Dreams Related To Twins

Identical twins at birth and later on

I dreamed of having identical twin girls with my boyfriend as the father. I gave a home natural birth to them. Also, I remember seeing them as 9 months old. It may or may not mean anything but after I gave birth to the twins my body was fit and perfect. I was breast feeding the girls.

Giving birth generally implies major changes underway or the resolution of existing issues. This is usually a positive dream symbol signifying development and progression. If you are in a rut, then expect your circumstances to change for the better in the next few days or weeks. Meanwhile, the identical twins symbolize a celebratory occasion related to family and social connections. This is closely tied to the symbol of giving birth, especially since both signs appear in your vision. You could soon settle down and get married which would bring about a lot of adjustments, but it would also give you much joy and excitement for the future.

Encountering twins

To dream of meeting or encountering twins symbolizes your growing self-confidence and faith in your capabilities. This could be the result of education or learning by experience or keen observation as you grow in maturity. As the dream vision suggests, it also indicates a "doubling" or exponential increase in your material wealth or income. Moreover, it is a sign of stability in terms of family relations as well as a hint of additions to the growing family through biological births or legal adoptions.

Twins for singles

If you are an unmarried, unattached person, dreaming of encountering or seeing twins indicates that you will be lucky in love. You are likely to find someone who shares your dreams and thoughts of a great marriage and a happy family. You could succeed in building a relationship with this person and eventually end up getting married and starting a family full of love and affection. This dream vision also indicates that the support of people around you would make a difference in your family life.

Twin flame

Dreams involving your twin flame typically concern communication with your significant other or someone you connect with. For one, this dream might be a signal from your distant love who is trying to send you spiritual messages. A reunion with your twin flame after separation in this dream symbolizes new beginnings in your life. You are ready to move ahead, and whatever obstacles appear on the way, you are ready to face them.

Giving birth to twins

To dream about giving birth to twins symbolizes family celebrations. You would soon find yourself taking part in or hosting festive gatherings with family and friends in commemoration of important events such as birthdays, wedding and death anniversaries, graduations, homecomings, reunions, and the like. Such joyous occasions would give you and your loved ones a chance to reconnect, enrich your relationships and bring you closer to one another. On the other hand, this dream vision is also a prediction that you could soon receive pleasant news regarding your work, business or romantic relationship.

Having twins

Having a set of twins symbolizes family celebrations and other joyous occasions. You may soon join or host a large festive gathering with friends and family members in commemoration of an important event, such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, reunion and the like. You would likely feel very lucky and blessed to have the chance to reconnect with those who mean the most to you, and the time spent with these relatives and long-time companions would bring much satisfaction and contentment.

Dead twin brother

To see your twin brother dead in a dream, whether or not you actually have one in real life, is a vision of the good life. It is an indication of a long, healthy, prosperous life ahead of you as a result of your faithfulness and conformity to the highest living standards. If you happen to be talking to your dead twin in the dream, you are about to undertake a challenging and exhausting activity or project for which thorough preparation would be needed, and you might need to take a long break after it is done.

Siblings as twins

Dreaming that you have twins as your siblings means you draw strength and motivation from your family. No matter how difficult your work or romantic relationships become, you simply think about your loved ones and you immediately get the courage to fight again. In addition, this also means that with the support of your family, you will double your wealth or income. Perhaps a relative would refer you to a high-ranking position because of their connections or they could invest in your business which will boost your profit.

Someone having twins

Witnessing someone you know giving birth to twins denotes happy occasions. With this imagery, you can look forward to a memorable gathering where you will reunite with friends and loved ones. It could be a wedding, a baby shower or a festival full of laughter and meaningful conversations. You will finally get to catch up with long-time friends, former colleagues or long-lost relatives which will make you grateful about having loving and supportive people in your life.

Siamese twins

Dreaming of seeing or encountering Siamese twins is a symbol of union and matrimony. If you are single or in a relationship, there is a high likelihood that you will soon get hitched to someone who epitomizes your ideal mate. If you are married, this dream vision indicates that your wishes of having a large family or being blessed with a lot of children are likely to be granted.

Baby twins boy and girl

Baby twins of each gender in the dream realm are usually considered a positive omen and should be regarded with great optimism. This symbol predicts soon meeting someone of great importance to your life. This could be anyone from a lover, to a mentor, to a protege to a dear friend. You may meet them through the friend of a friend at a social gathering or through an online group or app you suddenly decide to subscribe to. This individual would come sweeping into your life and completely change it for the better, teaching you the true meaning of love and companionship.

Having a twin and surrounded by other twins

To dream of having a twin and being surrounded by other sets of twins is a symbol of fertility and birth. If you are a woman, you could become pregnant soon. Otherwise, it could be another female member of your family announcing that she is expecting. This dream vision also indicates the possibility that the pregnant woman may give birth to more than one baby, which could mean twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more.

Your twin crying

To dream of encountering your twin crying or distraught about something has grim connotations of sickness, health problems and, God forbid, death. This dream reminds you to take extra precautions. You would need to watch out for the possibility of accidents such as road mishaps, falling debris, accidental poisoning, drowning and the like, or the likelihood of a homicide carried out by scorned lovers, envious family members or vengeful enemies. You may need to undergo a general medical check-up just to rule out any serious health issues.

Finding your own twin

Finding your own twin, especially if you do not have a twin sibling in reality, reveals your desire to be more self-confident. This twin represents success and opportunities which you feel you are lacking. You want to double your financial capacity as well as your ability to accomplish your goals. You may also feel the need to have more friends which you can rely on as well as to share your victories with. While you cannot clone yourself, perhaps a re-examination of your priorities and crafting a realistic plan would help you get closer to your desired way of life.

Being pregnant with twins

Various sources of dream interpretation, from ancient traditional sources to modern scholars, point toward being pregnant with twins in the dream realm as an extremely positive symbol. It usually means that you would soon be part of a family celebration of some kind, like a party or reunion, that would bring together members of your extended relations from all around the area, country or even world! Such an opportunity would bring you great satisfaction and sate your curiosity about certain aspects of your family tree.

Twin boys in a fight

I dreamed of seeing fighting twins and they were boys.

Since you did not include your gender, we can provide you with two possible meanings of this dream vision. For males, seeing twins locked in a fight could be significant of the ambiguity or uncertainty related to certain aspects of their masculinity and how others, not necessarily women, perceive them. It could be that they are showing their weaker sides or unable to take control of certain situations. For females, this vision has more relevance to their intimate life or romantic affairs. They could be torn apart, or in half, by the difficult choice, they have to make between two suitors who, in their eyes, are equally endowed, attractive, or desirable.

Having sex with twins

This dream was in the morning of having sexual acts performed on me by twins that I have never met personally. I remember seeing the number 22 and 10 (almost like a flash across the scenery). I reached my peek during the sexual acts and it was lots of clear fluid gushing out of me like a stream. I see the twins' eyes looking up at me (piercing eyes). I also remember seeing my husband in a dark colored suit, not sure where he was going.

Seeing and interacting (including sexually) with twins in a dream is a symbol of fertility and ability to give birth. You could become pregnant soon or it could be another female announcing that she is expecting. However, the second part of this dream about clear fluid coming out of you is also a symbol of great emotional turmoil you could be experiencing right now. Based on the context of the dream you are describing, these feelings could be related to questioning yourself about the real father of your or the other woman's baby, since there could be more than one person involved in conceiving.

Having twins with different length of hair

Dreamed me and my fiance were sitting on a couch playing with girl twins. One had long hair one had short hair. We were all happy.

The twins in the context of your dream represent the current state of your bond with your fiance. Twins symbolize development, self-confidence as well as contentment. Your romance and partnership seem to be in good shape. In addition, the long and short hair of the twins indicate balance. While long hair suggests being deliberate in making decisions, short hair favors instinct and intuition. In relation to you and your fiance, it means your personalities complement each other. One makes up for what the other person lacks, making a strong foundation for being a couple.

Twins affected by illness

To dream of seeing or encountering twins afflicted by a contagious disease or suffering from a serious illness is a reflection of your poor self in a similar situation. This is a stern warning for you to be prepared for the possibility of going through a period of disappointments and failures in relation to your work, current project or romantic relationship. You could also fall seriously ill or suffer from a life-threatening disease, so you might want to make a medical appointment as early as possible.

Giving birth to girl twins

Giving birth to female twins is a neutral to positive symbol in the dream realm. On one hand, it predicts social gatherings and other events where you would have a good time and get to mingle with important, interesting or friendly individuals. On the other hand, however, it suggests the happiness would very much be one-sided. This same event that was so happy and beneficial to you may have a detrimental effect on someone else, either someone who attended or was not invited. If you were compassionate and empathetic enough to reach out to that person, they would be very grateful and admire you all the more for your generosity of time and energy.

Having twins but not pregnant

Having twins in a dream, whether you are pregnant or not in reality, is a symbol traditionally associated with family gatherings. In particular, it points toward happy occasions when a family may reunite together, such as for a birthday, wedding or reunion. Family vacations also fall under this category, but it is more commonly associated with larger planned activities. You would feel very blessed to be surrounded with your relatives and happy that you can share this special time with them.

Someone who looks like your twin

To dream of a chance meeting with someone who looks like your twin or someone who has a striking resemblance to you is a reminder that in order to love and care for others, you should love yourself first. You cannot give what you do not have. If you are living a mediocre or miserable life and you insist on helping others, they would imbibe your mediocrity or misery. But if you have ensured a good life for yourself from the start and are now financially and emotionally stable because you have learned to prioritize your own needs, you will have the capacity to help others who are not so lucky. You will be able to provide assistance which would have a big impact on their lives, and in the process, whether you are aware of it or not, your life will be a living example of how they should strive to live their own.

Twins for farmers

If you are into farming or agriculture and you dream about encountering twins, it predicts a good season of plentiful harvest and a remarkable growth in your livestock. This could be the result of your hard work and diligence, aside from the fact that you are doing what you love to do.

Your twin brother

If you have a twin brother in real life and you dream about seeing or meeting him, it indicates that you would soon receive news which could have a tremendous impact on your life. This may affect you in a positive way, leading to a lot of success in your endeavors. It could also cause you to fail and prevent you from achieving your goals, leaving you in deep disappointment and sorrow. It could even ruin your life in a way that you may have a hard time recovering. If you do not have a twin brother in real life, this dream vision indicates that you could be involved in an unexpected occurrence or embroiled in a row started by a relative, family member or someone close to you.

Conjoined twins

To dream about seeing or giving birth to conjoined twins is a symbol of happiness for you and your loved ones. As the dream vision indicates, your success will be the success of the people close to you. In the same manner, your loved ones' prosperity is also your wealth, material or otherwise. You are bound to share life's blessings, and you actually want it to be that way.

Being a twin when you are not

Being a twin when you do not actually have a twin sibling reveals your frustration with your current situation. You want to be able to do more, but you feel constrained by your circumstances. For instance, you may want to start your own business yet you do not have the capital to fund your startup. Or maybe you want to achieve a beach-ready body, but you simply are too tired from your demanding job to actually go to the gym. Maybe instead of wishing you had a clone so you can double your potential, you can organize your time and resources based on your priorities. Reduce your overtimes so you can work on your health, or find angel investors instead of using your own money to fund your dreams.

Lover becoming twins

I dreamed my woman lover being a twin and making love to me?

Dreaming that the woman you are in a relationship with is your twin suggests you need to spend more time loving and taking care of yourself. You might recently be putting in more time and effort at work which benefits others while ignoring aspects of your life. You cannot only give of yourself to others. You must take time to recharge your batteries so that you can serve others wholeheartedly. The image of you making love with her, your twin/partner, is a warning that if you do not follow through with this, you may lose out monetarily or miss an opportunity.

Twins born and growing up fast

A work college was giving birth to twins on my bed and white sheets. It was covered in blood. Then the babies grew from baby to 10 years old overnight. In the dream they had a rare disease of fast growth.

Watching someone give birth to twins suggests you are soon to attend a large gathering on a happy occasion, such as a wedding celebration, gala or even a baby shower. While this is supposed to be a happy event, all the blood you saw in this dream suggests your personal tendency to express or share the darker, negative aspects of life, which may put a cloud over the event, ruining the moods and possibly the appetites of the other people in attendance. If you would like to maintain the peace, you may want to be more careful about what you say and whom you say it to.

Discovering having twins at doctor's office

I dreamt that I was at my doctor's office to have my IUD (birth control) removed and when they pulled it out, they also pulled out the twins I was carrying and didn't even know I was pregnant! The twins looked to be maybe 11 weeks along. Then the nurse did this weird thing for me to see their faces with what she called "light projection therapy" with special "balloons" filled with saline and then let me hold them in my hands... I am not pregnant in real life but I do have the Mirena IUD.

Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign, despite the surprising nature of their birth in your vision. Twins represent happiness and celebration within your family and, to a slightly lesser extent, good news and prosperity in your personal life. The scene about getting your birth control removed seems to only serve as an introduction to the dream as well as possibly indicating that whatever happiness is coming is likely to be extremely unexpected. The testing as well may show some disbelief on your part as to whether or not such happiness is even possible though your circumstances are likely to prove it is.

A boy and a girl as twins

Dreams about 2 beautiful blond twin boy and girl.

A dream about twins of different genders alludes to opposing ideas or differing perspectives. These opposing forces actually serve to balance each other instead of clashing. Like yin yang, the appearance of the twins in your dream suggests your need to achieve a semblance of balance at work and at home. To achieve contentment and security, both feminine and masculine characteristics must be taken into account to get a holistic view of your situation and create the kind of lifestyle you desire.

Identical twins and one choking

I dreamt I gave birth to identical twins. One of the twins, while sucking, swallowed so much milk that he started choking and I didn't know what to do. I am single and not pregnant.

Giving birth to twins in a dream vision is a fairly positive symbol associated with family celebrations. It could represent attending a wedding or birthday party sometime in the near future. Seeing one of the twins choke, however, seems to be a reflection of your difficulty in moving on and changing. For example, you may be upset that a friend is getting married and moving on without you. This dream could be a reminder, then, that life is not static and that you should embrace what the future holds rather than being stuck in the mud.

Twin boys dying

I watched my twin boys being taken off life support and take their last breaths. I did have twin boys who passed in June 2014.

Watching or re-experiencing the death of your twin boys in the dream world is likely part of trying to accept this loss and achieve closure following this incident. Something in the waking world may have triggered memories of their passing, making you re-live the grief and pain of the loss. The act of taking them off life support in the dream denotes the inevitability of the situation and allows you perhaps to forgive yourself and attain a semblance of internal peace.

Mother giving birth to twins

We were gonna go to Vegas and my mom left to the hospital and she calls me that she had twins. Then that she was back to our place and that she was in her room holding one baby in her arms and the room was dark with white candles everywhere.

Dreaming that your mother gave birth to twins shows that you are confident in your abilities. Perhaps this knowledge and skill came from your formal education, or maybe you learned it from experience or keen observation. As a result of this self-confidence, you would soon make others believe in you too and, consequently, double your material wealth or your current income. Seeing your mother holding one baby at the end of the vision suggests that your hopes and dreams would soon come true, meaning that any task you are currently working on is likely to result in success.

Twins walking through a snowy field

My mother told me the other day that she had dreamt of me and my identical twin brother. We are both 47 years old. She told me that we were walking or marching through a field of snow.

Walking on snow signifies blessings and hope. So your mother's dream of seeing you and your twin walking in a field of snow is good news for both of you. Positive developments would happen to projects, plans and undertakings both of you are currently prioritizing. Whatever would bring you happiness, the coming period would be lucky and favorable to you, whether it has to do with business or embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Ultrasound with twins

In the dream realm, having an ultrasound indicating the presence of twins or triplets in the womb represents a desire for answers about a potential pregnancy or birth. These visions reflect a sense of community, such as seeking advice or information from various resources. Alternatively, it is an indication of expectations or concerns about the possibility of having multiples.