Dreams Related To Tent

Being held down while sleeping in a tent

Dreams about sleeping in a tent, and woke up with hand holding me down and over my mouth, so that I could not move or speak, eventually with considerable strength managed to break free and shout for help and at that time I woke up.

Sleeping in a tent suggests you may soon be presented with some interesting and lucrative opportunities in the near future, like a part-time job or investment. However, being unable to move or make noise predicts that your rational mind may be at odds with your irrational desires. This means one or more of the opportunities may look a little too good to be true, but your desire for wealth and status may be getting in the way of your recognizing it. You may want to be extra scrupulous of people who seem to be giving things away for nothing, as you could be swindled or misled.

Bumblebees and spiders in a tent

In my dream I'm camping in the woods. I'm sleeping in my tent when all of a sudden I hear crawling, but ignore it. I wake up to find bumblebees dead all over the floor of the tent. I feel a sting on my stomach, so I check and find a web attached to me because a spider bit me.

Going camping in the dream world likely reveals your yearning for some rest and relaxation. You may want to go back to a simpler or more grounded way of life. Similarly, the dead bumblebees allude to a less hectic lifestyle should you decide to leave your current occupation in favor of a more laid-back existence. However, if you do decide to take this path, the spider bite suggests that some domineering persona in your waking world could exert his or her influence to try to manipulate your decisions. So you could either trudge along in your busy world or risk falling into the web of influences of this controlling individual.

A tent on the hill and other people

Male, 46 yrs. In my dream I was looking up at my enormous tent sitting on a hill. The colors were predominantly brown and some blue. I noticed I was at a meeting holding 2 cups. Someone says "Do I need to sign a waiver?". The man at the meeting keeps talking about falling asleep behind the wheel. Then a flirty attractive women says "I don't have any martini's".

The tent on a hill implies a sexual encounter. The presence of a flirtatious attractive woman in your dream means you crave affection and intimacy. In combination with the first symbol, this means you are going to get what you want. A tent could also refer to a much-needed break or vacation. This suggests your sexual encounter would occur while you are having a leisurely time. If you are already committed, then this is an indication of a possible fling or affair. Pleasure will come with a lot of strings attached. Either way, you are going to fall in love soon as illustrated by the cups and it is up to you whether you will pursue this further or not.

Large tent

Seeing a large tent in your dream vision, particularly in the context of camping, is often linked with the ideas of a spiritual journey or some type of emotion growth. Hinduism and Sikhism teachings have also influenced the ontology of this particular symbol. In essence, what makes the image of a large camping tent unique is that it is a temporary structure. As such, it implies transition to a new place in the spiritual or moral sense. Those who perceive this symbol may experience a change of heart or go through a period of self-discovery that brings enlightenment and deeper understanding of themselves and others.