Dreams Related To Things

Not being able to finish things

Being unable to finish something in your dream reveals your anxiety about an unresolved issue. In psychoanalysis, this refers to an inferiority complex. You probably feel as if you are not good enough for your job or for your significant other. You live in constant fear of being rejected by someone you love or fail at work. For example, a vivid dream about not completing an exam means you are having difficulty with a task or project assigned to you.

Things appearing bigger than they are

Childhood dreams. When the dream starts, everything around me is really big. A reoccurring theme would be in something like pinball machines where the metal balls would be the size of boulders.

Dreaming that objects appear huge or gigantic means you are feeling overwhelmed in reality. You are tackling problems and challenges which you think are beyond your capabilities, hence you are stressed and perhaps a bit anxious. The type of object also adds meaning to your vision. For example, a pinball machine points to a goal or a target. Since the machine looms large, it means you think that you are overreaching. However, it is also telling you that what appears to be daunting is actually achievable if your break it down to smaller and manageable steps.

Things being taken away

Dreaming of things being taken away, stolen, or losing something valuable indicates a fear of losing control or feeling vulnerable in your waking life. Generally, it reflects a sense of someone or something escaping your grasp, leaving you with unanswered questions and unsettled feelings. This dream suggests exploring and addressing the underlying apprehensions and insecurities that may hinder your growth, seeking support or guidance to regain empowerment and control over your circumstances.