Dreams Related To T-shirt

A T-shirt with an imprint about ghost

Living room with a stranger and his t-shirt showing ''ghost''.

Dreaming about someone you do not personally know wearing a shirt with the word "ghost" on it means someone has either shocked or confused you with their recent behavior or is about to do so.

A T-shirt in the laundry basket

Saw bright yellow work t-shirt of ex boyfriend in my laundry basket.

The laundry in this dream represents suppressed emotions and unresolved issues. So finding the yellow shirt of your ex in your laundry basket reveals lingering issues from your past. You may have been trying to deny existing problems and a lack of closure, but your dream is telling you that it is something you need to confront in order to get a fresh start. You may be having trouble finding someone new because you refuse to clean up past hurt or you are unable to let go of your anger and grudges.