Dreams Related To Talk

Talking with a mad man

I saw a mad man discussing something with me.

Conversing with a mad man or an insane individual in a dream suggests your own spiral into madness or eccentricity. Madness, in this sense, does not refer to clinical psychosis, rather a more artistic or unconventional mindset. You may be entertaining offbeat ideas to help give your career a boost. Alternatively, you may be losing touch with reality as a means of escaping your existing problems.

Someone not talking to you

A dream where no one talks to or acknowledges you may be interpreted by Freud to mean you are suffering from some form of depression. In some cases, this may be a short-term issue due to social distancing, a business trip or a lack of social events on your calendar. However, this symbol has also been linked to more serious cases of long-term depression, where the dreamer may be struggling to live a normal life due to poor mental health and an imbalance of hormones. No matter the case, if you are not feeling life yourself, you should seek immediate help through a friend, doctor or hotline.

Talking casually with a boy

I'm a young girl and had a dream that I was with a boy, he was two years younger then me and we where in this little building talking and people were outside laughing and enjoying themselves.

Hanging out with a male who is younger than you could mean an important opportunity is about to come your way. You would want to be energetic and bold, much like a young male is often portrayed to be. The other people outside who were enjoying themselves and laughing suggest that through this unique chance you would be able to build solid, lasting relationships that benefit you well into the future.

Others refusing to talk with you

Other people refusing to talk or interact with you during a dream vision may be a subconscious indicator of depression. Your own mind is isolating yourself from the love and friendship of those in wake life. You may want to contact an online therapist or make an appointment with a counselor to help you sort out your feelings. Alternatively, getting involved in a creative outlet, be it traditional like painting or a more modern one like game design or animation, could help lift your spirits.

Not being able to talk

Not being able to talk or speak while in the throes of REM sleep is a symbol Freudian sources attribute to issues with self-confidence or poor self-image. In many cases, your inability to express yourself in your own vision is a manifestation of the frustration you feel being unable to show to the best version of yourself. Perhaps you are looked down on because of your skin color or religion. Others may feel pressure from an outside party to behave a certain way or follow a certain path. Only by addressing these issues would you find your true voice and feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Talking with little children

I was talking to a little girl while combing her hair. Also there was a little boy there with us also talking with us.

Dreaming of talking with a little girl while you comb her hair is a symbol of unexpected news. In other words, it is possible you may go through a surprising situation or an unexpected revelation in the near future. The nature of such news, however, is not yet clear. That is, it could be either good or bad depending on the situation which is about to unfold.

Talking with foster mother

My foster mother who wronged me as a child and she was trying to explain why, but half way through I was so angry I blocked out half of what she was saying. But the beginning part where she talked about my father was puzzling because some of what she said wasn't true.

Learning new information about relatives in the dream world usually serves to open the dreamer's mind to new possibilities. In your case, the unfamiliar story or false information being recounted about your father may be your subconscious trying to get your attention. The intent may be for you to open your mind and heart to your foster mother in order to understand where she is coming from. Perhaps the burden of holding a grudge towards her is weighing heavily on your psyche. Hence, to alleviate the stress, the process of forgiveness needs to start.

Can't talk properly

To dream that you are struggling to talk, mumbling or stuttering, implies a type of paralysis happening in the waking world. You could be struggling to express a feeling, hence your subconscious is showing you this struggle in your sleep. This is also a common dream for people who are highly anxious and self-conscious in social situations. Sometimes the fear of judgment contributes to inability to communicate. Alternatively, this may be associated with a recurring health issue which cause is hard to pinpoint.