Dreams Related To Taxi

With mother in a taxi and a dead friend

I am a female. I dreamed me and my mother in a taxi. She got out to meet a dead friend in real but alive in the dream. I wanted to go with her but I couldn't. He looked happy. We never been so close with him in our life though. I also knew he was dead in real. Is my mom in danger?

The taxi in this dream likely reveals your gullible nature. You probably tend to allow others to control and boss you around, especially your mother. While her presence may be helpful in many ways, especially if she offers advice or moral support, the choices you make may be different under her eye than they would be if you were on your own. The presence of a friend you know has already passed is considered a symbol of shame and ridicule. Perhaps others in your social circle mock you for your lack of ability to discern between truth and lies. This vision can be interpreted as a sign that you should try to figure more things out by yourself and make decisions only after careful thought and consideration.

Attracted to a taxi driver

I was in a cab with an attractive older driver and he kidnaps me, but I'm not scared and it excites me, we go into a house that he bought for whoever, he kidnaps and makes me his sex slave and ties me up and gags me and he is dominant. But I'm happy about it. I move in with him, it turns into a relationship.

This dream vision of being kidnapped by some stranger reflects a failed attempt to use an opportunity or a chance. You could have recently tried to succeed at something important to you or gain some material benefit, but it did not come through. You could be exhibiting unusual behaviour or treating others in a way that is not characteristic of you since this happened. The sadomasochistic elements of this dream imply your desire to just let go of control and allow things to fall where they may. This is a suppressed desire because you tend to be the one in control.