Dreams Related To Train

Being inside a runaway train

I am on a "runaway" train that can't stop! I am trying to send a message to my mom to tell her, but my phone isn't working. Finally the train runs out of steam and we stop!

A runaway train, such as a train that is off-track or when it is out of control, is actually a very positive dream symbol often referring to head-spinning success. You are going to enter a period of high energy and movement during which your undertakings would take off or be completed in record time. Your focus and determination would be in an all-time high, so take advantage of this fortuitous period to make a lot of headway in your personal and professional obligations. Since the train runs out of steam in your dream, then it means this fast-paced stretch would eventually come to an end. If you make the right choices and take advantage of the opportunities, then the seeds you sow during this time would pay off even after this favorable phase ends.

Being on a train

Dreaming about yourself traveling in a train along with many fellow passengers signifies your having a passionate feeling with a hidden fascination to engage in an emotional and intimate relationship with a desired partner. In some of such dreams, you may also see yourself having fallen in love with one of the passengers traveling on the same train.

A train station

Dreaming about seeing yourself inside or near a railway station or a subway station indicates that you are undergoing a period involving a dilemma. You are faced with certain alternatives, out of which you are required to make choices. The choices involve things which are major and have an important bearing on your future life.

Boarding a train

Dreaming about boarding a train predicts the emergence of major changes approaching you that will have an impact on your life. Some of them may be positive while some may pose challenges. This dream may also signify the return to your normal life following your reprieve from some period devoted to some unusual assignments, duties and responsibilities.

A freight train

Having a dream in which you see or observe a freight goods train and if you are into sales or trading, it suggests that there are positive signs of receiving profit and your being successful in your business or with the transactions you are currently indulging into.

Waiting for train arrival

Having a dream in which you are waiting for the arrival of a train along with several fellow passengers, symbolizes prospects of receiving a business opportunity or proposal. You must evaluate this offer comprehensively and with great diligence.

A train leaving without you

Having a dream in which you find that you are at a train station but the train is leaving without you, leaving you behind at the station, points to a period of darkness filled with sadness, despair and depression caused by past events or occurrences you might have experienced.

An express train

Dreaming about yourself traveling on an express train signifies that you are on a fast track towards fulfilling your goals and realizing your aspirations. You could be not far away from achieving these plans in a relatively short period of time.

Train tracks

Train tracks refer to a set course of action that leads somewhere appealing either in the literal or figurative sense. Tracks by themselves may point toward a certain direction in your life, but damaged or broken tracks could refer to roadblocks preventing you from getting where you want to go.

Catching a train

Catching a train in the dream realm is synonymous with forging a new relationship in wake life. If you were running to catch the train at the last minute, it could mean you feel like the other man or woman is moving away from you emotionally. On the other hand, getting on the train at a leisurely pace could reveal that you feel secure that this individual would wait for you no matter what.

Walking on a moving train

Dreaming about walking through compartments in a moving train symbolizes a kind of procrastination or wasting your time in unproductive pursuits. You have a tendency to fritter away time until you come across something important or significant. These important and significant matters may include milestones, holidays or other events.

A fast ride on a train with no railroad

Having a dream about seeing no rail tracks underneath the train in which you are traveling and which is running at a furious speed, indicates a positive sign. It suggests the possibilities of a head-spinning success in the career you are currently pursuing or being able to make some stupendous professional achievements at work.

A train filled with baggage

Dreaming about being in a train all alone or being in a train filled with baggage indicates that you are approaching a period in which you will be required to take care of your immediate family members or provide them with your advice and support. This would be called for since some of them are likely to be facing some adverse and unforeseen circumstances or events in the near future.

A wrong train

Having a dream wherein you suddenly realize that you are on a wrong train suggests that your life is currently heading for a wrong direction. You need to halt, look back, reassess and review your aims, goals and priorities and appropriately set them right towards a correct direction. Failing to do so now may become too late to correct.

Being late for a train

Dreaming about being late to catch a train portends inefficiency or laziness on your part. The issues you encounter or the troubles you face are attributable to your failure to take initiative or seize valuable opportunities life offers to you or your incompetence to adapt to changes. This may also be your lethargy that keeps you short of achieving important goals in life.

A runaway or derailed train dream meanings

Abrupt stop of a train

A dream in which you see yourself traveling in a moving train and all of a sudden find it coming to a screeching halt, could be a prediction about your demise suggesting that you are going to pass away soon.

Someone disembarking a train

A dream in which you see someone known to you or some stranger getting down from a train, suggests that you will be invited for a get-together or for a party. You will receive the invitation from someone other than the host who is organizing this event.

Being on an empty freight train

I dreamed I was on a slow moving empty freight train with flat bed cars which stopped on a hill side. The train gradually was covered up with tarmac and halted completely and I had to get off on to the hillside. Looking back at the track which was coming down the hillside behind me a huge wave raced down toward me and I had to scramble up the hillside so I and my things are not washed away. There is no one there. Downhill is awash with water and will flood, so I must walk uphill. I am waiting, but I know no one will come. I know I am miles away from anywhere. I try to think what to do.

Dreaming about a freight train can indicate that you have been witnessing success in business or increasing wealth for a certain individual present in your life, though it may come at the expense of other people's hard work and livelihood. The lack of fairness in this situation is probably frustrating and difficult for you to just ignore. The big wave that you see approaching quickly symbolizes your involvement in some social movement or supporting a cause that you are passionate about. The proximity of the wave, but with no harm done to you, is also indicative of the fact that even though you remain involved and devoted to the cause, you could be starting to question or doubt its overall purpose and impact on community, as being abandoned and left alone in the end of this dream suggests.

Disembarking a train

Dreaming about yourself getting down from a train signifies emergence of major changes in your life. You may receive offer for a new job which could involve serious challenges and a plethora of new responsibilities which you have never handled before.

A train passing by

A dream in which you see a speeding train, especially, a train at a high speed passing by you, proclaims that in all probabilities, your spiritual search is flawed. This personal quest is devoid of any meaning and therefore, fruitless. Having such a dream may lead you to look back and re-examine your aspirations, goals and priorities, most importantly those related to spiritual pursuits and self-discoveries.

Alone on a derailed train

Riding on a train and it crashes. I'm walking around. There is nobody else around. A girl finds me and we begin to walk together.

Trains often represent your goals and dreams, particularly ones that you are very involved with right now. The image of this train derailing, however, suggests that a wrench is about to be thrown into your plans, preventing you from meeting some important deadlines or expectations other people may have in this regard. Being alone but then finding someone to walk with predicts a meeting or working with someone who is able to put this project back on track. All you have to do is keep working hard and be open to the ideas others might want to share with you.

A derailed train

Having a dream in which you find a derailed train or a train which is about to get derailed points to an unfavorable period during which you might face hostile circumstances, a possibility of running out of your luck and undergoing a bleak period while you are working on your current plans and aspirations and trying to accomplish things in life.

Meaning of dreams about train or other means of travel

A train from a distance

Having a dream in which you find yourself looking at or observing a train from a distance suggests that you are approaching a period of nostalgia or sadness, while being reminded of some sad memories or recollections. It may also be reflecting your current state of discontent, disappointment or regret that might be giving rise to such sentiments.

A train traveling by fast

Dreaming about a train passing by you at a very high speed gives indications of a possible improvement in your social status. If you can manage to maintain this newly acquired status in the same way, it may provide you with a stable and carefree lifestyle.

A train without railroad

Dreaming about a train moving but with no railroads or tracks predicts timely completion of the activities and projects as per your plans, which you have been working on for some time. It further suggests that this successful and timely completion would be brought about by your determination and perseverance.

A very slow-moving train

Having a dream wherein you see yourself traveling on a train which is moving very slowly suggests that you are sure to finally emerge feeling successful and satisfied, from the activities, undertakings or projects you are currently engaged in, once they are completed.

Occupying top bunk on the train

Dreaming about yourself traveling in a train while occupying the top bunk bed indicates that while you are travelling, on a trip or going for a vacation, you are likely to come across a passenger or a traveling companion who could be very unpleasant or annoying. This dream may also imply that you could be spending a lot of money on many unnecessary things, rather than spending this money in a meaningful and responsible manner.

Leaving a loved one behind on the train

I got off train at train station but my loved one didn't not get off train with me.

Dreaming about seeing yourself getting off the train at a train station could be a sign of upcoming major changes in your life. You may receive offer for a new job which could involve serious challenges and new duties which you have not had before. The vision of your loved one who did not follow you could mean that your current family life or relationship with the person you loved could be impacted in a way that could prevent you from seeing each other as often or even start living separately for some time, for example because of the need to relocate or move away.

Traveling a fast train

I was on a train with a few other people... But I don't remember who they were, but the train was going very fast... The train was going so fast that everyone's faces were being pulled back and my teeth were cracking up while inside my mouth.

Images of being on a train which is moving at a great speed in a dream are reflective of enormous progress you have been making on something important to you, most likely work-related. You could be heading to a period of time in your life characterized by head-spinning success because of your outstanding performance and determination. However, the images of other people and you going through painful experiences while riding the train signify your tendency to achieve your goals by laying your established relationships with others on the line and making them feel uncomfortable. This could be equally true for your coworkers, teammates or even members of your family.

Being confused with the train stations

Well, I'm getting on a train to see my auntie, but at one point of the journey I get off at the wrong stop, so I get on another train to go back to the train station where I started, but for some reason, I keep getting off this one-stop I know it's the wrong stop, but I get off anyway and I either get on another train to go back to the station where I started or I walk back. This happens 4 times until my auntie calls me and tells me not to get off that stop, so I didn't and I got to the right stop. Female.

Getting off at the wrong stop could mean a wrong decision or a mistake. The train ride reflects your journey and repeatedly stopping at the wrong station, prompting you to go back to the initial platform, seems to suggest a lesson that needs to be learned. Perhaps the dream is telling you not to make the same mistakes over and over, otherwise, you may end up in a pattern that hinders your path to any semblance of success. Alternatively, the wrong stop may not necessarily be a mistake but it could be a choice that would lead you to stagnation or a career that does not suit you. Your choices would end up defining your future, so circumspection is paramount in your decision.

Going in a wrong direction while on a train

I was inside a subway to go to the railway station for catching my train to return back to my city. On the train I was talking to myself and thinking about lots of issues, suddenly I looked out from the window and I detected that I was riding in the opposite direction. I saw chaos on the street between two sides with trees. I rudely said "What's this shitty region? That's not my way". A decent passenger, a young man close to my age, smiled and told me "You are going in the wrong direction and bear my rudeness and said "It's not too bad, you know this".

Trains in dreams represent the movement of your personal journey. Those who dream of trains are typically organized and systematic in their day-to-day lives. In the same way, you may have a tendency to be a control freak in all aspects of your personal and professional endeavors. To find out in the dream that the train is going in the wrong direction suggests that your reality may be headed for the wrong turn. You need to pause, look back, reassess and review your aims, goals and priorities in order to appropriately set them right towards a correct direction. Failing to do so now may become a major issue down the road.

A passenger train derailing

I was just on time for a train that was about to depart and got on the last carriage and moved to the next station platform and overshot it. The driver then reversed and lost control of the train as it started swerving off the track. The driver managed to avoid crashing into parked cars, lost complete control and he jumped off as the train swerved wildly. I jumped off just as the train crashed through railings, into a river and submerged. Bodies of people came to the surface and I wailed strangely.

Boarding a train in this dream alludes to your resolve to focus on achieving your goals. It may often be difficult or challenging at times, but for the most part you know where you are headed. However, missing a station which subsequently leads to the train's loss of control predicts possible turbulent times ahead. You may end up derailed from pursuing your dreams due to unforeseen events and unpredictable circumstances unfolding right before your eyes. As a result, you may feel as if you have no control over your life which could lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

On a train with mentally ill people

I am a man, 23. I saw today a dream about being in moving train. In the train there was like a mental hospital. I wasn't mentally ill, but I was inside this compartment where mentally ill people were. So I was trying to escape and I escaped but they saw. All this dream happened in a moving train. Weird is that I saw exactly the same dream a long time ago.

This image of yourself on a moving train suggests you strongly desire to engage with others on a deep, personal level. There is likely a particular individual who has caught your attention and whom you would like to get to know better. This person is probably someone you are interested in romantically as well, although it is possible you simply desire friendship. The notion that the train was also a mental hospital, however, could suggest that your involvement with this person is not a good idea. The connection could eventually lead to discovering some serious issues and making you reconsider the choices you have made.

Being under a train

Dreaming of being under a train signifies your courage in confronting a significant danger head-on, instead of avoiding it. Generally, this dream implies that you've adeptly handled a perilous situation by acknowledging its presence and addressing it directly. Your ability to face this challenge demonstrates your strength and resourcefulness. Moreover, the recurring theme of trains in your dreams, along with the emotions they evoke, also suggests a complex and profound connection that holds both positive and negative associations, reflecting your subconscious exploration of various aspects of life and emotions you may not fully comprehend.