Dreams Related To Terrorism

Witnessing terrorism

Witnessing an act of terrorism in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on your connection to such acts in wake life. For instance, if you were in New York on September 11th or attended the concert that became known as the Route 91 shooting, you may be reliving some past trauma or PTSD through your dreams. This may even be true if you were not personally involved. For example, maybe a friend was hurt at a protest or maybe you have a child serving in the armed forces. Those without a connection to terrorism in wake life may see this symbol as a type of warning of upcoming conflict and animosity. You may be gearing up for a heated battle of words in an online forum or an angry confrontation at a bar. In either case, you should tread lightly and avoid things that may set you off, like loud music, strobe lights, large crowds or stressful situations.