Dreams Related To Surprise

A nice surprise by a deceased loved one

Four months after the death of a loved one I dreamed that she, I, her father and a friend were all sitting on the bedroom floor watching TV. It was the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life. The doorbell rang and I asked her who it was. She smiled and said "I don't know, go see". I opened the door and it was a delivery, a gift of chocolate-covered honey bees. I brought them to her and showed her. We were so happy and then I woke up. When I woke up I still felt the happiest I've been in my life.

In the dream world, the bedroom represents your personal space. Having people around you there means they are people you generally feel close to or tend to associate with. The presence of your deceased loved one could predict some important news coming your way and she may be guiding you to the answer. However, you may have to experience some troubles to get to the truth of the matter. The honey bees alone point toward good news and hope, so everything is likely to turn out right in the end, but the chocolate covering the bees may indicate you need to help others before you can take care of your own needs.