Dreams Related To Truck

A truck in general

A truck in dreams generally refers to big goals. You could be driving the truck, seeing one pass by or envisioning an image of a truck, all those dream scenarios reveal your ambitious nature. You are focused and determined to make your dreams come true. The enormity of the task is huge, as indicated by the size and weight of the truck, but you are ready to take on any challenge that may come your way. The truck could also represent your firm resolve. You do not easily get discouraged nor do you lose sleep over little annoyances. You have your sight set on bigger and more important things.

Trucks as dream symbols can also represent burden. You could be carrying a lot of responsibilities or having problems that are weighing you down. The burden may also be in the form of negative thoughts or overpowering pressure coming from someone you know. For instance, your boss may have tremendous expectations when it comes to your output. Anything that stresses you out or is taking a lot out of you, physically and mentally, could be the thing that you want to let go of or completely get rid of.

A woman in the back of a truck

A female standing in the back of a dump truck dropping bricks onto the bed of the truck watching them fall out.

Dump trucks, according to modern dream interpretations, represent problematic situations or challenges that you are facing in reality. The bricks, on the other hand, represent pieces of sage wisdom or advice. It seems that you may be facing some difficulties in wake life, but rather than relying on past experience or suggestions from others, you simply let things fall to chance. If you do not stop to collect the knowledge at your fingertips and act on it accordingly, your circumstances could dramatically alter in a negative sense very soon.

In a truck as a passenger

To dream of being a passenger in a truck is an allusion to eventual success. Your path to achieving success and satisfaction would be smooth and steady. You may not be the risk-taking type or possess an assertive personality, but your cool and calculated approach would take you a long way. Since you are the passenger in this vision, it can also mean that you prefer supporting others rather than leading them, but this does not mean that you are mediocre. On the contrary, you know your strengths and you have a knack for surrounding yourself with personalities who would bring out your best qualities.

Run over by a truck

A dream vision in which you are run over by a truck heralds the coming of a metaphorical storm. Perhaps you did not look both ways when you crossed the road or the careless driver in your dream did not see you. Regardless of the circumstances, the accident in your dream scenario means you would likely experience a difficult period in the near future. This rough patch would involve a lot of challenges and personal trials. This time of great struggle may be a result of your negligence or mistakes you made which you were not conscientious enough to correct. This may be the test of character that would either make you stronger or ultimately break your spirit.

A heavily loaded truck

The image of a heavily loaded truck in dreams conveys a very positive message. For instance, you could be driving and a loaded truck passes by or you are walking on the street looking at a parked truck carrying various goods to capacity. The presence of this symbol in visions points to the possibility of a drastic improvement in your financial status. A generous relative may have named you heir to his or her estate or you would acquire an heirloom which turns out to be worth a fortune. The surprise blessing may also manifest as generosity from others or overall good luck, perhaps via a hefty bonus from your boss or opportunities falling to your lap with ease.

White truck

Driving a white pickup truck represents both good fortune and vulnerability. This symbol alludes to fortunate circumstances in your life that bring great opportunities for growth and advancement. On the other hand, you may have read each situation carefully and not necessarily act on the feelings you truly have. It would be a bit of a balancing act for the time being.

Pickup truck

A basic model of pickup truck means you would need to do some hard work to get out of a sticky situation in reality. The problem you are facing may even require you to call in reinforcements, so you may want to have some food or object of importance to offer whoever would be assisting you.

In a truck plunging into water

I dreamed I was in a new house under construction, just the frame work up. The bedroom was really large, could see the garage. My sister was there. Then I was in a truck driven by a friend, she accidentally went too close to the water and when correcting the truck it went in. I was able to get out, and hung on to the edge of the water wall with my fingers. I called my sister for help. I dreamed I sold my house for a large amount of money. That is why I was building a new one in first dream.

When you dream that you are building a home for yourself, you can interpret this vision as a sign of good things to come. Look forward to improvements in your life which will be quite substantial. Selling your old home in order to build the new one, then, refers to actively making these changes to your life through your own efforts. For example, you may be starting a new diet or exercise plan, or perhaps you have recently decided to study a new subject or begin meditation. The source of your current troubles which you are changing may be related to the car your friend was driving and the subsequent accident within this dream, as this may be a symbol that some of your acquaintances in wake life, not necessarily this particular friend, have undue power over you. This vision is a sign you are ready to move on from their bad influence and take control of bettering your circumstances.

Red truck

Driving a red truck specifically means getting ahead in life by unleashing your emotions on others. In some cases, your success is because of your expression of true gratitude for the good fortune you have received. At other times you may have gotten you way due to passionate outbursts and not repressing your manners. One of the mysteries of this dream revolves around whether or not amending your ways would be enough to change the opinions of those around you.

Being a driver of a big truck

Sitting at the driver position with the key on a very big truck.

Dreaming about being in the driver seat of a truck means that presently you are concerned or worried about possible outcomes of an activity or life situation which has a great deal of importance to you personally. You may have invested a lot of time or other resources into making it happen, but some recent developments could have caused you these uneasy feelings and anxiety. However, this dream vision is suggestive that you are just overreacting and have enough leverage for things to go the way you had planned or expected.

Fire truck

Dreaming of a fire truck full of firefighters on duty or driving it can be interpreted as a symbol of action and a call to address or confront an evil or challenging situation in your life. It suggests that you have the necessary support and resources to overcome these difficulties. Try to explore the mysteries that lie within your circumstances and take responsibility for resolving them, as doing so can bring you a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Being a truck driver

Dreaming that you are a truck driver means you work well under pressure. The truck you are driving in your dream vision represents serious challenges and difficult problems that could make most people quit, but not you. Instead of getting discouraged whenever you are given a tough task, you get even more motivated to succeed handling seemingly insurmountable problems. It is also possible that you have a high tolerance for pain. Your steely focus and tough personality are the traits that would allow you to achieve current and future goals, both professionally and personally.

Cement truck

A cement truck is indicative of ideas that are solidifying. You are probably going to gain momentum at work and your plans will start taking shape with concrete action plans. To help you achieve your goals, you need assistance in creating a proposal. Someone you trust will likely steer you in the right direction and give you advice, but you will ultimately make the decision. Fortunately, circumstances will be in your favor, so you will be focused enough to do the necessary research and due diligence to provide a solid foundation for your plans.

A dump truck

A dump truck in dreams symbolizes a problematic situation that would be hard to resolve if not handled well. For example, if you saw the truck dumping garbage in your dream vision, then you could become the victim of malicious and false rumors circulating at work or in your social circle. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you could end up looking defensive and guilty. Try to calm down before reacting because even one wrong move could permanently damage your reputation and credibility.

Parked trucks which needed to be moved

I had a dream that there was three 18-wheelers parked and needed moved. Everyone wanted me to move them. I knew where the keys where. Two fit in parking spot together. Third was parked out in front of them.

This dream vision about needing to move big trucks out of your way and knowing how to do this could be a reflection of your worries and concerns about something important you need to accomplish at the moment. It could be related to your work responsibilities, household projects or an issue or problem only you are capable of solving. This situation could be at a point where you are overwhelmed with the "load" of work to be done and even though there are no strict deadlines or pressure, you could be slowly sinking deeper and deeper into stress and despair related to this activity with its seemingly unmanageable volume.

Driving a giant truck

Envisioning yourself driving an enormous truck means you are about to take on a huge responsibility. The size of the truck symbolizes the significant role which could be given to you in reality. Perhaps a promotion is in your future or you could be thinking of starting your own business. Either way, if the giant truck is carrying a lot of load, then it means you have to put in a lot of energy and effort to implement your plans. Fortunately, being the driver of this huge truck shows your strong leadership skills. You are not afraid to take charge. While you may have concerns about the efficacy of your strategies, this vision tells you that you need not worry too much. As long as you follow protocol, your plans would go smoothly.

Driving a truck

Driving a truck is often thought to be synonymous with being on the path to achieving some of your biggest goals. Students may be making good progress toward their diploma by getting good grades, participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering. Adults may be making strides in career or relationship advancement. This could soon lead to a promotion, new romance or a bouncing bundle of joy.

Truck rolling into a lake

My truck rolls into a calm but dark-looking lake and I am trying to hold on to it so it doesn't fall in. But I can't, the front is half-way in with the back end only sticking straight up out of the water and I am yelling for help watching it sink. And 2 girls run over and help me pull it back out of the water.

The symbolic vision of the calm and dark lake in this dream could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take (perceived as distinct images of the opposite ends of the truck in this dream). Even though you were helped by other people in the dream, in reality you could be left alone while trying to take appropriate steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. It is also possible that your ability to deal with the issue is greatly affected by the things you cannot control or manage on your own. Some external forces make it difficult, if not impossible, to get through. These visions are most likely connected to your personal life, something private and personal you cannot easily share with others to get help, therefore you could be struggling to find a way out on your own.

Getting inside an uncontrollable truck

My friend had really bad depression and she wanted to kill herself then I got into my dad's truck and it swerved around a lot and I almost crashed but never did.

Seeing your friend suffering from depression and wanting to turn to self-destructive behavior is a warning from your subconscious that your friend may need your help. While their situation in wake life may not be related to depression, your subconscious is concerned that without the help of supportive, caring friends, your friend's life may eventually take a turn for the worse. Driving in a car comes into the picture as a symbol of your friend's life and represents your inability to control this person's actions. You are not responsible for forcing your friend to do anything, but instead, you might want to try to believe in her and help her out when she needs it.

Hit by a transport truck

Had a dream several years ago, and the only thing I remember is looking up and the grill of a big transfer truck about to collide head-on with me. There was no escaping it. I died. I knew I wouldn't survive, but that was it. I had it more than once.

Death in dreams actually means the opposite in reality. Your own death points to a long and happy journey ahead. It also alludes to a transitional phase in your current life, either spiritual or personal growth. On the other hand, getting hit by a truck and dying in the process can also represent feelings of being overwhelmed by your workload. The scenario in this recurring dream could mean that you tend to take on more responsibility than you can handle. If you are unable to manage personal and professional commitments, you could end up running yourself to the ground.

Father's truck on fire

I had a dream that my dad was showing me his truck (which is fairly new in real life). He turned his head to look at me with tears in his eyes, he said "They were trying to put blank in my truck with the crane but it fell and smashed into the side". The truck had then caught fire. Not said, but I could see that flames had engulfed the truck prior to me seeing it.

Trucks in dreams generally symbolize problems and extra burdens, but they can also represent hard work and industry. In the context of your dream, your father may be going through a rough patch because of work piling up. This is related to the symbol of the truck catching fire. It can refer to burnout or an emotional breakdown. Perhaps he is taking on more than he can handle and this dream is your mind's way of making you aware of his struggle so you can extend a helping hand.

A girl being hit by a transport truck

I dreamed about a girl being hit by a transport truck, I tried saving her by calling her, but the truck drives its way to her in a slow motion. I could see every detail on how she was being hit. Her head was crashed. She tried to run, but she wasn't able to make it.

Dreaming about someone being killed in such a horrific way could mean that you suspect there is someone in your social circle going through a difficult time and you would like to help, but at the moment you feel powerless to do so. A transport truck is a massive vehicle with a lot of power, but it also has a driver who can be the cause of accidents on the road. This could mean there is someone whom you consider responsible for causing pain to a loved one, but you are not able to confront that person for reasons known to you.

Changing a tire on a truck

I was putting air in a truck tire and blew a hole in the tire. The truck was a big white truck. And the tire was on the rim but not on the truck. I was standing in a dark parking lot.

Cars and trucks are often symbolic of the dreamer and their journey through life. As such, being in a parking lot may represent a stopping point or pause on the path you are following. Perhaps you have plateaued and do not know what to do next, or you have traveled as far as you can and are not sure where to go from this point. In either case, trying to fill the tire and popping it may refer to unintended self-sabotage. You may say or do something in the future in an effort to improve your standing that ultimately backfires, causing others to dislike or despise you. It would be wise to carefully consider all your future actions and interactions if you hope to remedy this situation.

A sinking truck

Husband driving our truck. Myself next to him and our adult grandson sleeping in the back seat. Driving on one way road that ends with the road ahead gone. We swerved and started to sink, both men are out, I am trying desperately to pull them both from the sinking truck and wake them. It wakes me from the dream.

This vision is highly ominous and should be considered a warning of potential disaster in your personal life. Seeing your husband driving your truck means that he has been in charge of something for some time in your life. The presence of your grandson in the car may mean that he is connected in some way, such as the two of them sharing a common interest or working in a similar field. The accident and your sinking vehicle represent a possible failure in your life that would lead to a period of emotional turmoil. For instance, the loss of a particular income or breaking of a special memento could lead to tensions in the family. The road that only goes in one direction predicts that you would be unable to avoid this hardship, but knowing that it is coming could give you some time to prepare yourself.

Delivery truck

The arrival of a delivery truck at some point in your dream vision alludes to being in a hypnotic state in reality. While no one has actually performed magic upon you, you may have been given a special object or received a great deal from someone that has lured you into a false sense of security. This unscrupulous individual is now just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of your lowered defenses.

Monster truck

Seeing a monster truck in the dream realm signifies influential forces in your waking world. Depending on your reaction to this image, it may convey a positive or negative interpretation. Driving a monster truck could reveal your need for control. You could easily lose your cool whenever a plan does not follow the direction you intended. Perhaps your subconscious is making you aware of your controlling tendencies in order for you to be more wary of the way you express your displeasure. If you look too far ahead, you might not be mindful of your actions in the present.

Moving truck

Moving trucks, according to modern dream workers, are symbols of change and renewal. Seeing this image is usually a sign that your past experiences and feelings have brought you to a new, deeper understanding of yourself and others. Furthermore, you are ready for your living environment to reflect your ideal future life. Now is time to take advantage of these emotions and motivations.

Tow truck

A tow truck, it the dream realm, alludes to needing somebody to save you or help you make an important, life-changing decision. While you may not be fully in control of the situation, you probably desire to affect some outcome in this situation. However, the risk or danger of making a mistake is too high to try and navigate this problem alone. You might feel childish or needy, but asking for assistance when you need it is the best course of action in this situation.

Driving a semi truck

The act of driving a semi truck in the dream realm carries the interpretation of strength in the face of adversity. Similar to the phrase "when the going gets tough, the tough get going," this symbol means that at least one aspect of your personality has a lot of grit and determination. When something happens, you have the ability to generally pass over distractions and worries to get to a place where you can see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. This fortitude would serve you well in all your endeavors.

Being crushed by truck

Dreaming of being crushed by a truck is a symbol of feeling overwhelmed or powerless in the face of a large, looming predicament or negative force in your waking life. The truck represents something that is causing change or taking away your ability to move forward. It is a hint that you are not using your strength and power to the fullest, and need to take control of the situation you are facing in the real world. Alternatively, it could be a result of feeling crushed or defeated by something or someone around you. Overall, the dream is a reminder for the dreamer to focus on their responsibilities and avoid getting in any trouble.

Escaping truck accident

The experience of escaping a car accident involving a large truck can have a different interpretation depending on the circumstances, although in most cases a smaller, personal vehicle would represent your life and the larger truck would represent someone with power over you, like a boss or teacher. For example, if your car was overturned it implies you have a personality that does not allow you to speak up. As a result, you may get pushed around by people with authority. On the other hand, seeing the big truck crash without any injury or damage to you or your car is related to miracles and finally finding that narrow path that allows you to get something you really wanted but were not allowed to before.

Semi truck

Envisioning a semi-truck in the dream realm represents feelings of being fortunate or strong, as well as the ability to handle large problems or tasks. However, if the semi-truck is overburdened or broken down in the dream, it suggests that the dreamer feels overwhelmed or unable to handle the responsibilities and pressures in their waking life. In general, the dream is a reflection of the dreamer's feelings of being weighed down by their workload or personal issues. In essence, the dream is a warning to reassess their situation and seek help if needed before they become overwhelmed.