Dreams Related To Thoughts

Visually observing own thoughts

I fell into a trance one afternoon while relaxing on the couch and dreamt that a voice told me that they changed the way I thought, then proceeded to show me my thoughts as weird upside down U-shaped objects with strange symbols on them that literally changed colors, then dropped off of a retaining stick one by one. I could also hear some mechanical sound while this happened?

Dreaming that things have changed or become the opposite of what they were in the dream world is an unlucky symbol to behold. It foretells a period of rejection by those you consider peers or colleagues. You may find your opinions or ideas trampled by the majority of those whose company you keep. This could lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. However, the notion of the changing colors and the strange mechanical sound you heard in the same dream is often interpreted as positive symbols. It is possible that this minor social setback may allow you to grow in other areas of your life.