Dreams Related To Sword

Being stabbed with a sword and feeling the pain

I am a male and my dream involved a good friend, also male, who also follows a spiritual path. In the dream, he twice fumbles a ritual sword which stabs me both separate times in my left shin just below the knee and I must reach down and pull it out. He is horrified that it happens and apologizes profusely while I don't seem to be all that fazed even though it clearly was painful. I could still feel the "phantom pain" from it when I awoke this morning.

To get stabbed by a sword in dreams often reveals the dreamer's unfulfilled desires. You could be hiding an aspect of your personality which you are scared of showing everyone for fear of being judged. However, in combination with the other symbols in your dream, the seemingly accidental stabbing incident could mean that you are unaware of your own desires. They could be buried deep in your subconscious and an encounter or situation in reality would cause them to surface in your consciousness. Specifically, your leg represents balance and drive. So getting stabbed in the shin could mean that discovering this repressed or unexplored yearning could put you off balance. You may even suffer an identity crisis due to your difficulty to process this discovery. Finally, the friend who stabbed you accidentally could play a significant role in your dilemma. On the one hand, a part of you likely harbors fear that you are being played by your friend. A sword also represents masculinity, so perhaps there is a power struggle between the two of you. Doubting your friend's motives and loyalty towards you may set off a series of circumstances which would culminate in your introspection and subsequently the revelation of a hidden aspect of your identity.

Being given a sword

Being given a sword or having one gifted to you predicts gaining some sort of power or authority in reality. You could literally become stronger in the physical sense or, in a more intangible sense, perhaps gain some sort of advantage through experience, skill or a random set of circumstances.

Losing a sword

Losing a sword in a dream, whether you set it down somewhere and forgot it or simply misplaced it along the way, means that minor troubles and inconveniences would throw your plans off course. You would be unable to complete your tasks because of unforeseeable issues, such as a sudden power outage or a lack of necessary materials. This symbol is also associated with chaotic, erratic thoughts and unbalanced emotions, so you may want to consider talking to a trusted friend or counselor if your mental health is not where it should be.

A sword in general

The general image of a sword can be interpreted differently depending on the circumstances it was seen in during the vision. A sword on a wall or just lying around could serve as an indication that there is a threat somewhere near you in reality. Similarly, envisioning the sword within your own grasp could reveal a need to avoid or counteract certain nefarious plans that have been made against you. In contrast, seeing the sword in the hands of another individual means a new, powerful enemy would soon be upon you in reality.

Brandishing a sword

Brandishing a sword during the course of a dream vision is a symbol that tends to be interpreted literally, meaning you have the skill, ability and tools necessary to defend yourself against the attacks of those who seek to destroy you. If you have a particular enemy or competitor in reality, you would be able to meet their challenge and beat them through your own power. Alternatively, this same symbol is occasionally seen after already being successful in a match between you and your rival.

Sharpening a sword

The act of sharpening the dull, chipped blade of a sword during a dream vision means you should pay more attention to the world around you. A lack of awareness about who is near you or what is going on around in your general vicinity could lead to trouble in some cases or make it impossible to defend yourself in case of attack.

Finding a sword

Finding a sword in the dream realm represents finding another individual who shares your beliefs, feelings, hopes or goals in reality. This man or woman would become a fast friend, and they would be someone you could rely on to defend your ideas and help you achieve your dreams. Hopefully you would have an equally positive impact on their life as they have on yours.

Breaking a sword

Breaking a sword by hitting it or dropping it suddenly means you could find yourself ostracized from your current social circle. You would be shunned, ridiculed or ignored by those you once considered to be close friends. While the reason for their sudden distance is unclear through this symbol alone, you would definitely feel the sadness and loneliness that results from their departure.

A sword on display

Seeing a sword on display, such as in a museum or at a collector's exhibition, reveals an internal desire for excitement and adventure. You need to find some outlet in order to release this pent up energy, possibly by trying an outdoor sport like hiking and rock climbing or going to another country to partake in volunteer work.

A battle with swords for young women

For young, unmarried women, battling or fighting with a large sword means she is sending mixed signals to someone close to her in reality. She may be giving a potential suitor false hope of a relationship or leading her current lover to believe she has certain preferences that are untrue.

A sword of fire

A sword engulfed in flames is considered a symbolic representation of traditionally masculine qualities, like strength, power and aggression. It is also sometimes envisioned by those who are on the path to destroying their enemies, overcoming their fears or pursuing their goals.

Condition of a sword

The condition of a sword in the dream world can indicate your current mental or physical health. For example, a sword that is sharp, shiny and free of rust reveals your body to be robust and your mind to be in peak shape. A rusty, dull or chipped blade, however, means you could soon become quite ill or develop mental troubles.

Wounding someone with a sword

Wounding another person with a sword or long blade during the course of a dream vision, whether you did so in the middle of battle or as part of a sneak attack, suggests you would fight with that individual in reality. This conflict would blow up and become a huge headache in your life, as it is likely to last for a long time.

A sword thrown between you and someone

A sword that has been thrown or stabbed into the ground between you and another individual means you would soon have problems or fight with that person. This is most likely because someone else has been working behind the scenes to drive a wedge between the two of you, possibly by spreading rumors or telling lies.

Fighting with someone using a sword

Using a sword to fight or duel someone in the realm of dreams is an auspicious symbol associated with good luck and good fortune. You may soon find that your monetary assets have increased or that you have gained an expensive, priceless item in your collection.

A sword on the wall

The image of a sword hanging or displayed on a wall in a prominent place is often considered a warning of things to come in the realm of night visions. It means you would need to be extremely careful in wake life. This is especially true if the sword detached from the wall and clattered to the floor during the course of the vision, as this suggests you would need to be both brave and fearless in the face of what is to come.

A sword in a sheath

A sword inside a sheath takes on special meaning within a dream vision depending on whether it was being inserted or taken out. For example, the act of putting a sword into a sheath reflects your desire to find a peaceful, mutually beneficial solution to some conflict that is bothering you in reality. On the other hand, removing a sword from its sheath suggests you would get involved in a heated, passionate love affair.

Stealing a sword

Envisioning yourself in the process of stealing a sword sheds light on your tendency to be the scapegoat in reality. You are often too passive and mild-mannered to speak up for yourself, so you tend to take the blame for the poor work or misdeeds of others.

A heavy sword

A sword that feels particularly heavy or difficult to lift in the dream realm means that you are actively holding yourself back in reality by not being as aggressive or self-assured as you should be. Your tendency to be timid and meek is actively preventing you from making your dreams come true, so you may consider this vision a warning to stand up for yourself more often.

Accepting a sword from someone

Accepting a sword as a gift or present from someone predicts soon receiving a visitor into your home. This individual is likely someone who will come from far away, such as a distant relative or an international exchange student.

Three swords

Three swords seen together or in quick succession during the course of a dream vision is a symbol associated with success and happiness at your place of work. You could soon earn a promotion at your job or gain some other incentive that would boost your morale and earn you the admiration of your co-workers.

Walking with a sword in your hand

Walking around in your dream vision while carrying a sword is often considered a positive and uplifting image. It predicts soon getting a reward, benefit or incentive of the monetary or valuable variety, such as cash or a certificate of some kind. This would happen soon and bring you satisfaction and a sense of pride in reality.

A sword on your bed

The image of a sword on your bed, whether it appeared there or you set it there yourself, is a positive dream symbol associated with events that would bring fortuitous changes to your life or increase your wealth and prosperity in reality. Your improved situation or a positive outcome to some task you were working on in reality would surely bring you great joy and satisfaction.

Taking a sword out for females

For women who are pregnant or considering getting pregnant, taking out or finding a sword somewhere could reveal that you would carry and give birth to a healthy baby boy.

A sword on a tie

A sword carried by being tied to you, such as on your back or hip, can mean you would be able to make your dreams come true, especially if you are currently working on tasks that are part of your larger goals in life. Alternatively, you could also start a new relationship or get a better job, either through promotion or starting at a new company. On the other hand, a tie that cannot keep or hold the sword in place carries the opposite meaning, suggesting your efforts toward your goals are futile and that you would be stuck in a dead end job or relationship for the time being.

A sword falling into water

A sword falling into a pool or body of water is often interpreted as an ill omen in the realm of dreams. It is a vision that portends much misfortune and tragedy for your spouse, life partner or lover. He or she may soon go through a difficult series of events, become extremely ill or even die.

Walking with a sword in hand

I was walking in day light, then I saw harlots in the way while walking, but they were from every race. Then I walked on the next thing. I had a sword in my hand, then I flew into the darkness. I swing my sword, but I couldn't see anything, I only heard voices from crying bitterly.

Seeing harlots or other sex workers is a fairly negative sign which indicates that there are some people in your life who do not take you seriously. On one hand, this could be caused by inconsistent action on your part, but it can also be their mistaken belief that you are not a threat to their power or status. In either case, sudden darkness portends oncoming danger, suggesting that you may do something careless enough to reveal your true abilities and intentions to these people. Doing so is likely to lead to conflict and opposition as you struggle to dominate each other. This situation can be avoided by hiding your strong sides when a situation calls for it, but keeping your gifts to yourself may also have negative implications for your future, meaning you must weight the pros and cons of moving forward in your life.

Slashing a sword to kill someone

I was slashing and swinging a sword so many times trying to kill a man so frantically.

Swinging a sword wildly in a dream vision with the intent of trying to kill someone is the manifestation of some deep, dark aspects of your personality. Usually, these parts are hidden from others and rarely surface, but there is likely to be an event outside your control shortly which could cause this darkness to come out suddenly. This may be due to an emotional response, so your words and actions coming from this place inside you are probably completely uninhibited. This could scare those around you and cause some difficulties in your interpersonal relationships.

Getting stabbed with a sword

I am female and my dream was about myself getting stabbed with a sword. But I wasn't dying. The stabbing was exotic and sick in a way.

This dream could be a reflection of a deeper aspect of your personality, some kind of hidden desire that you harbor within yourself but are still scared of fulfilling. The notion that you would take such a traumatic event as being stabbed and turn it into an exotic experience means you may be thinking the things you want to do could be viewed negatively by others, but in a way that is precisely why you want to do to them. You could be the sort of a person who thrives by doing what is forbidden yet, as of now, have not had the courage to attempt to do so.