Dreams Related To Texting

Texting with someone and symbols

So I'm a female, I dreamt that my friend sent me a text saying "Text me!". And after that a symbol that was a third eye illustration, a clock reading 8:00, and a gift with a red envelope, everything else was purple, and then I wanted to answer back but I couldn't and he was still answering all the things I wanted to text.

The illustration of the third eye is a symbol of having a clairvoyant nature, meaning you are especially in tune with the spirit world. Seeing a clock that reads 8 o'clock specifically could refer to a time loop or some repetitive action, as the number 8 is also connected with the infinity symbol. Under this context, the red envelope, a symbol of exciting new or possibilities, could mean you are consuming a lot of sensational news. As someone who is very sensitive to these things, all this excitement and uncertainty may be making your emotional state a bit unstable. Luckily, it seems that even your subconscious recognizes that you have friends and family in reality who know how to support you even when you cannot articulate it yourself.

Texting with a girl liked in the past

So, in my dream, I was texting a girl that I used to like. We were just texting about horses. That's her favorite animal. And she said it was a "male mystery". I didn't see the text before that at all. I used to really like her a lot and I've been having dreams about her for a while now. And each one is either at her house with her family or I'm texting her about things.

Recurring dreams about this girl reveal your emotional investment and strong attachment to her. Perhaps you still harbor romantic feelings toward her, which is why she repeatedly appears in your dream world. The texts exchanged in the dream about horses possibly relate to your sexual desires. After all, horses symbolize masculinity, power, and sexual drive. On the other hand, this may just be a reflection of your relationship with her in reality, especially if you still cross each other's paths in real life.