Dreams Related To Swimming

Swimming naked

Dreaming about swimming naked could be a symbol of your high self-esteem and confidence. You tend to trust your skills and ability to solve any difficult problem or situation you come across. You might also feel that you are in charge of your life and are responsible for its positive and favorable outcomes.

Swimming under water

Dreaming about swimming under water, that is, below the water’s surface, could be a sign of uncertainty. More specifically, you might be experiencing some doubts, concerns and hesitations. You could be unsure about, and be psychologically struggling with something that has great importance, significance and value to you.

Swimming and diving

Dreaming about diving while swimming in the water or of observing yourself doing so is a negative sign. Specifically, you could be considering embracing a new project, business or activity. However, such novelty could only bring risk and perhaps even danger into your life.

Swimming effortlessly

Dreaming about swimming effortlessly and confidently could represent upcoming success. That is, you could be currently occupied with a project, business or activity which stands a chance of being successfully completed. The outcomes would be thereby greatly benefit your professional career and take you aspirations even further.

Watching others swim

Dreaming about observing other people swim, such as in a swimming competition, could foretell a peak in the workload. That is, you would be so busy that you would hardly have time to take a break, and rest or enjoy yourself. However, this would be the only way of meeting your deadlines and bringing your project or activity to a successful end.

Swimming on land

Dreaming about swimming on dry land, that is, in the absence of water, is a negatively charged sign. Namely, your current task, project or business could only be successfully completed at a great cost. You would have to invest an outstanding amount of time, effort and dedication to see it come to a good end.

Swimming somewhere

Dreaming about swimming in water towards a certain point or destination usually is a positive sign. It reveals that you could soon become successful or materially rewarded in regards to one of you current projects or businesses. This will make you proud and satisfied with your gains and victory.

Struggling to swim

Dreaming about swimming while struggling to stay afloat often is a negative sign. It could be that you would soon go through difficult circumstances in regards to a project or task that you have recently completed. You could experience some serious disappointment.

Swimming against current

Dreaming about finding yourself effortfully swimming against water current often is a negative sign. It could foretell that your current main goal would be difficult to achieve. You might find obstacles and struggle a lot. Nevertheless, you might eventually manage to find solutions and work out a way of turning these problems into advantages.

Swimming with others

Dreaming about swimming alongside other people represents be a positive sign. It could reveal that your closer friends are reliable and worthy of your trust. They will offer their help and support whenever needed or requested.

Swimming in foam rubber

Repetitive dream of me swimming in a pool of water that changed to a pool of foam rubber.

Swimming in a pool of water which turns into foam rubber suggests you could be dealing with the effects of some past mistake or action. The repetitive nature of this dream vision could reveal your inability to make peace with what has happened or to rectify the mistake, making it difficult, if not impossible, to move forward with your life. This is supported by the water becoming foam rubber, as you may feel stuck or trapped, unsure what to do, whom to turn to or how to fix this problem.

Unable to reach the shore while swimming

Dreaming about being too exhausted to reach the shore while swimming, and without drowning, could symbolize delays. That is, you could soon experience some temporary obstacles and hardships. These could hinder the achievement of your objectives as well as postpone the completion of your projects and activities. In particular, you could expect to see the favorable resolution of your plans delayed or moved to some time in the future.

Swimming in clear blue water

Hindu and other religious sources view water as a purifying agent. In a sense, the clear water allow you to see the troubles in your path and your ability to literally wash them away. If you swam through the water with little trouble or difficulty, it means you would be able to quickly and easily get through your issues. On the other hand, difficulty swimming or even drowning can mean you would not have as much success or that you would have little outside support in your endeavors.

Swimming for a female

For women, dreaming about swimming alongside your lady friend, who is much better at it than you, could be a symbol of forgiving eyes. This is because people tend to forgive your mistakes and omissions. They would not show signs of any resistance or opposition to your progression. Such benevolent attitude towards you would be consequent of your charm and appearance.

Swimming backwards

Dreaming about swimming backwards is a symbol of illusions. Specifically, you could be deluding yourself in regards to your progress. You might think that you are closer to achieving your objectives as you move along. However, your judgment might be inaccurate or incorrect. You might be deluded about your own advances. Such delusion could be consequent of your traditional and conservative approach, your tendency to procrastinate, or your poor resilience and inability to adapt.

Swimming and drowning

Dreaming about swimming and drowning could symbolize unsurmountable difficulties. That is, you could come across insoluble problems and unsurpassable obstacles. You would not be able to successfully finish some task, activity or project you are presently working on.

Swimming together for lovers

Dreaming about swimming in water alongside your lover is a negative symbol. Specifically, you could soon be separated or distanced from someone with whom you have an intimate relationship. This parting could be consequent of an unexpected situation or happening and most likely be temporary in duration.

Swimming while clothed

Dreaming about swimming fully dressed could reveal some present frailty. That is, you could subconsciously desire to rest and recover under the shelter or safe haven offered by other people. That is, you could be currently struggling and fatigued with your life situation. You would feel you needed to take a break and benefit from the support offered by others.

Swimming in dark water

Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters often is a negatively charged sign. It could foretell the reception of distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while travelling or on a journey.

Swimming in a river with someone

Swimming in a river with someone else, whether you recognized them or not, can allude to finally getting in touch with your green thumb. In most cases, this would be preceeded by influence by someone else who has experience or skill with gardening. For instance, you may decide to plant a small vegetable garden guided by an older relative's experience with victory gardens during the war. Alternatively, you may be inspired to keep succulents and other household plants due to the suggestion of an influencer you follow on YouTube or Instagram.

An accident while swimming

Dreaming about getting injured or having any other type of an accident while swimming is a negatively charged sign. It could translate an upcoming encounter with an insincere and dishonest person. This person could try to manipulate you into believing that you were dealing with and relying on an intimate or close friend. However, this individual is most likely deceiving you with the objective of taking advantage of you.

Swimming as a professional swimmer

Dreaming of observing yourself swim while realizing you could be a professional swimmer often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, you might have a high self-esteem and self-confidence in regards to your own sensual charm and sexual attractiveness. You would thereby have a great success and popularity with the opposite sex.

Swimming with the current

Dreaming about swimming along with the water current is a symbol of emotionality. That is, you could be an emotional person with a tendency to let the emotions take the best out of you. Alternatively, you could soon go through a period during which you would let yourself be driven by your feelings and emotions. You would not be able to gain a rational control over your life.

Swimming in dirty water

Swimming through dirty water, such as water filled with pollution, trash or mold, alludes to dealing with a murky situation in reality. You may find yourself going through a series of increasingly difficult or annoying events. This would leave you feeling drained and possibly put strain on your closest relationships.

Swimming in a pool with clear water

I dreamed that I was swimming in a very clear water in the swimming pool.

Dreaming about swimming in the limpid waters of a swimming pool often is a positive sign. Namely, you could soon fall head-over-heels for someone or start a remarkably intense romantic affair. These romantic feelings would make you forget your daily responsibilities and duties. Moreover, crystal clear waters suggest that the relationship would be beneficial and rewarding for both of you. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you could soon meet or re-unite with an old acquaintance for whom you used to have feelings. This encounter could re-ignite these past emotions and you could end up subconsciously wishing to get back together with this person. Overall, the dream speaks of experiencing positive and most probably romantic emotions.

Swimming toward someone

Dreaming about swimming towards someone who is standing on the shore could be a reflection of a desire. You could deeply wish to successfully achieve one of your current goals. Alternatively, you could currently be sexually attracted to someone. This person would not necessarily be the person in your dream.

Swimming in fast water

Dreaming about swimming or trying to swim in a very fast current often is a symbol of upcoming danger. That is, you could soon find yourself in a seriously threatening situation. Alternatively, you could soon experience some health-related problems or issues.

Failing at a diving competition

I'm female. In my dream I was at a swimming contest at a pool with two other people who seemed to be my friends, we were on a team and I seemed to keep messing up. When I went to dive off the board my knees started to give out and I kinda just fumbled in the water. When I went in the water I felt embarrassed and sank down to the bottom and stayed there until I couldn't hold my breath any longer. I went back up to the top. Then all the sudden the water was on fire. I got out. Others didn't.

Dreaming that you are swimming and diving in the water usually contains a negative message related to taking on a new project or getting into a new relationship. This new endeavor could get you so totally immersed in it that you would forget all your other responsibilities. This is especially concerning because this new preoccupation would not end well for you. If it is a romantic prospect, then there would likely be a bad break up. Alternatively, a swimming contest can be an allusion to emotional instability. Perhaps you are not in the best mindset because of piling stress or a toxic environment, at work or at home. Unfortunately, if you do not manage your anger and frustrations well, you could end up lashing out or having an outburst which could damage your social relations, especially with your friends.

Swimming competitively

Dreaming about swimming while trying to defeat or challenge someone could be a symbol of your ambitions. Namely, you could be too ambitions and have unrealistic ideas about what you can actually achieve. In the future, such tendency could be the cause of disappointment and grief.

Swimming away from someone

Dreaming about observing yourself swimming away from someone who is in the water or on the shore could be an escape symbol. That is, you might be presently wishing to run away from an uneasy and stressful situation. You could also seek to stay in the comfort of your own familiar world.

It is possible that this dream also reveals your inner desire to silence and tame your emotional drives. This could be a reaction to the sexual advances of someone who could be trying to seduce you. Moreover, it could also mean that you feel you are being excessively solicited by other people. You would therefore simultaneously feel that you are unable to satisfy their demands or fulfil your social responsibilities.

Swimming in ocean

To swim in the ocean represents your current mental state and efforts towards self-awareness. In esoteric circles, swimming in ocean dream meaning depends on the characteristics of the ocean as well as the other symbols present in the scenario. A calm ocean, for example, is a sign of good tidings and the fulfilment of your goals. For non-swimmers, swimming in the vast ocean could indicate preparedness. You are finally ready to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

Swimming in a deep and dark river

Swimming in a deep dark river. Feet got tangled in some kind of weeds and I got myself free from. Swam to the river bank and got out of the water. Was watching the water go by and all of a sudden I saw huge fish swimming to the bank. I said to myself it must be a family of fish. Two large fish and two smaller fish. The people eating next door in a outside restaurant were feeding them and then they swam away. By the way I cannot swim. There was a woman there with a new baby and I asked her how much it weighed and she said three pounds. The baby was very small to be three months old.

This dream vision has two distinct parts to it, which may even contradict each other. Seeing yourself getting out of the water where you seemed to be drowning is symbolic of existing positive developments taking place in your life. It could signify being exposed to some events or situations which may have recently yielded positive and encouraging results for you. The image of a big fish and other fish swimming together with it in the water could mean that you are to experience even more events or situations soon, but the outcomes could be uncertain or not as favorable compared to the ones you had just lived through. Most likely, it is because of different circumstances or participants this time around, as envisioned by the people feeding the fish. The last part of this dream about a woman with a baby could be symbolic of going through a period of great disappointments or challenges, there is a good chance they would be related to unwanted pregnancy or complications during pregnancy for someone you know closely or are very familiar with.

Swimming in an outdoor pool of a building

The same dream I have every few years... I see a white oblong building which is a leisure center, containing an indoor and outdoor pool. When inside the building, I see that the indoor pool is busy, so I go to the outdoor pool (this turns to 3rd person viewing), and see myself floating about on a Lilo. Nothing else happens, but last night there was a man in the pool (a current work colleague of mine) who I was floating away from.

Dreaming of a large building that you recognize as a leisure center suggests you are confident in who you are as a person and understand both your strengths and weaknesses well. This may be the result of years of self-reflection or of a few pivotal events which have shaped you, making you the person you are today. Swimming in an outdoor pool indicates, however, that you do not feel challenged in your current environment. In fact, the lack of difficulty is not only cumbersome, it makes you question your position in life. If you feel this is related to your work situation, you may want to seek more responsibilities. If not, it may be high time to take up a new hobby and push yourself to the limit in something new and exciting.

Swimming to the shore and feeling uneasy

Reoccurring. At beach. The sea is so bad and choppy, dark sky. People are unaware of the danger. The water is tall and sharks are all in the water. I have to swim to shore from the ocean and have to stay close to the surface. I am afraid, but I have to go. I see the beach from the water. The people on a slight hill are on blankets watching the water. They are not leaving this danger. The water is almost to the buildings. I am on the beach too and can see the tall water with sharks all in.

This vision is highly ominous and should be considered a warning about getting involved in things outside of your concern. To be more specific, the stormy ocean which rises high above you and the others represents a scandalous, outrageous situation which may hurt your social interactions and, in turn, your career opportunities in the community at large. Additionally, the sharks in the water suggest that your involvement in this situation is an accident caused by your obliviousness to the facts of the matter. Getting to the beach at the end also points toward feelings of deep regret and remorse, possibly because you cannot undo what has already happened. If none of this has happened yet, it may be wise to keep your head low to avoid making any huge mistakes you cannot fix later.

A woman swimming with snakes

My dream was about seeing a woman swimming with snakes.

Seeing a woman swimming with snakes in a dream represents the possibility of a woman finding out personal information about you. You may know this person, she may even be one of your close acquaintances. The information she may have discovered would be sensitive, the kind you would rather not have been spread around to others.

Swimming with black snakes

My friend and I were swimming with a lot of large black snakes and we had our own pet snakes as well. Nothing bad was happening until the snakes started constricting around my friend and his snake. My friend passed out and I quickly dragged them out first killing the snakes around my friend and pulling them off, then doing the same with his snake. His snake was dead, but I I did not know if my friend was.

Swimming with snakes should be considered a serious warning that someone is plotting against you and your friend. Watching your friend being attacked by snakes later, then, is an obvious sign that he is in danger. Pulling the snakes off and killing them symbolically represents your attempts to save your friend and yourself. It could be very difficult, almost impossible even, to avoid the attacks of those who seek to harm you. However, that does not mean you should not try to persist. Any effort you can exert to protect yourself would be worth your time and energy in the long run.

Being kissed by someone while swimming

I'm with a group of people swimming in a cloudy river and rolling in the mud at the bottom. Everyone is laughing and splashing. Then a guy swoops me up, carries me through the water, and then kisses me while everyone cheers (including my roommate who I don't think likes me). The guy then holds me and says "See, there's love everywhere." And then I woke up.

A dream with this scenario has positive connotations. It marks the entry into an auspicious period in your waking life. The fact that you envisioned yourself happy and frolicking speaks a great deal about your current situation. You are at a point in your life when things seem to be working in your favor. The image of a kiss shared with a man speaks about a positive change in your love life. If you are single, you may find new love. If you are already in a relationship, it could mean strengthening of the mutual affection and love in your existing relationship. Make sure you keep yourself open to new opportunities and embrace love with open arms.

Swimming with poisonous frogs and snakes

My dream was about me swimming in deep water infested with poisonous frogs and snakes.

Swimming in deep water that is populated by poisonous creatures suggests that you may be facing a particularly tricky situation in the waking world. The poisonous frogs in your dream vision represent stressful circumstances which are probably happening at your workplace. Meanwhile, the snakes refer to cunning and manipulative individuals contributing to the stressful environment. Fortunately, you can overcome the obstacles and challenges in your way if you face them with humility and kindness.

Swimming, fetching water and climbing a mountain

Swimming and fetching water and climbing up the mountain in a dream.

Dreams about swimming often relate to emotions and the subconscious. The movement of the water, the body of water you are swimming in or the clarity of the water will add more specific interpretations to this dream symbol. In your case, the inclusion of the mountain as another dream symbol means you are contemplating a major life decision which will lead to a better way of life. The imagery of climbing a mountain represents the process of leaving behind bad habits or embracing a new lifestyle. It will entail difficulty, so focus and perseverance are required if you want to succeed in this venture. Fortunately, fetching water symbolizes triumph over adversity. At the end of this challenge, you will gain a useful life skill which will propel you into more success.

Swimming under moonlight

Being on a beach at night, whether you are swimming underwater or skinny-dipping, can signify that you are lost in your thoughts in the actual world. You could be feeling overwhelmed at work or in your personal life, which makes you want to take a break and breathe. You could also be missing a part of your past that you wish to bring back. The bright, reflected image of yourself on the water mirrors your awareness that things are not going your way, yet you struggle to fix them. However, this agony will see its end as long as you acknowledge that you need other people's help.

Seeing someone swimming in dirty water

Seeing someone, particularly someone you know, swimming in water that is polluted or filled with trash is a bad omen to see in a dream. It alludes to an upcoming situation that, if dealt with the wrong way, could have a negative impact on your relationship with the individual you perceived. This situation would likely be hard to explain or quantify to anyone else, however, it is important for both your spiritual and emotional health that you do the right thing. Even if what you have to do hurts this person a little bit now, it would be nothing compared to what would happen in the future if you do the wrong thing.

Swimming in a dirty river with someone

Swimming in a dirty river with someone else is a negative symbol to see while dreaming. It is a common symbol associated with going through various troubles. In this case, you are likely not alone in your struggles. Someone close to you is probably going through a series of similar issues. Most dream workers associate this trouble with spiritual matters, but physical and emotional issues can also crop up after this symbol is seen.

Swimming with someone

Swimming with someone in a dream symbolizes a deep emotional connection with your partner or with people in your subconscious. Moreover, achieving and maintaining trust in someone or in your relationship with someone in this dream is an omen for essential breakthroughs in your personal life. Try paying more attention to the details of your dream, as they may reveal hidden meanings about your relationships and any associated benefits that come with them.

Swimming in ocean with someone

According to modern dream workers, dreaming of swimming in the ocean or sea with someone signifies a shared journey toward achieving success and overcoming challenges together. On the other hand, the emotions you feel during the dream convey a message about the depth of your connection with this person. It possibly carries a spiritual undertone, symbolizing a profound bond and mutual support as you navigate the waters of life.