Dreams Related To Trap

An animal trap

Having a dream about an animal trap, for instance when you are hiking and you see an animal trap along the trail and you walked around it, could mean that you could get involved in some dubious or dangerous undertaking or activity that you may be unaware of yet. On the other hand, seeing animals inside the trap, for example when you see a wild boar or some other animal already trapped during your hike in the dream, could signify that you relatives or family members are about to do some evil or bad things to you that would cause great hardships or challenges in your waking life. Be extra vigilant and try to look out for your own safety and interest as best as you can.

A bird in a trap

To dream that you see a bird in a trap, such that when you look out of your window and there is a tree branch with a colorful bird entangled in a bird's nest which prevents it from flying, could mean that someone will soon try to take away your freedom or independence in the waking life. This may hint that you should guard your personal boundaries if someone is trying to break past through them and make you uncomfortable in the process. Look out for these signs of breach to your independence or freedom so that you could instill personal barriers as needed.

Setting a trap

Having a dream that you are setting a trap, for instance when you are trying to catch a mouse which is causing troubles in your house or eating your food by using a trap, could predict unfavorable developments in your current course or project in the real life. On the other hand, seeing someone being trapped, for instance a neighbor who was locked inside or trapped in his or her own home, could signify that your current undertakings may be stalled because of your own worsening health conditions or emotional state. The dream could also be referring to someone's interference or meddling in your life that you should try and prevent as much as you can.

If you are a single woman and you had a dream of setting a trap, for example when you are setting the mouse trap yourself in the dream, it could indicate that you could soon be getting a married to a man that you love. The vision could be alluding that you may be ready to commit and create your own family in your waking life. The dream may also mean that you could have beautiful children from this possible union or relationship that you were hoping for.

An empty trap

To a dream of an empty trap, for example when you see yourself staring at an empty trap which fell to the ground without anything or anyone trapped inside during a jungle trek, could pertain to your own carelessness or lack of attention in your waking life that could lead to big losses. You could try to be more focused or mindful in your daily routines so that you could avoid any pitfalls later on. You should try a dose of meditation to keep yourself on track and your mind from wandering away.

Being in a trap

To dream that you are trapped, such that when you and your friends explored a maze or labyrinth in a dream and you were separated from them and could no longer find your way out which caused you to be trapped inside, could be interpreted as the opposite outcome in the real life. It could mean that you would be able to find a creative solution to some complicated and rather difficult situation that has been lingering for a while already. For those who are currently incarcerated or imprisoned, rejoice for it may mean that you would be regaining your long awaited freedom soon.

Discovering a trap

Having a dream that you have found a trap, for instance when you are cleaning and weeding your own garden and you suddenly come across a booby trap that you did not set up, could predict a favorable or positive conclusion to some challenging situation or negative experience you have been going through lately in your waking life. The dream is telling you that you could overcome this situation effortlessly once you find a different perspective. Additionally, the vision could signify that you yourself have the power to get out of messy or bad situations you may have gotten yourself in.


Finding yourself trapped and contained in the dream world, such as when you are stuck in a cage or chained to a wall, is considered a metaphor for the weight of your troubles. Just as being trapped physically restrains movement, so does this symbol reflect your inability to get away from the things that are bothering you. Perhaps you need to find some help in order to lift some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Cutting clothes after being trapped

I am a male. I had a dream of being trapped in a network beside a river. The trap was hooked to my clothes. So I had to tear my clothes and even borrow scissors from an old woman selling clothes there. I finished cutting the clothes, and I came out freely without wearing tops, only trousers.

Being caught in a trap near a river could mean that you have been exposed to certain events or situations that, although challenging, may bring about positive changes in your life, making you feel rejuvenated and blessed. As for the old woman in this vision, she could be a sign that the troubling events or situations referred to by the trap symbol relate somehow to your past, possibly to some kind of unresolved issue that you would finally be able to put to rest.

Being trapped inside a house

I am a female. My dream was located in a house that holds many bad memories for me. The dream consisted of me continuously running and going through trap doors connected to slides. It was unclear what I was running from, but it seemed never-ending. It has been a nightmare that has occurred many times in the last few years.

Running away from something means you refuse to confront an issue in reality. The house with bad memories suggests unresolved issues from the past or repressed memories haunting you to this very day. The trap doors and slides mean you cannot find peace and fully live your life to the fullest if you keep evading your personal demons. There is a reason why your subconscious is encouraging you to face up to your problems. You are probably being held back and tied down by your refusal to explore the root of your problems.