Dreams Related To Walking

Walking in the streets

The main idea of my dream was me walking from an amusement park where all the people I know are there, to a post office to pick up a package, I made a couple stops on the way like talking to people setting up a parade, and talking to an old woman sitting on a bench by herself. The walk felt peaceful and refreshing. Compared to the part of the amusement park.

This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality and temperament rather than an indication of your future prospects, although one particular symbol may allude to something on the horizon. Walking through an amusement park could reflect that you see a lot going on around you. This politics in your country may be something more akin to a circus act than a formal governing body. There could also be a lot of upheaval in your neighborhood due to different groups of people moving in and out, bringing different voices and cultures with them. You, however, know how to weather this storm. You can take care of your own business without being ruffled or swayed by blatant lies and sensationalism. In fact, picking up the package from the post office on your route could mean this tendency would help you achieve something personally important to you soon.

Fast-pased walking

Having a dream about walking at a fast pace or doing brisk walking in an effort to catch up with someone or something is a subconscious admonition about the stigma of living on ill-gotten gains. Making a living by illegal means, profiting at the expense of others, or dealing in shady transactions to hasten your way to success is a despicable and completely unacceptable act which should never be justified, no matter how noble the purpose or intention. This dream vision is a reminder that happiness can only be bought with money which comes from hard work and honest living.

Walking on foot

A dream about walking on foot may have dual meaning pertaining to the same psychomotor activity in real life. On the one hand, the dream vision could symbolize walking as either a relaxing form of exercise or a stressful and tiring activity. On the other hand, it could also indicate a desire to slow down the fast pace of life. For another different symbolic meaning, it could also mean experiencing scarcity in terms of financial resources or technical knowhow which is otherwise necessary to move forward and succeed.

Alternatively, dreaming about walking on foot could mean having the luxury of observing and discovering the surroundings in great detail, as opposed to using other means of movement, such as running, driving or flying in space, which may produce a less accurate picture of things seen. Studying the world around you might be a slow process if you do it on foot, but it could also yield great rewards. You would be able to see the beauty of things up close and personal.

Other people walking

A dream about observing other people walking is a symbol of rivalry and competition. Someone at work, in your line of business or in your romantic life might pose some serious threat to you, give you a run for your money or cause a heartbreak. This dream vision reminds you not to be too arrogant or too complacent about you own capabilities, or you could end up losing an important office position, a huge chunk of a target market, or the love of your life to someone you initially considered an underdog who did not have a speck of a chance to outsmart you.

Walking barefoot

To walk barefoot is a metaphor for destitution. Your bare feet signify lack of resources and capability to improve your current situation. Despite your drive and desire to move up in the world, you simply may not have the right connections or the finances to fuel your dreams. The characteristics of the ground you are walking on will provide more specific meaning in dream analysis. For instance, to walk barefoot in snow suggests financial troubles while a dirty floor may indicate relationship problems.

Walking through graves

I am a male aged 33 years, I dreamed of seeing myself crawling and walking over old cemetery and graves, I then got scared for some time and then gained courage. At first I was staggering but later gained stamina and started walking over the graves with ease.

A grave is often an ill omen indicating illness or a physical handicap. So, the initial struggle of crawling over graves suggests slow recovery from physical or even emotional trauma. On the other hand, a cemetery can also be a metaphor for rebirth. The ease you felt as you walked over the graves in the latter part of the dream is an auspicious sign that you will emerge stronger after this rough patch in your life. You can take advantage of this momentum to get back on track with your life goals.

Walking to a distant place

To dream about walking and heading to a distant place, worrying that it might take you a while to get there, is symbolic of missed opportunities for leisure and enjoyment in reality. In your effort to reach your goals in life, you may be focusing too much on the end result of your current undertakings, rather than enjoying what pleasures the present may be offering while you are doing what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Perhaps a dream about walking all the way to a distant place is hinting at a different symbolic meaning which only you could determine if you try to look for answers as to why you opted to travel on foot instead of by any other more convenient means, such as driving or getting on a bus. It is possible that the meaning lies in having companions while walking, that is, remembering who these companions were and what their presence could signify, particularly in relation to their willingness to walk with you towards a distant destination.

Not being able to walk

Jungian sources interpret being unable to walk in a dream as a sign of upcoming poor health. You may see a sudden decline in your well-being due to a disease, bacteria, virus, cancer or injury. This would greatly diminish your quality of life and bring you much hardship.

Slow-paced walking

Dreaming about walking at a slow pace or walking as though in slow motion as seen in movies speaks of a huge letdown after setting high expectations for a current project or undertaking. You could soon experience a crushing blow despite investing a lot of time, money and effort into a project or relationship, and despite having high hopes of excellent monetary or emotional investment returns. Nevertheless, the experience would teach you a valuable lesson and make you a wiser and more astute person.

Walking in general

Dreaming about going for a walk or walking for the mere pleasure of doing such an activity is a favorable sign indicating good health, financial stability and success in all things which mean so much to you. If you are surrounded by natural beauty while walking in your dream, this indicates better health, greater wealth and a more fulfilling life.

Walking through a cemetery

Having a dream about walking along the cobblestones of a cemetery and trying to locate a loved one's grave site is symbolic of beneficial departures. It is an indication that you might soon leave home, either permanently or on a temporary basis, to look for greener pastures "on the other side of the fence", that is, in a place where you may know not a single soul but which may hold the key to your success. Despite the uncertainty, your courage could save you and reward you with a life-changing opportunity.

Walking in the countryside

To dream about walking in the countryside evokes feelings of loneliness and nostalgia brought about by a physical absence. A loved one or someone who holds a special place in your heart may have been away for a while, and you could be missing him or her terribly at the moment. Nevertheless, a lot of your friends would fill the void caused by this person's absence by spending time with you and keeping you company as often as their schedule would permit.

Walking alone at night

Dreaming about walking alone along an empty city street or enjoying a happy, carefree, unaccompanied stroll of the city streets at night predicts an upcoming period of joy and contentment in real life. It indicates a successful life anchored in the security of having a stable source of income and a loving family. However, falling victim to robbery or assault in the same dream is an ominous sign of losing a lot of money from overspending, or becoming an unwilling participant to a family feud regarding inheritance.

Walking in natural landscapes

A dream about walking through natural landscapes, especially if it is a leisurely activity punctuated by numerous short pauses to admire beauty in its many peculiar and spectacular shapes and forms, symbolizes a much needed break from the monotony of home life. You would soon have more free time for yourself and your family because a significant improvement in your finances would change your lifestyle, and you may not have to do the household chores on your own. You might be able to afford a house help or two to run the house for you and your entire family, giving you more opportunities for individual or group recreational activities whenever you want, however you wish.

Walking in the darkness and seeing the light

Having a dream about walking and groping your way through the darkness, and emerging in a well-lit place, is the subconscious equivalent of an old piece of advice which says, "There is light at the end of the tunnel." This dream vision is reminding you to never lose hope in whatever situation you may end up. If you have reached rock bottom, there is no other way but up. Being able to crawl out of the dark pit and into the light aboveground would be the ultimate test of your character.

Walking with the family

A dream about walking together with the family, for instance during a picnic at the park, predicts a strengthening of relations among family members and close friends. A series of events and occurrences would serve as avenues to form deeper bonds and foster more meaningful relationships. Past misunderstandings and grudges would be considered water under the bridge, and previous hurts and transgressions would be forgiven. This liberating and emotional experience could be the beginning of a life of peace and prosperity for everyone involved.

Getting dark around quickly while walking

Walking hurriedly along a road and observing the darkness slowly enveloping the surroundings long before reaching the destination symbolizes an unfinished business or unfulfilled aspiration. For reasons which may have to do with your lack of motivation or inability to sustain your enthusiasm, you would never be able to finish a project or undertaking which you started on an otherwise optimistic note.

Walking in the countryside for a female

If you are a female reader, a dream about walking in the countryside is a prediction of a happy life in the future. With or without a family of your own, you would feel self-sufficient and contented with the simple pleasures your future life would provide for you. On a sad note, this dream vision indicates the possibility of going through a period full of regret and sadness caused by your painful separation from the love of your life.

Walking barefoot in the darkness

I was walking alone in the dark barefoot in a forest. My feet were sinking in the mud. I was a bit scared.

Usually, dream visions about walking barefoot and sinking in mud serve as an indication of upcoming minor sickness or not feeling well. Walking alone in the dark in this context means that is condition would either not be acquired as a result of interacting with other people who may be affected by common illnesses, such as flu, or it could mean some anxiety and fear related to uncertainty and worry after hearing something bad or disheartening related to your health.

Walking in water

Walking in or through water, such as wading in a pool or letting the ocean waves lick your knees, traditionally suggests some upcoming setbacks that would cause you frustration. You may have to jump through some extra hoops or deal with annoying red tape in order to get what you want or need. However, with perseverance, you would be able to make it through to the other side and succeed in your goals.

Walking during festivities

Walking along a city street filled with crowds from all walks of life during festivities is a reflection of discontentment and unhappiness over an unfavorable outcome. Huge investments in an undertaking could only yield dismal and disappointing end results. For instance, spending on expensive suits to look sleek at work, or spending too much on transportation to get to work, presuming it is the only job available to you at the moment, could do you more harm than good because your meager salary could not support such an expenditure. Investing in top quality, state-of-the-art equipment for the mass production unit of your business may not be a wise decision after all, since your old but less expensive piece of equipment might prove to be more cost-efficient.

Nearly avoiding an accident while walking

Dreaming about narrowly escaping or nearly avoiding a deadly accident, for instance while walking along a shoulder of a high-speed limit freeway, speaks of the importance of taking calculated risks in every endeavor. In order to ensure the success of a project, business or undertaking, due diligence must be exercised every step of the way to minimize if not completely prevent risks and damages, and to make the right moves by using all the appropriate resources to meet all objectives, which would ultimately lead to the desired outcome.

Walking and learning

A dream about walking purposefully toward a target destination as a learning experience or for educational purposes, such as visiting a famed historic site on foot, signifies a personal participation or involvement in an investigation or research on a matter which you and your nosy companions deem to have huge monetary or knowledge value. If the dream vision includes a throng of curious people composed of familiar faces or complete strangers, it indicates that several people in your waking life would try to get involved in the activity so they could also get "a slice of the cake" or collectively share in the expected profit.

Walking through water

To walk through water, such as going back to the shore or wading in shallow water, alludes to an obstacle blocking your path to a project's completion. The pressure of water slows down your walking, so this translates to slow progress in your reality. The good news is that you will still accomplish some tasks, you will just have to deal with little annoyances or bureaucratic issues before getting to where you need to go. The hypnotic properties of water could also mean that your own emotions and mental state will influence the pace of your progress.

Walking through clear water

To dip your toes and walk through the clear waters of a brook or a lake indicates enlightenment. You are probably well-adjusted and emotionally intelligent enough to weather through life's difficulties with a calm and collected attitude. Alternatively, those clear waters can point to spirituality. You are ready to surrender to a higher power and focus your energies on the things you can control. It is easy enough to get overwhelmed when there is chaos happening around you, but this dream tells you that you are finding your way to a more centered state that will help you cut through the discord and forge ahead with determination.

Walking into the sea

Walking into the ocean or in any body of water points to the road of opportunity that awaits you. Therefore, this dream is a sign that luck is on your side, and you are soon going to experience a breakthrough in life. You might have experienced significant downfalls in the past, yet all those would not compare to the good things awaiting you. You only need to be ready to have the courage and step out of your comfort zone for this to materialize.

Walking on the road clutching a child's hand

Someone dreamt of me walking on the road with my wife and son and both of us were held by the child's hands.

Dreaming about holding a child's hand while walking is symbolic of finding a resolution to a sticky situation in wake life. While it is normally the parents who guide the child, in this case, a simpler, "child's" solution is likely to fix the problem you may be experiencing, giving you great relief and satisfaction.

Walking barefoot in water

To walk barefoot in water, such as at the beach or the river, can be symbolism for finding clarity in your chosen path. You may soon find yourself at crossroads which will define your course for the future. If the water is clear, it means you are clear-headed about your choices and you will be able to use your good judgment to help you decide. On the other hand, dirty water could indicate health issues hampering your personal goals. Getting sick could set you back from your plans. Alternatively, seeing a person getting their feet wet in water suggests that a loved one is facing a dilemma and might come to you for advice.

Walking barefoot on a road

Dreaming of walking on a road with your bare feet indicates a humbling journey. The lack of shoes or protective covering for your feet is a symbolism of a grounded approach in life. Perhaps you are very pragmatic and do not easily get tempted by worldly things. You may put your family first and desire their happiness before your own. Perhaps this service-oriented life gives you purpose. Alternatively, walking barefoot can also refer to a laid-back attitude about life. Your carefree ways make you adaptable and resilient.