Dreams Related To Teacher

A teacher in general

A general impression, image or presence of a teacher in dreams, like in a classroom setting or mentoring session, signifies a new perspective from a new acquaintance or a random encounter with a stranger. You could be seeking answers to questions you have been asking all your life. You could also be dealing with a complicated issue and you have no easy solution. Alternatively, this could signal a drastic change in your way of life, like performing manual labor when you have an entirely different career path.

A teacher could also be a representation of the knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated over the years. Perhaps you subconscious is encouraging you to mine your own treasure-trove of lessons learned to help out in day-to-day obstacles. Alternatively, the teacher could also be the embodiment of a very oppressive authority figure in your life who could be preventing you from being more creative and innovative in your work or general way of living your waking life.

A math teacher

A math teacher is often a negative sign in dreams, especially if there are problematic people around you. For instance, if the lessons or lecture from your math teacher is coming across as gibberish, then you could experience a humiliating incident or find yourself in an embarrassing situation because of your social ineptitude. Alternatively, others may be deliberately trying to sabotage you by forcing you into unpleasant and awkward circumstances wherein you would have to make a complete fool of yourself.

A foreign language teacher

A dream in which you are being taught a new language by a foreign language teacher, in a one-on-one session or as part of a bigger class, can be a sign of miscommunication or your unwillingness to cooperate in team-related tasks or activities. You are likely independent or prefer to work alone, so you could clash with others when placed in a group to work on something as a team. In relation to this, working independently most of the time may have impaired your ability to properly communicate your intentions to others, to the point that a misunderstanding may arise between you and colleagues or even with your friends.

Your real teacher from the past

Dreaming about your teacher from your past, such as a grade-school teacher or a professor from your university, is your subconscious way of telling you to look back to your past. Your current dilemma or problem could be rooted in past mistakes, previous experiences or former relationships. There may be a valuable lesson you have not learned yet and perhaps looking back would lead you to this realization. So the teacher refers to insights you can unlock from your past simply by acknowledging overlooked teachable moments.

Someone you know as a teacher

Dreaming that someone you know is a teacher, someone who has a different job or career in reality, portends major conflicts and disagreements in your household especially in relation to important issues like politics and beliefs. Your fundamental differences in perspectives and opinions could be triggered by a news report or a high-profile incident which could potentially drive a wedge in your relationship or friendship. Perhaps encouraging a healthy discussion rather than a full-on debate would help ease the complications.

A dance teacher

A dance teacher as a dream symbol can be a sign of an overworked mind and body. If you do not manage your workload, the increasing stress from your busy schedule and seemingly endless tasks both at work and at home could give you health issues. The kind of the dance teacher perceived in the dream would also give you further clues about the illness you may contract in reality. If the dance teacher is teaching ballet or similar highly technical choreography, then the physical manifestations of your ailment may be more complex and harder to manage.

My current teacher

According to Freudian sources, envisioning one of your current teachers may reflect a desire to emulate some part of their life. In most cases, this refers to their particular subject matter. For instance, if you saw your science teacher in your dream, your unconscious mind may be telling you to pursue something in the STEM fields. This vision may not just be about a future career, however. You may also be picking up on some aspect of your teacher's life or personality that you admire, like a good sense of humor, a passion for life-long learning or a good work-life balance.

Your first teacher from real life

Dreaming about your very first teacher from your real life, such as having a conversation or a re-enactment of memories from your time shared with this teacher, could mean that you are contemplating pursuing a long-time ambition and you are finally ready to fully commit to this goal. Moreover, if there is some nostalgia involved in this dream scenario, then you are probably going to be thrust into an adventure of a lifetime. After enduring endless days of sameness, exciting times are ahead.

A CEO being a teacher

Female: A real CEO was a teacher and told us to write: "enter, enter, 2, 2, 1, 1", checking our tests and his letters in a paper showing that he does not have really good days, talking on the phone. I was on the stairs of my home, my dad and mum.

Dreaming that your CEO is your teacher is often interpreted by dream scholars to means that you would soon be in conflict with others over very controversial topics, such as politics or religion. Just as your boss is performing a different job in your vision, so does this symbol allude to differences in opinion from what you might have expected. The numbers he instructed you to write refer to the two different outcomes of your discussions. The 1 represents getting closer to people by expressing the same views or showing sympathy for their position. On the other hand, the 2 suggests you would say things that others would gossip and make fun of you for. They may even dislike you for your views. Your position on the stairs at the end of the vision reveals the outcome. If you were going or looking up, your chances to get through this situation without damaging your image are high, however, if you were stepping or looking down, it is more likely that you would have difficulty due to your beliefs or the way you treat the ideas of others.

Yourself as a teacher

If you envision yourself as a teacher, when you have a different job or profession in the waking world, then you may have issues of control. Maybe you find yourself doing a lecture in front of a class or checking papers of students in this dream. Those instances and scenarios illustrate your need to control everything around you. So you end up nagging friends, colleagues and loved ones when the situation or result is not satisfactory or up to your standard. Keeping up this attitude may cause serious problems at work and at home as people tend to get upset or annoyed at domineering personalities.

Furthermore, if you happen to be teaching people about mastering a skill or performing a job, then perhaps you are the one seeking growth and improvement in your life. You may feel like you are lacking certain skills and knowledge, so you are looking for an opportunity to learn more or find a mentor who can help you become better at your job. In a sense, the teacher role you take on in the dream is the role you aspire to have in your industry, that is, being good enough to pass on the wisdom to the younger or less experienced employees.

Being taught by a teacher

Dreaming that someone you know in reality is teaching you about a particular topic or showing you how to perform a certain task, then perhaps your mind is telling you to pay attention and follow the advice of this individual. You could learn a lot from them just by observing their actions and attitude or by directly asking them for guidance. On the other hand, if the teacher is a complete stranger to you in the waking world, then it means you need to trust your instinct more and go with your guts especially when faced with a tricky situation.

A teacher surrounded by pupils

Witnessing a teacher surrounded by pupils, such as during a class lecture or an informal educational session outdoors, could hint at your increasingly unstable emotional state. You could be denying the growing loneliness you feel and your subconscious is trying to make you confront your personal issues and get to the bottom of the problem. Trying to downplay your descent into depression could make it harder for you to overcome this psychological and emotional turmoil, so getting professional help may be advisable.

A sports teacher

The dream meaning behind seeing a sports teacher in a vision has something to do with sports and athletes in real life. Oftentimes, this means your favorite team or athlete could lose in an upcoming match which you may have been looking forward to. If your sports teacher in the dream is pushing you to the limit during a game or an athletics exercise, then this may be an indication that a domineering figure is giving you a lot of stress and making you feel helpless and afraid when confronted with their threatening presence.

Your native language teacher

Dreaming of a native language teacher, such as someone teaching the grammar, syntax and semantics of your mother tongue, could be your own subconscious lecturing you about your blunt communication style. Being too straightforward may come off as insensitive and inconsiderate to others. This could even get you in trouble especially when speaking to people of different cultural backgrounds where frankness and direct delivery could be seen as disrespectful or impolite.

Becoming a teacher

Dreaming of becoming a teacher as a career change, perhaps during your first day as a teacher or a demonstration for your teacher application, means you have the chance to succeed at something which may not be an expected path for you. The change in your occupation refers to a surprising opportunity that would unlock a new interest or skill that you possess. There would be a lot of challenges and adjustment on your part, but if you stay motivated and persevere, you can reach a certain status you may have never thought possible.

An arts teacher

An arts teacher as a dream symbol, like an art teacher you know in real life or the instructor in an arts class scenario, speaks of your desire to clean up or tidy up your surroundings. You may be experiencing an intellectual or creative block because of the messy environment, so you may find yourself organizing your workplace or your entire home in order to clear your head. To minimize clutter, you may end up throwing away, donating or selling some of the stuff, like clothes or appliances, that you no longer use.

A music teacher

A music teacher in dreams, instructing a choir or teaching music students how to play specific instruments, is usually a reference to the dreamer's penchant for exaggeration. You may be trying to present yourself in a more interesting way by embellishing certain details of your stories to people you want to impress. Unfortunately, the music teacher is also an allusion to "facing the music" which means your white lies could be exposed by others and you would have to explain yourself in the process.

A physics teacher

Seeing a physics teacher in dreams, especially if you are part of the class and listening to the lesson, could be an allusion to upcoming episodes of boredom. More specifically, if you happen to have plans for a trip or a vacation sometime soon, then it may not be as exciting as you expected. In fact, it could be a total waste of your time because the itinerary or the activities available in that place are not fun for you. However, if you happen to love physics in reality, then a physics teacher may reveal your boundless curiosity and eagerness to learn.

A biology teacher

Dreaming about a biology teacher, especially a vision in which the teacher is more in focus rather than the subject matter, points to your desire to have a pet or get more pets. You have likely been thinking about getting a cat, dog, rabbit or similar domesticated animals in the waking life that this prompted this dream symbol to appear in your dream. Something in reality may have also strengthened your fondness for animals. Perhaps a news bit about rescues would further spark your interest in adopting a new or additional pet.

Teachers mad and shooting others

I dreamed that I was in a school and was running away from some teachers who looked like frustrated, upset or confused while trying to shoot at random people including myself.

Dreaming about being present at a random shooting could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for better, in the context of your dream - this could be related to school or self-improvement activities.

An old female teacher getting robbed

An old female teacher came to me and told that her student (boy) has stolen her money of Rs.30,000 from her bag and ran away.

Dreaming about an old teacher at the school signifies that you are very accepting and open to new opportunities and able to take on new projects with ease. But these opportunities may become unattainable with the way you approach and handle them and because of the image you project of yourself onto others who may be involved or compete with you. Be mindful of small details and things which may seem unimportant because they will play a big role in the overall success of what you are trying to accomplish.

Being humiliated by a teacher

In my dream, my literature teacher humiliated me with the rest of my class to a point where I broke down. Later on, my friend went and brought the deputy head to the toilets as I had locked myself in a cubicle and refused to come out.

This dream could be an indication of learning about something disappointing and which might make you feel less determined in pursuing projects you are currently intending to complete. It could be related to your studies or life outside the school. The vision of washroom stalls implies the need to re-consider the group of people you are currently having as friends or people who you think could be helpful in achieving your goals or aspirations. The newly acquired friends or acquaintances could improve your chances of succeeding.

An old teacher and plastic chairs

Dreams about I was in a classroom, and an old teacher of mine who had died several years back was in my dream teaching the class. There was a lot of chairs of all kinds. Some where made of paper like plastic that unfolded to make a chair. The plastic like material he was showing me. He made a electrical cell diagram in parallel. Then he sat down as I look at him.

A dream in which you can perceive your former school teacher is symbolic of your own tolerant and compliant nature. It signifies that you are very accommodating as well as receptive of new things and ideas and this in turn allows you to undertake innovative projects with relative ease. The vision of several chairs in the room, including plastic ones, predicts having to start dealing or working alongside several individuals who are much more experienced (experts) and knowledgeable than you are. This dream suggests exercising tact and being polite if you want to be accepted into their circle.

Needing some time alone as a teacher

I am a teacher and I dreamt that I wanted some me time, but the children in my class refused to leave at lunchtime and even tipping them off the chair or getting angry didn't move them. I was getting wound up and agitated as I just wanted to be by myself for a bit.

Stress and frustration could be dominating factors in your waking life, so they end up seeping into your subconscious as manifested in your dream. You might be taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, causing you distress and tension. Generally, wanting to be alone means that you are an independent and goal-oriented individual. In this case, the vision is telling you that you are encountering too much noise and distractions which are hampering your plans or objectives. Perhaps you think you are being stifled by too much work or suffocated by bureaucracy, you may need to step back and clear your mind, so you can have clarity in your professional or personal life.

Being told of insanity by teachers

I dreamed that I was at school and the guidance counselor and my math teacher asked to talk to me outside. They said that I needed to go to a mental hospital urgently. So I ran to the beach to getaway. I tried to drown myself, but they got a year 12 to save me.

A mental hospital suggests a place of rigorous training imposing discipline and learning which takes you away from your comfort zone, even your family. In the dream, your guidance counselor and Math teacher represent authority figures telling you to get it together. You may be feeling out of sorts from overwhelming academic and personal matters causing your performance to suffer. Thus, they could be advising you to isolate yourself or veer away from distractions to get back on track. However, the pressure could be catching up with you, which is why you tried to drown yourself in your dream. Fret not and look for older and wiser peers and mentors to help you manage the stress and avoid complications.

Being pregnant by a teacher

I woke up in bed with my English teacher naked. Then in a few weeks I found out I was pregnant and I was eating in a long line at school to pick up NyQuil and the lady asked me if I was pregnant and I said "Yes" and asked if pregnant people can take NyQuil. Then I knew I had to tell my English teacher that I was pregnant and I was nervous how people were going to perceive us. I did not care, but I was looking out for him.

Getting in bed or having consensual sex with a teacher or an authority figure speaks of your open mind in relation to this person's advice. It is likely that the pregnancy that occurred in this dream after being in bed with him reflects ideas taking root from the advice or knowledge you gained from him. Your attitude in the dream about not caring about what other people think seems to be a reflection of taking pride in your education. Perhaps you have certain perspectives and opinions now that go against popular views, yet you are willing to take a stand and remain firm in your convictions.

Shoved onto the wall by teacher

My English teacher, a female whom I have a crush on shoved me into a wall.

Being pushed into the wall by someone you like may symbolize a growing dissatisfaction with aspects of your life that are important to you. Considering that the person you like is also your teacher, you may be frustrated with your current status of being a student. While it may not be muchly available that can change your current place in life, you can use this dream as a chance to reevaluate what you want out of the future and the type of person you want to become.

Serving food to a teacher

I had a dream where I saw my chemistry teacher and in dreams she said I should separate food which I did and after I served her the food while my friend gossiped about her.

Seeing a school teacher in dream visions may reveal your desire to acquire new knowledge or seek guidance in the waking world. Meanwhile, serving food alludes to the sharing of ideas and interests. As such, the scenario in your dream could mean that you may be concocting plans and projects in line with your passion and interests. However, you may be having trouble figuring out the details and the steps needed to implement your project. So you are looking towards more experienced and more knowledgeable figures in the real world to help you achieve your goals and to ultimately realize your dreams. Finally, your gossiping friend likely means you tend to listen to or ask for advice from unreliable and less credible sources. Perhaps you need to find and try to approach more trustworthy and dependable personalities instead of trusting or believing random bits of information from questionable characters.

Teacher liking me

Seeing a teacher who is liking you or having a crush on you in the dream realm is a reminder to assess your current situation and feelings, and to take time to understand your emotional needs and desires. The teacher in your dream symbolizes someone in your life who is in a position of authority or power, and their feelings for you reflect your current thoughts, feelings, and emotional state. A teacher always likes their students no matter what. This romantic interest in you by someone is a positive message, which shows how good a person you are. Overall, this scenario is a reminder to focus on your goals and never get distracted by negative feelings.