Dreams Related To Tombstone

Seeing own tombstone

I woke up in a cemetery confused. And I saw a man in a hood. I asked the man why I am here and what is going on. The man pointed to a path to go to and I followed the path. It led me to a tombstone with my first and last name on it.

While the imagery in this vision seems somewhat ominous, the dream has a positive interpretation. Your presence in a cemetery suggests a departure or a movement from one place to another, but for a good reason. For example, you might get a new job or visit someone you have not seen in a long time far away. This is supported by the image of being pointed down a path and walking to your tombstone. The symbol of the tombstone also takes on a positive meaning here, suggesting a clear vision of what you want to happen. Perhaps if there is an opportunity to go out and do something you have been thinking about, now would be the time to put those thoughts into action.