Dreams Related To Swan

A black swan

A black swan as a dream symbol is often attributed to dark desires. For instance, you may have met someone with whom you sparked an instant connection. However, even if it is mutual, there could be circumstances and complications which would prevent you from pursuing this individual. If you allow yourself to be tempted by this forbidden fruit, so to speak, you would have to deal with far-reaching problems which could damage your reputation considerably. How you interact with the black swan in the dream may give you further clues about how you would handle this temptation in reality.

Interpretation of dreams about white or black swans

White swans

The presence of white swans in dreams portends wealth and prosperity, especially if the white swans appear serenely as they circle the pond. Although even if the white swans are merely in pictures or depicted as statues, the symbol remains auspicious. It means that you and your loved ones would enjoy comfortable lives with a stable stream of income for years to come.

Watching geese and a swan appearing

I had a dream of a huge flock of geese swimming in a pond or a stream, and they started flying away and all of a sudden a bright white swan appeared and it looked so pretty. Then I woke up or something.

This dream contains many auspicious signs! Geese symbolize wealth and financial security, and seeing them swim in a small pond indicates your recent decisions may turn out to be profitable ones. Given the presence of geese, this is likely related to investments or other money management tools you have been utilizing. Seeing a bright, white swan additionally predicts meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. This may be connected to your monetary acquisitions or happen as a separate event.

Two women killing a pair of swans

Two swans being killed by two women.

The meaning of a dream about swans being killed by a couple of women could be interpreted depending on your gender, which you have not mentioned in the request. If you are a woman, this vision could be a reflection of aversion you express toward other women, who might be competing with you for the same goal or objective, including romantic matters. Such rivalry could be something that has been happening recently, prompting this dream to occur, or it could be your natural behavioral trait. For men, this dream vision could reveal that they tend to treat their female companions or dates with excessive focus on physical attributes and qualities, rather than relying on emotional aspects of the relationship. The image of women killing swans in this dream is a clear and straightforward statement in this case, showing that women who want more intimate and affectionate relationship can be easily replaced.