Dreams Related To Vehicle

Out of control vehicle

Not being able to control the vehicle you are in is considered a metaphor for your current situation in wake life. In essence, you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. You may try to scramble and keep things together, but you would ultimately be unable to achieve what you want. You would be doomed to watch your life fall apart until someone or something steps in and helps you sort it out.

People suffering in a vehicle accident

I am a male. I dreamt I was standing with few people waiting for a vehicle to be conveyed to another destination, suddenly a vehicle approached me with the driver wearing an army uniform and one other person sitting inside also with the same uniform offered to give me a lift, but there were some other people that were very urgent to reach their destination, so I offered for them to be carried first and then I will be conveyed later. Not very far from where I stood the car got a very serious accident that left the passengers and the two men in uniform bleeding profusely.

The vehicle in your dream represents your ambitions. You, along with all the people waiting, are trying to exercise patience while setting goals for yourself in the hope of finding success and fulfillment. The vehicle with the people in army uniform is an opportunity that will fall on your lap. This promises big earnings and a position of power. However, it will also require you to be more disciplined and deliberate with your decision-making. So, when you allowed other people to get in ahead of you, it means you feel unprepared to take on this enormous responsibility. You need more life experiences and life lessons to fulfill this role effectively. The accident refers to failure when people want too much and too fast because they are too ambitious. You are ambitious, too, yet it is not in your nature to take shortcuts. You are willing to put in the time and effort to eventually gain a well-deserved place of respect in your community.