Dreams Related To Urine

Being urinated on

I see that I go to meet my friends and one of my friends is urinating on all of us, but very rare, hiding but suddenly I see some drops on my hands and I try to run but I fall down. Now one of my friends is also urinating. And my head is under his urine, I try to save my hair, but it is already wet with his urine and now intentionally he does people on my knee, and I start my car, all of them are stopping me, but I leave that place.

Dreaming that others are urinating on you likely alludes to your low self-esteem. Maybe within your social circle, you tend to be the sounding board of the group, quietly listening to their woes and endless rants. Unfortunately, your passive personality could be prone to abuse. Some of your friends may take advantage of your submissive nature by forcing you to do things you would not otherwise commit. Hence, the latter part of the dream where you drive away is your subconscious encouraging you to muster the courage needed to speak up and assert yourself. You would soon find your voice and gain the confidence to be more outspoken.

Yourself urinating

A dream about urinating or taking a leak is a symbol of fortune and success. You would have a bright future ahead of you, and your dream of hitting it big would eventually come true. You are aware that the path you are going to take would be full of challenging detours. Despite these, you have already set your sights on your dreams and nothing can stop you from achieving them. On the other hand, this dream vision is also a symbol of your willingness to share your secrets with someone who has recently earned your trust or proven his or her loyalty to you.

Urine on the floor

To find urine on the floor signifies sickness that will delay your plans. This prediction warns you to be more conscious about your health because exhausting your body will just lower your immune system and make you prone to catching all sorts of diseases. Getting ill will be a rude awakening that you cannot actually enjoy the rewards of your hard work if you are too sick. Your money will just go to medical expenses.

Your own urine

To dream about seeing your own urine or wetting your pants with your own urine is a sign that you may fall ill or feel physical pain. If the color of the urine looks normal in the dream, your real-life illness or body pain would be temporary and pose no grave threat to your overall well-being. However, if the color of the urine looks suspicious and shows the presence of blood, you should get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can so you would know your real medical condition and be able to take immediate action.

Needing to urinate badly

A dream where you need to urinate badly is a sign of financial problems. Your full bladder which is about to burst represents wasteful ways or being spendthrift. Indulging in extravagant hobbies, such as collecting designer bags or traveling to exotic locations, in order to project a certain image on social media will only drain your bank account and endanger your future. Your subconscious is urging you to let go of superficial needs and focus on keeping your finances in check.

A little boy urinating

Dreaming about observing a little boy urinating or taking a piss is a symbol of childish behavior. Like a child who throws a tantrum when someone snatches his or her prized possession, you would also throw a fit if your wants or desires were not granted. However, not all your friends know that you have an attitude, since they have known you as a control freak. So when they see it for themselves or learn of it for the first time, they will be baffled and confused, not knowing what to make of it.

Trying to collect own urine samples

I was trying constantly to collect my urine sample in a public washroom, which had a lot of cubicles. But someone or the other came because I couldn't collect my own sample. Once, when I was almost successful in collecting, a friend peeped from a neighboring cubicle preventing me from collecting my own urine. Then, finally, I collected my brothers wife's urine but not mine.

Dreams containing images of trying to collect your urine samples could be an indication of anxieties about your current physical and mental well-being. You may have been stressing out so much lately from having to work for hours on end, that you began to worry that this hectic schedule could eventually take its toll on your body. The vision of your friend and family members appearing in the same public place, and essentially preventing you from what you were doing, could also point toward the need to reconsider your approaches to completing your tasks by learning from other people's experiences and success stories. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that there is always room for a positive outlook and ways for self-improvement, especially when it is your health and sanity which are at stake.

Splashed with urine

A dream about being splashed with urine by someone indicates that you will experience the opposite of your current health condition in your waking life. If you are presently in good health, this dream vision is a forewarning that you could soon get sick or catch a virus. If you are presently afflicted with an ailment, this dream vision is a prediction of your imminent recovery.

Urinating on your feet

To dream of accidentally or deliberately urinating on your own feet signifies a favorable outcome for all your current undertakings. If you are unemployed and looking for a job, you could soon get hired. If you are an employee, you could get a salary raise. If you are in business, you could enjoy an increase in your profits. If you are dating, you could soon get engaged or married. If you are already wealthy, you could get even wealthier.

Examining someone's urine

Dreaming about examining someone else's urine is a forewarning that someone close to you could soon get sick and might require a considerable amount of your time and constant attention. The affected person may not necessarily be the one you saw in your dream. Nevertheless, you would feel obliged to assist and stay by this person's bedside up to the time of his or her partial or complete recovery.

Giving urine away for analysis

To dream about submitting samples of urine for lab analysis is an indication of your anxieties about your own physical and mental well-being. You may have been stressing out so much in recent days from having to work your ass off for hours on end, and you worry that fatigue and sleep deprivation could eventually take its toll on your body. This dream vision may be telling you to slow down or take a break. You probably already know that all work and no play make the person dull and frail.

Someone drinking urine

Dreams about a person drinking his or her own urine is a literal demonstration of this person's tendency to perform outrageous acts for the purpose of shocking people. By all accounts, this person may be suffering from attention deficit disorder or a similar mental illness. Otherwise, he or she may just be playing stupid to make a loud statement. The fact that this dream vision happened to you may indicate that you may be able to help this person cope with or seek treatment for his or her behavioral issues.

Urinating on someone

Dreaming about urinating or peeing on someone, or vice versa, is the height of brutishness which only uncivilized people who have been living under the rock could tolerate, but it could happen in reality. You could soon get into an argument or physical fight so violent that it would prompt witnesses to call 911 for fear that someone could end up dead or seriously hurt. The bizarre thing is, it may stem from nothing more than a small misunderstanding or petty disagreement, but the ensuing commotion, which would involve a barrage of unpalatable cusswords about a mother's profession and an exchange of jabs and blows flying in all directions, would leave even the most seasoned police investigators scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Urinating accidentally during presentation

Urinating accidentally during your presentation signifies unexpected success or a surprising opportunity. One of these, while simply doing your own thing, someone will recognize your potential and reward you for it. One of your home videos or TikTok posts could go viral because people find you relatable and endearing. Or perhaps after being overlooked for so long, your manager realizes you are going to make an excellent social media manager because of your comfort in navigating various platforms and you get promoted out of nowhere. Take this blessing as another opportunity for you to go further and achieve more than you thought possible.

Deceased mother urinating on the face

I dreamed that I was lying down at the foot of the bed, my mom who's dead urinated on my hair, face and neck. I was shocked, upset and furious.

This vision has two opposing symbols which disagree with each other in their interpretation. Seeing your deceased mother is often thought to indicate times of happiness and prosperity. However, envisioning being urinated on by her in the same dream can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to get into a major fight with someone close to you over something really small and insignificant. It seems that this vision is warning you that your upcoming happiness may not make others around you as happy and approving, particularly if they are your rivals or friends who tend to doubt your integrity or abilities.

Urinating after learning about someone's marriage

Urinated myself in the bathroom after seeing other girl's engagement of marriage. And urinated a little in real life. My age is 29, unmarried. Searching for a girl for marriage.

This vision contains two opposing symbols, but can be interpreted as being positive in regards to your future endeavor to marry. Being inside a bathroom during a dream vision is often considered bad luck which, given the other girl's engagement, seems logical. Maybe you liked her or were subconsciously thinking about asking for her hand. Urinating on yourself, however, predicts good luck and fortune. You may have more success finding a wife in the coming months.

An urge to urinate while shopping

So I dreamed I was in a store that had no bathroom. I had to go, so an employee took me out to a parking lot where there were 3 Porto potties, but there was a gate with a lock on it and I could not get to them, but I had to go really bad. Then I woke up and had to pee what does it mean?

Looking for a bathroom or toilet in your dream could be a reflection of your need for release. You may be carrying some type of burden which is wearing you down, so you want to be rid of it. Typically, searching for a bathroom or a toilet in public is associated with poor financial management. Perhaps your finances are causing you some distress and you want to be more financially independent. On the other hand, it could also just be a manifestation of a full bladder. Your physical needs communicated themselves through the dream scenario you experienced.

Urinating strange objects out

I dreamt that I urinated a white ball that then grew into a huge white ribbon. Once the ball turned into a ribbon, it did not remain in the toilet, it was too big. The ribbon ended up on the floor. In the dream I remember looking at the ball, thinking what is this? When looking at the ribbon on the floor, I remember thinking about what happened, and what is going on.

Dreams about urinating are usually symbolic of fortune and success. You may have a bright period of life ahead of you, and your dreams of hitting it big could eventually come true. Discovering unusual objects in your pee could be indicative of the fact that you have already set your sights on your dreams and nothing can stop you from achieving them. You are subconsciously anticipating a lucky turn of events to take place in your life so you can use it to your advantage.

Being unable to urinate

I had a dream that I couldn't pee to save my life and I was scared I was going to die because I couldn't go.

Being unable to pee or urinate in a dream refers to existing secrets or repressed feelings. You may be feeling burdened by some shameful acts you have committed and getting stressed out in the process. Alternatively, perhaps you feel like you do not have the freedom to show others who you really are for fear of being judged or ridiculed.