Dreams Related To Table

A table in general

In the context of a dream vision, the general image of a table is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming gatherings with family and friends. This could point toward a happy occasion, such as a wedding, game night or concert, or it may reveal a more somber occasion, like a funeral.

Others setting a table

Watching other individuals set a dinner table with plates and utensils is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon be invited to a house party or dinner gathering. You should consider bringing your host or hostess a gift of flowers or wine to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

A wooden table with food

A table specifically made out of wood can be thought of as a positive portent in the realm of dream visions. It usually points toward an upcoming event or set of circumstances that would develop positively for you. This includes obviously happy occasions like a family party or a marriage proposal, but it can also include a reconciliation with someone you had a falling out with or a chance meeting with someone who could guide your career or hobby to new heights through mentorship or support.

A broken table

A table that has a wobbly leg or appears to be broken in some way predicts a general decline in the quality of life that you would experience in reality. You may find that your money is not stretching as far as you like or that your hours are so long at work that you are not getting enough time to rest and recover properly. In either case, this slump would negatively impact your life and bring you much dissatisfaction.

A dining table

A dining table is often thought to predict an upcoming occasion that would bring much joy and happiness to the dreamer. You may soon partake in a birthday party or be part of a wedding celebration. This event would bring you much happiness and be the highlight of your week.

Money on the table

Money on top of a table in the realm of dream visions is a positive symbol to perceive. It means you would be able to overcome any challenges or difficulties you are currently experiencing. Not only would you solve your own problems, but you would also thrive and grow under your new circumstances.

A rotating table

A table that can turn or rotate is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon discover something new or interesting which may be useful to you. Similar to saying the tables have turned, this symbol reflects new knowledge being able to make a difference in your personal situation, although whether it is good or bad news to you is unclear by this symbol alone.

An office table

A table that seems to belong in an office or business setting may be a hint from your subconscious that it is time to stop procrastinating and get your affairs in order. You may need to do your taxes, organize your important financial documents or work on getting some type of insurance that you have put off doing until this point.

A sturdy table

A table in real life is something that is supposed to be stable and sturdy. So seeing a sturdy table in your dream reflects your self-reliance, whether it is financially or emotionally. It can also mean you are feeling grounded about your current existence, unshaken by the storms of life.

A shaky table

A shaky or unstable table is usually considered the manifestation of the dreamer's indecisive nature or their inability to provide for their own needs. You may be in a difficult financial situation or lacking care in some area of your life, like personal relationships or physical wellness.

Fruits on the table

Fresh fruit on a table may reveal present happiness or predict a happy, fruitful connection with a current or future love interest. You may learn through this dream symbol that the individual you are interested in could have good effects on your future. However, rotten fruit on a table might reflect just the opposite, suggesting either future sadness or difficulty with this particular romantic liaison.

Yourself setting a table

Envisioning yourself setting out dishes and utensils on a table reveals inner confidence and peace of mind in regards to your plans and direction in life. Your careful consideration of your goals and the path to get there would make you feel calm and relaxed knowing that everything is moving in the direction it should.

Fish on the table for women

For women, particularly noticing fish or a fish-based dish on a dinner table often predicts finding a wealthy, financially stable partner to marry. Alternatively, women who are already married or betrothed could soon get pregnant after envisioning this dream symbol.

Sitting alone at a table

Sitting alone at an empty table could reveal a need to make a difficult, gut-wrenching decision in the near future. You may be stuck between a rock and a hard place, being unable to see an answer that does not involve some loss or misfortune no matter what you choose.

A table with piles of food

Dreaming of tables full of food, although it may sound delicious, does not carry a positive meaning. Look into your food habits as your dream means you spend excessively when it comes to food, to the point of gluttony. It is a warning sign for you to take care of your nutritional habits and change them immediately.

In other dream analysis, your dream could indicate your strong drive and desire to achieve something that is difficult or nearly impossible. Your strong persistence often results in fights and conflicts with those around you who do not share your vision or opinion.

Spilling something on the table

Spilling something on a table, like a glass of milk or juice, could reveal internal conflict and serious self-doubt about a recent achievement you have made in reality. Even though you may wonder if you made the right choice or if you are truly moving forward, this vision suggests you are on the right path and should continue to stay the course.

A table with a stained tablecloth

Envisioning a table with a tablecloth or table runner that has been stained means you would soon have to deal with disobedience and insubordination. For parents, this would likely come from their own children or pets, but for working people, this vision suggests underlings or employees may slack off, avoid responsibilities or behave disrespectfully.

Sitting at an empty table

Sitting alone at an empty dinner table is often interpreted negatively in the realm of night visions. This symbol may shed light on an upcoming disappointment you are about to experience, be it related to a person letting you down or a course of action not going your way. Your presence at an otherwise unoccupied table could also reflect a tendency to make plans or come up with schemes that never amount to anything other than just being a nice idea.

Clearing a table

The act of clearing a table after a meal or special dinner suggests that your currently stable, balanced life is about to be turned upside down. Your happiness would turn sour and your satisfaction would become frustration. This sudden change in the overall quality of your life could be related to either a certain individual or an event.

Knocking something off a table

Knocking something off of a table during the course of a dream vision is often considered a fortuitous sign. It portends an upcoming event that would bring much joy or a stroke of good luck in regards to something you are working on. For women in particular, this symbol is associated with meeting a new romantic partner who would bring much laughter and happiness to their daily life.

A round table with dirty dishes

A round or oval-shaped table that is covered with dirty, grimy dishes predicts soon playing houseguest to an unexpected visitor. You may either welcome this individual's intrusion into you life or look on the visit with great distaste and annoyance.

Lying on a table

Lying upon a regular table reflects your current state of deep thought. You are likely in the middle of pondering a difficult problem or unique situation that has baffled you for awhile. You may have already found the answer you were seeking but remain unable to act because you lack certain tools or the correct timing.

Bread crumbs on the table

Bread crumbs scattered across an otherwise empty table symbolize your current love interest less than spectacular earning potential. This individual would be unlikely to find a high-paying job and, if they do, they would be unable to keep it for long. This dream sign can also reveal having children later into your marriage than you may have originally planned.

Office items on the table

Office items scattered on a table, such as business documents, fancy pens and paper weights, could mean drastic changes are about to take place in your romantic liaison. The person with whom you share your love may do something that causes you to reevaluate your current situation, or maybe you would cause this individual to change their mind about you or your intentions.

Sitting at a table with relatives

An image of yourself sitting at a table with relatives, especially if they have already passed away in reality, suggests you would find much luck and success on your current projects and plans. Whether you are working on something specific for your career or simply trying to improve a few aspects of your personal life, this vision means you would be able to make your dreams a reality.

A table after a meal

If you saw a messy dinner table, like how it would appear after a meal, including messy dishes and remains of food, this signals conflict that lurks on the horizon. You may find yourself in a challenging situation that requires you to make some urgent alterations to your present lifestyle.

A table with a broken leg

A table that has a broken leg could reveal a highly negative development taking place in your life soon. In many cases, this symbol predicts trouble at work, leading to a possible demotion or sacking. However, it can also be interpreted more loosely to apply to being shunned by a social group or prevented from moving up the corporate ladder.

This symbol of a table with a broken leg is also seen by those who are suffering from great emotional trauma and stress in reality. Not acknowledging that you have trouble or neglecting to take care of your mental health may lead to more serious complications later on, like depression or anxiety.

Selling a table

Selling a table during a dream vision, particularly if it is one used in the kitchen, may reveal a change in family dynamics in the near future. Young, single men and women may start a new family of their own, while older, established families may suddenly change in shape or size due to a birth, death or marriage.

Forgetting how to set a table

Being unable to remember how to set a table properly during a dream could shed light on your tendency to take unnecessary risks in reality. Perhaps you rush into things without thinking them through, or maybe you push forward stubbornly on decisions despite the lack of evidence suggesting you would succeed. This symbol may also predict some minor losses in the near future or gains that are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

A lot of items on the table

Seeing a table cluttered with various objects in the dream world could spell trouble for you and some of your companions in wake life. Just as an untidy, cluttered room may reflect internal chaos in wake life, so does this symbol suggest growing troubles between you and someone you usually get along with. You may need to take a step back and cool down before you approach this individual to work out your differences.

Envisioning items of the table that do not normally belong there, such as shoes, brooms or gardening tools, may take on a slightly different meaning than just pure conflict. It could indicate a sudden and unexpected development in the relationship, be it positive or negative in nature, like the revelation of a past wrongdoing committed by this person or a sudden understanding of their true character that brings you closer together.

Someone you know on the table

Seeing someone you know on top of a table, whether they are standing upon it or lying down, may reveal an internal desire to spend time with this individual. In particular, this vision suggests you wish to do something interesting or exciting with them, like going to a party, dancing at a club or visiting a local landmark.

Someone at a table facing away

Sitting at a table with someone but envisioning that they are looking away or avoiding eye contact could mean that you would soon be betrayed or pushed aside. This is especially true if you know and are friends with this individual in reality. In essence, while they may not wish you ill, they would do whatever it takes to further their own desires even at the expense of your friendship and trust.

Lying on a surgery table

Lying on an operating table while awaiting surgery may predict having to make an important decision in the near future. The consequences of your choice could be life-changing, so you should carefully consider your options before committing to an answer. You may not be able to undo your decision later on.

Table with a white tablecloth

A table with a pure white tablecloth, such as when seen at a wedding reception or formal banquet, suggests you are currently under stress and worried about something. However, your concerns are unfounded, as everything would soon work out for the best. It would be wise to let things take their course and develop naturally in your favor.

Hiding under a table

The act of hiding underneath a table during the course of a dream vision may reveal that you do not always take advantage of opportunities available to you in reality. Whether you are unwilling to take the leap or simply unable to see or embrace the possibilities, this vision carries a slight feeling of the wastefulness of the situation. It also suggests that the cause of your issues may lie in your natural distrust toward or fear of strangers.

Flour on the table

Flour on a table, whether it has been spilled out or is still in its package, contains a special meaning for those who are in a romantic relationship. It predicts your desires for you and your partner would come true and that you would have a harmonious, comfortable life together with that individual.

A table ready for the meal

A table which is set and ready for a meal to be served upon it is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive in the realm of dream visions. It predicts pleasant meetings between yourself and others, either as planned social engagements or chance encounters at a store or event. You would be able to socialize with new, interesting individuals whose conversation would add value to your life.

Empty tables

Empty tables, whether they are in a restaurant or in a park, could reveal upcoming conflict between yourself and others in reality. You would feel alone and isolated during this time, as though no one is on your side. This symbol is also occasionally seen by those who have poor money management habits and are chronically running low on cash or living paycheck to paycheck. This vision is then considered a warning to curb unnecessary spending and work on building a better budget.

Eating at a table without a tablecloth

Eating on a table that is lacking a tablecloth or table cover means that you would soon get ahead or advance further than others in your same group, be it financially, socially or materially. If you were jealous of other members or your social circle recently, you would soon be quite content with the things your have earned and achieved.

A table moving on its own

A table that seems to move or float on its own is often considered the manifestation of more negative feelings and impulses in reality. It often reflects emotions like dissatisfaction and jealousy, meaning you see areas of your life that are not exactly the way you had envisioned. Beyond those emotions, however, this symbol suggests a desire to make changes that would positively affect both your life and your mood.

A table with a torn tablecloth

A tablecloth that appears to be torn or have holes can carry a rather negative meaning in the realm of night visions. It is a harbinger of discontent and conflict within your family unit, meaning you could soon see disagreements and conflicts brewing among your loved ones.

Knocking on a table

Knocking on or pounding on a table often portends disagreement or discord among friends or companions in reality. This dream symbol is often considered a warning, especially to those who have been putting work or other priorities in front of nurturing their friendships. Ignoring your friends may deprive you of loving support when you need it most in the future.

Round table

A round table, whether in a home or office setting, is a symbol of a space where people can settle an issue. The objects on the table will provide further clues regarding the meaning of this dream. If people are gathered around the table to eat, then perhaps a group of people who are at odds with each other will be willing to come to an understanding over their differences, and that with the right intervention, they will have acceptance of each others' contributions as well as shortcomings. If you are carrying the round table, then perhaps you have a gift for diplomacy, and that people often rely on you to mediate tense situations.