Dreams Related To Tuxedo

A fox in a tuxedo

I am female. My dream was joined with another which I cannot remember. However the dream involved a fox standing in the middle of my present bedroom with a tuxedo on. He was upright and had the body of a human yet his face was a regular orange haired fox. He winked at me. I screamed and then woke up shortly afterwards.

Foxes, in general, are metaphors for deception and cunning. Hence, seeing a fox in a tuxedo is an ill omen about becoming a victim of fraudulent activities. The symbol itself suggests a charming individual who will likely manipulate you into falling for their scheme. The bedroom is also an important symbol indicating blackmail or a privacy breach. This cunning individual may discover your secret and use it to manipulate you. On the other hand, the vivid imagery of a half-human, half-fox creature probably comes from something you have seen before, such as in a film or an ad. The characterization in this symbolic representation in the content you consumed can provide further details to this dream scenario.

A tall blonde man in tuxedo asking to commit suicide

A dream about a tall white man with blonde hair wearing a tux that was telling me to go kill myself.

This dream vision could originate from your attempts to try to compare yourself with an individual or people who are more successful or popular than you in waking life. You are probably constantly referring to someone you know personally or from media sources as a role-model or idol because they seem to be in your eyes. However, they could be belonging to a completely different social circle, have manners or traits you know little about and it would be close to impossible for you to adopt their lifestyle and qualities. The notion of the man telling you to go kill yourself most likely means you are in need of a change, or so you think. But you should look at these attempts more realistically and try to find out why you are not content with the lifestyle and things surrounding you in your everyday life.