Dreams Related To Television

A broken television

Seeing a broken television in your vision denotes an encounter with someone who will eventually become your best friend. This could be someone you already know or a complete stranger whom you will get to know better over time.

Buying a television set

To dream of buying a television set alludes to a new endeavor based on your own ideas. Implementing this plan would require a lot of focus and attention to detail, but successfully following through will lead to ample rewards.

Watching television

Watching television in your dream, especially if the images on TV are clear, means someone is trying to impose or feed you ideas and opinions. On the other hand, seeing blurry images means you are not easily influenced, but your mind is warning you nonetheless.

Watching television and not remembering or recognizing any of the scenes and images playing reveals an oversight. You tend to disregard or completely ignore details and problems which will have a huge impact on your life.

Killing people while inspired by a TV show

Male. I invited my cousin over my house to talk and I was watching "Game of Thrones", but I've never seen the show yet, so I was making up my own plot and everything to the show and we were talking about it like I was 2 seasons in. The next thing I know I am running around the halls of my own high school breaking into each classroom and there I found everyone I have ever met in my life and I went around the rooms stabbing everyone in the head with a mechanical pencil as they sat motionless and I was glad.

Dreaming about a TV series likely means that certain qualities of the show resonate with you. Even without seeing it, you must have heard about the power plays and violent content enough for your subconscious to absorb them. As such, the scenario of breaking into classrooms to find individuals you have encountered throughout your life probably means that you are about to learn an important lesson which is connected to your past experiences. Perhaps you feel like no one listens to you or trusts in your abilities to succeed. As such, the act of stabbing them in the head with a pencil alludes to an opportunity for you to take action and prove them wrong.

Television in general

Television as a dream symbol is generally associated with external mechanistic influences or filters that shroud reality giving the dreamer a false perception. Your view of the world is being distorted and manipulated by negative forces in your environment.

If the television in your dream is on, it means these bad influences in your surroundings are powerful enough to have lasting impact on your worldview. If it is off, then your suspicions of negative influences present in your reality will help you guard yourself against them.

A color television set

A full color television set in dreams symbolizes a reunion with friends. This long overdue gathering will be a pleasant and memorable time spent catching up and bonding with special people.

A fit of anger in front of the television

In a fit of anger, I threw a remote control at my TV, the screen dented but didn't break.

The images and visions of being angry in this dream point to your inability to solve an important issue or face a challenge in waking life. It could also be that you are easily offended and lack communication skills when interacting with other people in your everyday life, so your weaknesses manifest themselves as episodes of rage when you are asleep. The prominent symbol in this dream, however, is the remote control, which represents multifaceted aspects of your personality that you need to work on to improve this situation, but you may be at loss as to which ones are the highest priority.

News on television

Watching news on television means you are consuming a lot of content in reality parts of which are changing your attitude towards the world. Most likely, real-life news is making you more skeptical and pessimistic.

Yourself on television

Watching yourself on television is a testament to your nitpicky ways. You stress out and dwell on trivial matters which keeps you from focusing on more important issues and living a full life.

Falling asleep in front of television

Falling asleep in front of the television points to a world-weary attitude. Upcoming disappointments will make you indifferent about the world and tired of the same negative news you always hear about.

Disliking a show on television

Disliking a show you are watching on television is a foreshadowing of your eventual flash of insight. Specifically, you will realize someone is pressuring you or influencing your actions in reality.

Assembling a television set

Assembling a television set from scratch implies an important project that is taking up a lot of your time. Fortunately, this time-consuming undertaking is worthwhile and tackles important issues.

Taking a television set apart

Taking a television set apart is an urgent message about moving and being proactive about your plans. Procrastination and dragging your feet will mean failure, or someone else could take your idea and run with it.

Owning a television set

Owning a television set suggests you must immediately take action or take advantage of opportunities that come your way. These chances you have recently discovered or come across will potentially elevate your current way of life.

A loud noise from television

Hearing loud noise coming from a television refers to all the rumors and gossip swirling around in your social circle. Fortunately, all the hearsay will not have any impact on you, so you can just ignore them and not get involved.

Turning television off

Turning off a television symbolizes your rebellion against societal pressures or your own peers trying to force their opinions on you. You want to form your own views, so you are actively trying to block out external influences.

Television exploding

Seeing a television explode in your dream is an auspicious sign about evading a threat in reality. You have recently avoided danger by a stroke of luck, and you may have not even been aware of this.