Dreams Related To Swimming pool

A tiger and lion by a swimming pool

I saw a friend in a pool with clear blue waters freaked out because a tiger was up close to him but the tiger had a chain around its neck, while still looking at the event I jumped inside the pool and my friend pointed at me to look behind and I saw a lion up close but with a chain around its neck.

This vision speaks much of your current accomplishments as well as what you could accomplish in the near future should you put your mind to it. The friend in the pool of clear blue water that you later join represents the body of your present accomplishments. The water hides nothing, and it reveals all that you have sacrificed to get where you are in life. Possibly your friend helped you on this path or represents someone who mentored you along the way. The chained tiger and lion shed light on your future potential. While tigers and lions by themselves generally refer to negative possibilities, the idea that they were chained in this vision suggests you have things under control and can wield them to your advantage. If you unleash your full energy, you could be on a path to greatness.

Swimming pool for a young female

A young woman dreaming that she is having a great time in the swimming pool is an indication that she would soon start an intimate relationship with a person who would turn out to have a lot of things in common with her, making them click instantly. Conversely, this dream signifies that she has refined manners and a calm demeanor, which makes her more attractive apart from her physical attributes.

Swimming pool in general

Dreaming about a swimming pool is a symbol of passionate love. It indicates that you are madly in love with someone at this point in your life, and you would want to spend virtually your entire time together. Consequently, you would forget about your other states of affair. This could mean being absent from work for days, failing to run errands such as paying the bills or having your car fixed, or spending less time with family and friends because you would rather be with the love of your life.

While this dream is all about being crazy in love, there is a high likelihood that it could turn sour in the long run. Sure, you are head over heels in love with the person of your dreams at this time, but too much time spent with that person could cause your excitement to gradually die down. You could grow tired of each other's company and ubiquitous presence. Sooner or later, your love for each other could turn to hatred and disdain because, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Just pray it will not happen.

Someone you know in a swimming pool

Dreaming about a person you know who is enjoying being in a swimming pool symbolizes complete transformation. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person on account of a significant change in your life lately. It could be embracing a new religious belief, switching support to a new political party, going under the knife or undergoing surgical procedures which would significantly alter your physical appearance, or having a sex change. In any case, such a change would affect your relationships, career, business and your life in general.

Diving into a swimming pool

To dream that you are diving into a swimming pool represents a big change ahead. It indicates that you could be on the verge of deciding on an aspect of your life which could have long-term effects or consequences. Therefore, you would take it upon yourself to spend more time to really think about it, taking all things into account, before finally giving it a go.

Dreaming of an empty swimming pool or being unable to swim

An empty swimming pool

Dreaming of seeing an empty swimming pool indicates a period of emptiness in your own life. You may have just ended a relationship, and you are presently in a state of shock and denial. This could only be the beginning of a period of loss and pain which could mean going through other emotional states on your way to recovery and being ready to fall in love again. This dream reminds you that the passing of time can help you heal and be whole again.

This dream could be seen from an angle with you as the focal point. You could be putting too much weight on your love for the person, who in the end decided that such a relationship was not worth fighting for. This dream could be telling you that it is time to go back to the basics, that is, to prioritize your own welfare, to love yourself more than others, and to actually tell yourself to get a life. If you do this, you could find greater happiness and eventually learn to open your heart to others again.

The bottom of the indoor swimming pool

I was in an indoor pool (concrete walls and floor were a very light greenish blue). The water was clear. There were pieces missing from some of the bottom and some spots had large missing areas. There were also some rocks on the bottom of the pool. I am female.

A swimming pool filled with clear water generally symbolizes success and self-fulfillment. Specifically, it means that all your hard work and perseverance would eventually pay off. Perhaps you may even start taking on a new role which would give you a great deal of professional leverage, in addition to the perks and privileges of this new position. The fact that the pool is indoor also reveals your rationality and "can do" attitude. You like being in control and fully prepared whenever you tackle your tasks or responsibilities, hence whatever challenges may be ahead, you can always count on your diligence to counteract any unpredictable situations or circumstances. In addition, the rocks on the bottom of the pool refer to a strong foundation. This may be a metaphor for your strong resolve and unshakable work ethic, although the rocks may also represent your loved ones who are always there to support you. Finally, the missing areas and spots at the bottom of the pool is an allusion to unrealized potential or abilities and skills you may not have had the occasion to tap or discover yet.

Swimming pool with clear water

To dream about a swimming pool filled with clear, azure water is a symbol of success and self-fulfillment. Your hard work and sacrifices have paid off, and you are now or would soon be assuming a new role which would give you a great deal of leverage, apart from the perks and privileges which go with your new position. As a result, you could not be any prouder of your achievements.

A child drowning in a swimming pool

Found a child floating in a pool. Thought it was dead, removed the child and he was fine.

A floating child that appears dead signifies a lack of certainty in your course of action, possibly prior to making important decisions. The ambivalence present in the dream furthermore indicates that it is not a good time for major decisions. The successful rescue of the child preceded by his appearance as dead is a sign of all-pervading pessimism that determines your recent behavior. You should concentrate on yourself during the incoming period by withdrawing from decision-making about things which may interfere with the course of actions you would normally follow.

Urinating in a swimming pool

Envisioning yourself urinating while swimming reveals an upcoming period of creativity and inspiration. You will have a lot of ideas and energy to turn these ideas into reality. Your bosses will be very impressed by your initiative. You could even break free from the drudgery of corporate life and harness your ideas into opening your own business. This can start as a side hustle at first, but after gaining momentum it has the potential of becoming your main source of income. On the other hand, this dream also suggests successful recovery from a mental health issue. An alternative medicine, such as CBD oil or ayahuasca, could finally free you from the crutches of depression.

Enjoying a swimming pool

Dreaming that you are enjoying your time in the swimming pool is a symbol of boredom. It indicates that your life can be a drag, and you may be confined only to the tedious cycle of your daily routine. You tend to forget, or rather, refuse to acknowledge, that there is more to life than what you normally see and experience. From time to time, you should try to break the monotony. Go to the movies, get a massage, treat yourself to a sumptuous meal. Otherwise, take a break and do something you have dreamt of doing ever since you can remember, like writing a novel in the mold of your favorite Indian author, Arundhati Roy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so make the most of it.

Swimming in a pool with fish

I saw I was thrown in a swimming pool by an unknown person and I was swimming in the pool. But I didn't like swimming because a lot of fish were swimming in the pool and I got out of the pool and a lot of fish were attached to my body.

A swimming pool in the dream world typically alludes to the notion of falling in love. You may find yourself head over heels in love with someone in reality. The intensity of your feelings could overwhelm you to the point of neglecting your other duties and responsibilities. In that sense, the fishes latching on to your body as you got out of the pool represent the negative consequences of your actions which you must deal with even after the passion has run out.

A skillful swim in a swimming pool

If you dream that you are swimming skillfully and showing off different strokes in a swimming pool, the way you would normally do in real life, you are likely being led to a death trap. Soon someone would make you an irresistible offer you could hardly refuse, the kind that promises to catapult you to stardom or grow your business by leaps and bounds. It is these kinds of offers that you should be wary about. You could end up getting ripped off or abused if you are too naive.

Disliking a swimming pool

Dreaming that you are having a strong aversion or dislike to swimming pools signifies temporary separation. A loved one or a dear friend might soon bid you goodbye. But it is not for long. This person may only be having a vacation or a business trip out of town, or moving on a temporary basis to a new location while the old place is undergoing renovations. Soon this person would be back in your life, and you would resume doing what you used to be doing together.

Drowning in a swimming pool

Dreaming that you are drowning in a swimming pool depicts the same grim picture in your real life. As one might say, you would drown in a pool of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the course of finishing a project. You would be met with a slew of problems in the execution of your duty. You would suffer a barrage of setbacks in trying to grow your business. Whether you could actually weather the storm depends on how much patience and perseverance you have.

Filling a swimming pool

Dreaming that you are filling a swimming pool with water, especially if you felt in the dream you were going to use the pool for swimming later on, is a display of resourcefulness. You have a knack for creating and crafting unique items that you could sell to make money from the comforts of your home. You have the gift of gab, a talent fit for film and radio voice-overs or suited to marketing or direct selling. You have something in you which you could utilize to develop a cottage industry or a successful niche business. For all the success it could bring, this dream reminds you to remain humble and grounded so you would not be the cause of other people's envy.

Draining a swimming pool

To dream that you are draining a swimming pool symbolizes lost opportunities. There are many instances in your life where you could perform, deliver and produce good results, but you seem unable to translate these opportunities into something big for a lack of effort on your part. You must remember that opportunities knock only once, and if you lose them now, you would lose the chance forever.

A gigantic swimming pool

Dreaming that you are in the middle of a gigantic swimming pool predicts a fateful meeting. You would come across a person who seems full of promise at first, so you would invest time and money to learn what this person has to offer. In the end, you would find out to your utter disappointment that you would not be able to get anything valuable or useful out of this doomed encounter.

In a swimming pool with ex-boyfriend

Me and my ex-boyfriend were at his house and he had a huge pool. I was just sitting in the pool and then he jumped in. We went underwater and were kissing. When we came back to the surface we were smiling at each other and then we got out of the pool. We went somewhere and his friends were saying that me and him really did make a good couple and that they are glad we are back together.

The dream about spending time with your ex-boyfriend in a swimming pool and enjoying every moment of it could be indicative of soon encountering a person whom you would find a lot in common with. You would be able to share you views, ideas and opinions without being misunderstood or unaccepted. At the same time, the vision of making out with your ex-boyfriend while being in the swimming pool could also indicate that the events leading up to this future encounter could be unexpected and surprising in their nature for you. In a sense, the image of your ex-boyfriend in this dream serves as your subconscious anticipation of meeting this new person you are about to cross your paths with.

Talking to a friend in a swimming pool

I had a dream where me and my boy best friend were in a square swimming pool talking, and then I was showering and he was there still talking to me, what does this mean?

Because you did not provide your gender, it is hard to come up with precise interpretation for this kind of a dream. In general, dreaming about you and someone you know closely being in a swimming pool or inside a shower symbolizes a complete transformation on your part. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person as a result of some significant changes in your life. It could be embracing a new belief, switching your support to a new group of people or even having shifting views in your sexual preferences. In any case, such a change could soon start affecting your personal relationships and your life in general.

A sea turning into a swimming pool

Dreamt about myself swimming in the sea and when I reached a certain point, the sea turned into a swimming pool with very clear blue water. It was as if the sea water and pool water were connected. Once I get to the pool, a man that currently has great interest in me is there with another woman and I wait for her to leave, when she leaves the pool, I immediately run into his arms. This man has dreadlocks, I'm not sure if that means anything as well.

This dream carries a very auspicious interpretation for your love life and relationships in general. Dreaming about swimming in large bodies of water, such as the sea and the swimming pool, often represent beneficial opportunities and lucky chances. This is usually associated with work and business, however, the subsequent symbol seems to link it more closely with your personal life. More specifically, the mutual interest between you and this man, manifested in your running into his arms, predicts going through a period of time which strengthens and fortifies your interpersonal relations. While this is important for familial relations and friendships, it can also be extremely beneficial to romantic interests as well.

Swimming pool changing from clean to dirty

I was in my apartment pool, it looked dirty black water with a dead pig from my side, but my brothers and others were swimming. I went inside the gates and it was clean and blue water and I started playing with them. I got pushed in and when I came out, the water turned dirty and the dead pig was there again. I started flying.

Both the image of dirty water and the dead pig are negatively charged symbols in the world of dreams. They suggest your daily existence could be plagued with problems and setbacks. These issues are likely the result of your own lack of preparation or effort, and they may be difficult to overcome on your own. This is opposed with the image of the pool filled with clear, clean water, a symbol often associated with success and self-fulfillment. Your subconscious may be giving you a glimpse of the happiness and prosperity you could experience if your work ethics were better. The pool reverting back to its original dirtiness, however, may indicate that you are not yet ready to make that change.

Having troubles while in a swimming pool

Going into a swimming pool and being trapped in a bear trap and then being attacked by a shark and then saved by someone.

Dreaming about swimming and being trapped underwater in the process could symbolize great difficulties to be faced in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation filled with problems and obstacles which you may not be able to overcome on your own. A task or project you are presently trying to complete could prove to be futile as you would not be able to act appropriately under pressure. If you are unaware of anything around you starting to become complicated at the moment, it could intensify the magnitude of feeling helpless in the future.

Indoor swimming pool

Envisioning yourself enjoying the water in an indoor swimming pool symbolizes your complex nature. As an introverted person, you often feel a lot of pressure to change and conform to societal expectations, but you still try to keep your spiritual practices and emotions in check, possibly seeing danger in letting the external factors dictate your inner self. Despite being an introvert, you must have at least one person, a friend or a family member, with whom you can share and vent your thoughts.

Dirty swimming pool

In the dream realm, a dirty swimming pool is a metaphor for your emotional state or current life situation. The unclean condition of it represents unresolved issues or emotional problems you're experiencing. Although, it suggests the need to clean up and address these feelings or activities to feel protected and spiritually balanced as water often symbolizes the subconscious.