Dreams Related To Violence

Domestic violence

Seeing or experiencing domestic violence in the dream realm when you have no such connections to it in reality is often considered an ill omen. This esoteric symbol reveals you would soon say or do something that would be met with harsh criticism, especially from those closest to you. This would likely lead to an extended period of fighting or reduced contact.

Being in a violent relationship

I dreamed about my niece and in the dream she was exposed to being in a violent relationship and in my dream she is only 15 and the man turned out to be in his early 40's which she did not know about. Then she chose to confide in me instead of her mum ...There was also my brother and sister in law there and my dead dad and we were all staying there.

Dreaming that you are the listening and supportive ear of a victim of violence usually is a negative sign. It could reveal that you or someone very close to you needs or would need to be offered a helping hand. This outside support would be fundamental for the resolution of existing or possibly upcoming abusive or confrontational situations. This would be a difficult and emotionally heavy situation. Without such intervention, the situation would remain the same, or deteriorate. Moreover the dream involved one of your family members. This could indicate that you or someone close to you is or would be involved in non-beneficial affairs. For example, a harmful and disadvantageous marriage or partnership that could bring nothing but trouble. It would be recommendable to seek external advice and take precautions before engaging in any serious commitment.

Being killed violently

Jungian philosophy suggests that being killed in a particularly violent, gruesome or terrible manner is a bad sign in dream visions. Images of being cut up, drawn and quartered or squashed refer to being defeated by your enemies in wake life. And not just any type of defeat. You are likely to be completely crushed, belittled or humiliated in the process. There would be no chance of salvaging this situation. You can try to grin and bear it for awhile, but your best bet would be to cut your losses and move on to something else.

Committing violence

Violence, whether directed at people or objects, indicates pent up anger and aggression. Hinduism condemns violent acts and promotes the practice of self-control to avoid untoward consequences. Therefore, committing violence in dreams is likely your subconscious telling you that you are losing control of your emotions. To remedy this and avoid a violent outburst, you may need to figure out the root of your frustration so you know how to approach it in a self-preserving way.