Dreams Related To UFO

Seeing a UFO in the sky

UFOs or unidentified flying objects in the realm of dreams are connected to the soul and the spirit. So if you see a UFO in a vision, it means you would become more enlightened about a certain aspect of yourself. You may inadvertently, through some fateful experience, discover something new and entirely uncharacteristic about yourself and your existence in general. This could unlock other personal realizations which would allow you to finally confront deep-seated issues in the process of transforming yourself into a better version.

A landed UFO

Seeing a UFO land during the course of a dream vision, whether it was in a large, empty field or in the middle of a busy city, represents your tendency to focus on big, showy milestones and events as a measure of your success. For example, you may be working toward a specific award because it is prestigious or posting a lot about your makeup or workout routines on social media to humbly brag about how great your life is. However, true success is better found in following your heart and doing what makes you happy, rather than what makes people notice you.

Trying to make contact with a UFO

Trying to make contact with a UFO, such as broadcasting a radio signal or flashing a light at it, predicts you would soon be on the receiving end of a lot of messages, announcements and information. While you may initially be excited or incised by the news, it is more likely that it is not true or that it is not as big of a deal as it seemed.

A UFO crash site

Envisioning a UFO crash site in the dream world reveals an upcoming series of unfortunate events unfolding before you in reality. While you may suffer and feel discouraged during this time, you would ultimately learn from this experience and find a new, better way to live your life.

Being welcomed inside a UFO

Being welcomed inside a UFO by aliens means that your popularity among your peers or the admiration you receive from colleagues is based on a false sense of pride. You may be relying on the wrong things to impress your friends and family. For example, you might be bragging about unimportant accomplishments or making yourself feel better by putting others down.

A UFO flying in the sky

Seeing a UFO up in the sky, whether it is hovering or just passing by, reveals you would soon meet someone particularly interesting or go through a pleasant and inspiring event. For those that are presently single, this same symbol may mean they would soon embark on a romantic journey with someone.

Being curious about the UFO or asking questions about it during the vision may further reveal that the interesting individual or possible romantic partner would reciprocate your desire to form a bond. However, if you were unconcerned or uninterested in the UFO, it means you would either not get along with this man or woman or that your connection to each other would be short-lived and lack lasting impact.

Aliens exiting a UFO

A vision containing imagery of aliens exiting a UFO, such as when they have landed on earth to make first contact, predicts soon playing host in your own abode. You would soon have visitors or house guests in real life. They may even bring something to thank you for your hospitality, like a gift of fancy wine or sweet-smelling flowers.

Going on a space travel in a UFO

Traveling through space in a UFO represents the possibility of an adulterous act leading to a separation for those who are in romantic relationships. It does not specify who would be the cheater, but it does reveal that the bond would be irrevocably broken beyond repair. For single people, however, this same symbol predicts a happy fulfilling relationship leading to a wonderful marriage, especially for women.

A UFO landing near you

Having a UFO land close to you in the dream world, such as in a field where you are standing, can be interpreted as a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests you would be able to overcome any challenge, obstacle or problem that comes your way. For single women in particular, this same symbol takes on a special meaning. It predicts she would get married or become engaged to a well-respected, admired member of the community.

UFOs coming out of a fake Moon

I had a dream of two moons, but one was bigger than the other and it was full moon. Everyone was looking at it but I was the one to realize the big moon wasn't the real moon. Out of nowhere UFOs came out of the big moon and started shooting at people. A lot of people died but some of us didn't. Then I have seen these floating black ghosts coming out of the sky and looking for people. I covered the window but they tried to get in and we all hid and then I woke up.

The image of two moons in the sky represents having to make a decision between two options. In most cases, this choice would be related to or have a great impact on your relationship with someone very close to you, usually a romantic partner. The idea that one moon was larger suggests that, either due to your own thinking or the influence of others, you are leaning towards one of the options more than another. But, just as you saw in the vision, the simplicity of the choice is a lie. There are hidden consequences you have not considered. The UFOs that attack in this vision mean that your unconscious mind is troubled by this situation. You need to do some more soul searching and reflection before you act, otherwise you may deeply regret what you do.

UFO above you

Alien encounters or seeing a UFO in the sky is a typical dream that has a variety of meanings. For one, alien abduction signifies some changes you want to have in your life. Maybe you want to pursue a higher degree of study or change some aspect of your everyday life. This is also true when you dream of aliens performing experiments on you. On the other hand, an alien invasion implies that you feel pressured in your waking life.