out of the current monotony that defines your life. However if you decide to pursue this change, you would probably see improvements in many sectors of your life, including health, relationships and finance, almost instantly.

A tiny wallet

A tiny, under-sized wallet is actually a fairly positive symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It suggests you would soon have the opportunity to switch jobs or careers, either by seeing some position advertised by chance or receiving a direct offer. Even if you feel under-qualified or concerned about the change in responsibilities, you should seriously consider what is being offered and the potential it has. If you work hard to improve yourself and do your best at this new opportunity, it could lead to great success and satisfaction.

Money stolen from wallet

Envisioning money stolen from your own wallet, according to some publications by Edgar Cayce, means you are experiencing a great deal of anxiety or fear towards or while in the presence of a particular individual or people in general. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable presenting in front of big crowds or your work relationships suffer because of your shyness or inability to assert yourself to defend your point of view or ideas. Witnessing money being stolen from someone else's wallet could also reveal your existing concerns about justice in general and how different groups of people are treated around you. You could be worried about the rights of visible minorities, immigrants or other social groups in your vicinity or across your region or country.

Losing a wallet and finding it emptied

I dreamt about my wallet. It got lost and when I found it, it was empty. As in nothing was left.

Both losing your wallet and then, upon finding it, realizing the money has been stolen, are ominous signs to see in a dream vision. The first, being unable to find your wallet, predicts harassment and harsh treatment due to unpaid debts you may have accumulated. This means you may not have the funds available to pay off creditors promptly, leading to some scary, dangerous confrontations with the collectors. This is also supported by the image of the lost money, which is associated with financial troubles caused by problems at work. This situation could be extremely stressful and unpleasant, so if you have the opportunity to pay off some debts now or save, it might be good to do so before more serious issues arise.