Dreams Related To Tiger

Petting a tiger

Dreaming about stroking a tiger or running your fingers through its fur is symbolic of your habit to be a people pleaser. It signifies your desire to indulge your superiors. Normally this is the kind of attitude which is specially reserved by you for people who are either at rank higher than yours or who happen to be eminent or popular.

Playing with a tiger

I saw a tiger in my dream and I was playing with him?

Playing with a tiger signifies your natural leadership capabilities. While others may cower when faced with the responsibility of leading others or taking charge, you look at it as a challenge and an exciting opportunity to use your skills. Tigers can also symbolize power which means you have an uncanny ability to connect with influential and powerful personalities. You can use your instincts to further your own career, especially since this vision portends an upcoming meeting or encounter with someone who could open doors or provide rare opportunities for you.

Tiger in a cage

A dream in which you find yourself observing a tiger in a cage is symbolic of the triumphs and accomplishments which you would have over your contenders. It signifies that you are capable of successfully thwarting or avoiding their actions and would be victorious in achieving your goals.

Tigers attacking

The image of a group of tigers circling or attacking you in a dream is a harbinger of misfortune and chaos. You would soon be devastated by some terrible, life-changing events. For instance, you may lose your job or have a major falling out with someone you were very close to. If you were able to successfully defend yourself against the attack, it is possible you would come out of this situation better than before. However, if you were injured or killed as a result, you may face serious consequences that will haunt you for many years to come.

A tiger close up or petting a tiger in my dream

Face to face with a tiger

Dreaming about having to confront or tackle a tiger must be considered as a forewarning. It signifies that your foes and adversaries will endeavor to take certain steps which might prove to impede or interfere with your plans. This in turn would only serve to put you at a disadvantage.

A white friendly tiger

Hello, I've been having dreams about a white tiger the last couple days. In my dreams the tiger is my friend and sometimes acts as a pet. this night we hugged each other. And last night I saw him in a forest and we walked through the forest together. What do these dreams mean? And does his white color mean anything? Thank you very much!

Dream visions which involve seeing or being together with a friendly, non-aggressive tiger could symbolize your tendency to be a people pleaser. It signifies your desire to indulge your superiors. Yet, this would be the kind of attitude usually reserved for people who are either at a rank higher than yours or who happen to be eminent or popular. Alternatively, from a different perspective, this dream could mean that you have made friends with your own wild, unpleasant, fearful or negative side. Since you went alongside each other for a stroll in the forest, this could suggest that you accept this side of your personality but also use it to your benefit. The animal's white color could symbolize some unusual behavior. This attitude would not necessarily be negative or disturbing, and it would be expressed by someone younger than you. Their actions or behavior seem to be directly affecting your interests or your relationship with them. Note that every detail that you remember with such clarity, for example the color, probably has an important underlying symbolic meaning. This could reveal additional nuances.

Hunting a tiger

A dream in which you see yourself chasing or stalking a tiger must be considered as a significant indication of receiving an appealing job offer. This task might prove to be effortless for you and for which you might receive great deal of admiration and acclamation.

Being attacked by a tiger

A dream in which you see yourself mauled by a tiger has ominous connotations. It is symbolic of the negativity which would surround you and leave you feeling desolate and despondent due to approaching ill-fated events. However if you see yourself being able to guard yourself from the tiger or slay it, this could signify that you would be triumphant in overcoming the impediments or hindrances that might stand in your way.

Looking at a tiger

A dream in which you see yourself watching a tiger in the wilderness or in a zoo could be symbolic of you having a negotiation or reaching a compromise with people of superior or privileged rank. They could either be your supervisors at work or someone who is your boss or manager.

A tiger entering your house

A dream in which you see yourself confronting a tiger which is about to enter your house can be taken as a positive sign. It is an indication of an upcoming advancement or promotion in the workplace. Additionally, it could mean that you are about to embark on certain ventures or missions which would ascertain to be rewarding and beneficial.

Defeating a tiger attack

Dreaming about being triumphant while defying a tiger attack is symbolic of the good vibes coming your way. It could signify the fact that there are good tidings in store for you. It could symbolize that you will successfully accomplish the missions or endeavors which you have undertaken.

Seeing a tiger from afar

A dream in which you see yourself observing or perceiving a tiger from afar has positive connotations for the person who happened to experience this dream. This dream reflects their ability to have profuse and plentiful energy, fervor, gusto and the fortitude for their every day endeavors.

Tiger running away from you

A dream in which you see yourself encountering a tiger and being able to make it flee is significant of the triumph with which you would be capable of when dealing with your adversaries or opponents. As a result of this you would be able to retain this position in life for an extended period of time.

An aggressive tiger

A dream in which you see yourself tackling or defying a tiger must be considered a forewarning. It could signify that you might be reproached or castigated by your superior or administrator. It might also symbolize that you could be chastised by someone whom you might have offended.

Killing at tiger

A dream in which you see yourself slaying a tiger which was about to attack you can be considered as an optimistic sign. It could be an indication or assurance of the fact that you are about to strike rich and become affluent and wealthy. These favorable changes might be a result of auspicious and fortunate events which would take place in the near future.

A tiger and snakes under the house

My dream is of large snakes and tigers on a ledge under a house, just watching me as I try to clean up under this house which I believe is my home. There are blue metal steps you can climb to get into the house from underneath. All is soil under the house. There is a girlfriend with me helping to clean up. We are preparing for a dinner party that evening.

Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. The presence of large snakes under the house, especially those that looked menacing, could be a sign of being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. This may create some threats for you but you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. They will help ensure that nothing harms you and disrupt the peace. Seeing a tiger can be considered a positive sign, an indication of an upcoming promotion in the workplace or advancements in something you are trying to accomplish. Since you are mentioning these two symbols together, the circumstances described here could be intertwined or closely connected. Although this dream may suggest relying on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources.

Crouching tiger

A dream in which you perceive a crouching tiger is an indication of the base or ruthless behavior shown towards you by a person who you felt was very dear to you. You might face infidelity or betrayal on their behalf and this in turn might cause few major issues and dilemmas in your relationship. It might also have an irrevocable influence on your life.

Tiger skin

A dream in which you see a tiger pelt or hide in your bedroom is symbolic of the bliss and gratification which you would engross yourself in. These exquisite pleasures might be of an amorous or passionate nature.

Tiger resting

A dream in which you see a tiger lying dormant or latent is symbolic of the peaceful vibes about to enter your life. It signifies that you would lead a stable and composed life. This peaceful bliss would be balanced both in your home as well as your place of work.

Tiger chasing me

Freudian scholars of dream interpretation often suggest that the image of a tiger chasing you alludes to being pursued by those who seek to rain on your parade. You probably have some so-called "friends" who constantly put you down or minimize your accomplishments. You should avoid these energy vampires at all cost and cultivate relationships with people who raise you up rather than put you down.

Tiger with a prey

Dreaming about a tiger grasping or holding its prey in its mouth is symbolic of the good vibes in your life. This vision signifies that you would be noticed or perceived by your superiors at the workplace as being extremely diligent and meticulous. Due to this perception you might receive a promotion for the devotion and commitment which you have shown to them.

Yourself as a tiger

A dream in which you see yourself transformed into a tiger is symbolic of the exposure to the discord or disputes which you might have with your superiors at work. These disagreements could be a result of the fact that your supervisors might be too exacting or demanding. In fact they might even be expecting you to put in all the extra effort for the completion of certain tasks or assignments.

Agitated tiger

A dream in which you see yourself confronting an agitated or roused tiger can be considered as a symbol of unanticipated confrontations. Additionally it could also signify a startling assault from people whom you might have least expected to behave in such an abominable manner towards you or show such confrontational behavior.

Roaring tiger

A dream in which you find yourself encountering or stumbling upon a snarling tiger is symbolic of the obligations and allegiances that you have to fulfill along with certain responsibilities in order to progress further or onwards.

Riding a tiger

Dreaming about being carried forward by a tiger or riding on its back signifies the good vibes about to enter your life. Its an indication that you would be able to settle and resolve obnoxious and distasteful situations. These circumstances could work in your favor and would have a vast impact on your present situation if you make decisions which are prudent and judicious.

Crossing a path with a tiger

A dream in which you see yourself encountering a tiger in your way is portentous of the negativity which is about to enter your life. It signifies that you would encounter or come across influential and mighty opponents who would attempt to hamper or impede the pattern of your life.

White tiger

A tiger with white fur symbolizes a passive personality or indifference. This usually represents the dreamer, so your subconscious is likely providing some enlightenment when it comes to your tendency to let others bully you into submission. You may do this to avoid conflict, but this imagery is telling you that your present situation requires you to speak up. Failing to assert your views and beliefs could have negative and lasting effects on your life.

Baby tiger

Tiger cubs are traditionally associated with youth and all its blessings and pitfalls. Shamanistic interpretations of this vivid symbol vary widely depending on the context of the vision. In some cases, baby tigers can represent the carefree innocence of a life free of worry. For example, before one has had to deal with the only things guaranteed in life, which are death and taxes. Alternatively, this portent can also be associated with hot-headedness or naivety.

A cat turning into a tiger

A cat walking towards me when it got closer to me it changed into a tiger. It acted like it wanted to play. I ran into a hotel and it followed me into the building. I ran down a hallway to warn people when I turned around it was not there.

A dream about a cat moving towards you represents some action you took or words you said coming back to haunt you. This may be something you did on purpose for selfish reasons, but it could just as easily have been an accident or the result of having no other choice or options available. The cat coming closer means you are trying to forget or avoid that situation or the results thereof, but the sudden transformation into a tiger indicates that not only is it impossible to hide forever, but that avoidance is likely to exacerbate the problem. Moving into a large, more crowded area to ask for help or warn others symbolizes your desire to make up for what has been done, but the lack of interaction may be a sign that those around you do not want to get involved in your troubles or believe you need to correct this grievance on your own.

A tiger that escaped

Female. Dreaming of finding an escaped tiger and containing it, there is a family that is irresponsible and let their small child in and I take it out. The tiger is not aggressive to me, then when leaving, there are out-of-control vehicles that are crossing the road and hitting things and coming back and I am avoiding them.

To see an escaped tiger in a zoo or out in the wilderness in a dream suggests a forthcoming negotiation or settlement with an authority figure, possibly a supervisor, a boss or someone you greatly depend on. When you rescued the child from the tiger, it implies your inherent need for self-preservation and getting away from potentially dangerous and hostile situations. Though the tiger does not appear aggressive, you can sense danger and react fearfully to the circumstances. However, the part in the end where you leave and dodge out-of-control vehicles to avoid collision or accidents reveals your desire to take charge and take control of your life. You appear to be overprotective of the more innocent and fragile parts of you, and you feel the need to step up and handle things based on common sense, rather than impulses.

Not able to escape from tiger attack

I am chased by a tiger and it catches me and begins to bite and maul me, but I am moving in slow motion, but the tiger is at normal speed.

Tigers are generally considered an ill omen, and being attacked by an aggressive tiger in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of negative energy in your life. More specifically, not only does this vision suggest bad vibes and the stress which accompanies this kind of existence, but it also predicts soon becoming isolated from others who are not going through such a difficult situation themselves. Your failure to outrun or escape the tiger further indicates the severity of this issue and your inability to overcome it any time soon.

Tigers within a dream and in real life

I had a dream that I saw a tiger from a distance chasing down another animal. Couldn't tell if it was a mountain lion or an antelope or a deer, but it was a tan-colored animal. I never crossed paths with the tiger, just witnessed it from afar. Earlier that day in real life, I was looking at a piece of jewelry. It was a small tiger pendant. I showed the jeweler my Detroit Tigers tattoo as well.

Tigers represent power and assertion. You could be eyeing a higher position at work or currently negotiating a deal. The tiger chasing down another animal represents your motivation in pursuit of your aspirations. It could also represent your leadership qualities. Perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to assume a leadership position. Alternatively, the animal being pursued by the tiger may be a representation of a romantic prospect in reality. Witnessing this scenario from afar plays out your desire to pursue a relationship with this individual.

Buying a tiger for a pet

One of my relatives is buying a baby tiger for me from the market. Felt like I had the desire to make that tiger my pet. My relative who was buying was telling me he was making a good, cheap deal, getting the baby tiger for a much lower price than it should be. Thank you.

Symbolically, tigers embody power and aggression. As such, your dream of wanting to have a baby tiger as a pet reveals your desire to control your temper. Perhaps you are currently undergoing a personal transformation as part of your aspiration of taking on a leadership position. As a leader, you need to be disciplined and train yourself not to give in to emotional outbursts. You do not want your ego to be inflated while you are just on your way up the ladder in this personal journey.

A tiger attack and parents perishing

It was around 6 am in the morning. I had a dream that, my parents and younger brother are in a national park or forest. There are tigers roaming nearby. And suddenly a tiger attacks. And the next day I get the news that my parents are no more. And I start sobbing and thinking about what I'll do now. And the dream ends there. My current life: age 24, male. I have been thru a very bad time for the past 1 yr. I was in jail for about 7 months last year on trial and was acquitted a few months ago, but incurred a huge financial loss.

This dream contains two prominent symbols which have negative connotations in regards to your life situation at the moment. The vision of being attacked by a tiger or tigers is symbolic of the negativity presently surrounding you and making you feel desolate and despondent due to anticipation of approaching ill-fated events. Your psyche could be feeding off the past hardships and misfortune you are describing. At the same time, losing your parents unexpectedly or because of some tragic event means that you are in great need to rely on somebody's help and assistance, yet, unfortunately, remain unsuccessful in finding the right people to this day.

An indifferent white tiger

I was walking into the woods, it was snowing and I saw a white beautiful tiger standing far but straight in the direction I was going and I went to the white tiger. I started to pet the tiger, hug it and scrub my face on the white tiger's face and at that moment I felt so great because it seemed like I fell in love with it, but the white tiger didn't pay attention to me. It was looking like its face was angry and with its blue eyes. It was only looking straight and didn't move its eyes, not even a bit.

Walking through the woods while it is snowing points to loneliness and isolation. Stroking the white tiger or running your fingers through its fur reveals a tendency to be passive. You may have a habit of pleasing people for fear of being rejected. This vision alludes to your desire to indulge your superiors. However, this kind of attitude would not serve you well in the long run. Confidence and assertiveness earn the respect of others, not submissiveness and people-pleasing.

A tiger and puppies inside the house

I stabbed a tiger in the head in my house, but it didn't die and my 12-year-old son came and got the tiger as it was like his pet stopping me from hurting it and letting it outside. Then I turn and see he has some great Dane puppies laying beside the couch.

The different ways you and your son treated the tiger in your dream reveal your attitude toward power and leadership. For you, stabbing the tiger's head could be an indication of your desire to control your temper. On the other hand, it could also mean that you have given up on your ambitions. Meanwhile, your son is just beginning to cultivate his dreams and his desire to be successful has not yet been affected in any negative way. As such, the dream vision may be reminding you to revisit your goals and be inspired by the idealism of your son. After all, the puppies in the dream may hint towards ideas that have long been brewing in your mind.

Running in the rain and a tiger in the sky

Running in rain water holding hands with my husband. I looked up in the sky and saw a tiger, a beautiful tiger.

Being in the rain with your husband suggests he is about to face some difficulties in wake life. Holding hands during the downpour may mean that he would be unable to overcome these challenges or make progress without some help from you. The image of the tiger may point toward a need to negotiate in order to solve this problem. Because the tiger appeared to be beautiful, you may need to help your husband turn up the charm so that he can get what he wants.

Saving a white tiger

I saw that our neighbor had captured a white tiger and was chaining it to a metal stand beside a horse. It pained me to see the tiger like that so I secretly went to my neighbor's house and help the white tiger to escape. I then went to another room to see if it came towards that room or ran away and I was planning on petting it if it came back. But when it came back, it attacked me so I had to kill it with a huge knife by stabbing it on the white tiger's head.

White tigers tend to represent passive or indifferent behavior. In many cases, it means you have made a habit of pleasing other people rather than advocating for your own wants and needs. This is likely because you fear conflict or opposition. Unchaining the tiger could reveal that you are on the verge of speaking out, possibly about something that is bothering you in reality. Your desire to wait and see what the tiger does, however, is in direct opposition to this, as it suggests you are not quite ready to act. Envisioning being attacked by the tiger is the manifestation of your ultimate fears of loneliness and rejection. Killing the tiger, then, means you have the power to overcome this fear and finally assert yourself.

Playing with tiger cubs

I dreamed about playing with tiger cubs.

Playing with tiger cubs at some point during a dream alludes to the concept of playing with fire in reality. You may be dangerously close to pushing someone over their limit in wake life, possibly leading to a burnt bridge at work or the ugly end of a once fond friendship. For instance, you may taunt and troll someone online only to find that someone you know and care about in wake life believes in or is affected by that behavior. Their pain may put them over the edge and force them to make a break with you, probably to your detriment.

Tigers mating

I had been at grandma's house in a room on the second floor sleeping. I wake up, look out the window and in a neighbor's front yard I see a male and female tiger sniffing each other. Then I see them mating. What does it mean to dream about mating tigers and watching them from a far?

Dreaming about seeing tigers from afar could signify that you have the energy, experience, tools and motivations to take care of things in your everyday life. For example, even on days when you feel like you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, you still have the ability to push through and check things off your to-do list, be it cooking a meal, organizing paperwork or cleaning up documents on your computer hard drive. The mating tigers may further point toward a knack for rubbing this trait off on others. For example, your enthusiasm and drive to achieve some goal may encourage others in your sphere of influence to work harder or keep trying.

A tiger in a rickshaw

Hello, my name is Garima and I'm a female aged 18 years old. Last night I saw a dream when I was standing on my balcony and I saw a tiger coming in a rickshaw. The rickshaw was driven by a man but the tiger didn't bite him and below my balcony my cousin was sitting and when he put his hand before his mouth the tiger licked his hand and went away. Then the tiger jumped out of the rickshaw and started playing and dancing joyfully. Then my dream was over.

The tiger in your dream signifies your almost pathological need to please people or earn their approval. There could be a specific person in your life whom you particularly want to impress, perhaps a boss, a crush or a powerful personality, and yet this person does not even know you by name. The rickshaw suggests this person is not easily impressed by overeager people and would much more likely respect humble individuals who are focused on creating a positive impact by doing an excellent job in their chosen field regardless of recognition or material gains. This message from your unconscious mind urges you to be more self-aware instead of seeking external gratification.

Escaping a tiger in a pool

Escaping from tiger by sinking deep in a pool, but I can breathe.

Dreaming about finding your escape while being confronted by a tiger in a swimming pool while being able to breath underwater portends positive developments or some good energy from falling in love or meeting someone new.

Tiger cubs playing outside

I was taking a bubble bath at my grandma's house and could see four tiger cubs playing in her back yard through a window at the foot of the tub. I called her to me and we watched them play, but one cub discovered us watching her.

This vision should be considered a warning that some things are not as they seem. Bubble baths represent frivolity and are often associated with empty promises and disappointment. The tiger cubs shed a little more light on this subject, suggesting that you are playing with fire. You are, either purposely or unintentionally, pushing someone to their limit, upsetting them by taunting them or not listening to their problems with an open heart. Even if they say they are okay, you should pay attention to their actions and not their words. Body language could let you know if you are crossing a line and inform you to adjust your behavior from this point on.

Pet tiger

Having a pet tiger in the dream realm symbolizes your relationship with your animalistic instincts and primal nature. It suggests a struggle for control over these powerful and potentially complicated aspects of your personality. Explore and harness your physical and spiritual power while maintaining a balanced aura that radiates confidence and self-assurance in the face of difficulties or hardships. It's important to approach this dream with caution and seek ways to channel your inner strength constructively.