Dreams Related To Truth

Asking someone to tell the truth

I went in search of someone who I needed to hear the truth from. I walked up the middle of the main road heading to where this person slept. When I arrived at my destination, I told him to tell the truth to his friends and family. As I asked him, liquid gold was seeping from my mouth. In the dream I felt hurt and angry and betrayed. I took him to his brother and sisters where I asked him to tell the truth and the liquid gold seeped out of my mouth. His seeped tar.

Both the liquid gold that came out of your mouth and the tar that seeped from the man's mouth represent your bad behavior and a tendency to act in a way that displeases or hurts others. This vision, then, may be a reflection of a major disagreement you have had recently, perhaps with the man from your vision. Your last angry interaction may have been in the presence of innocent bystanders, suggesting things had to end before a resolution could be achieved. This has likely left you feeling upset with nowhere for your anger to go. The notion that it was gold that came out of your own mouth may reveal your belief that you are in the right in this situation. Whether or not this is true, it is difficult to win an argument when you do not also take the moral high road.