Dreams Related To Suffocating


I dreamt that I was gasping for air, like suffocating.

In the realm of dreams, suffocating and gasping for air is generally thought to reflect a lack of variety and excitement in the life of the dreamer. Usually, this refers to a need to change things up with a romantic partner, such as going on a date somewhere new or spicing things up in the bedroom. If you are single, however, this vision could mean that you subconsciously desire the excitement and emotional turmoil that comes with a new relationship.

A pet dog causing suffocation

I'm a girl. Last night I had a dream where I woke up in my bed and my dog, Peaches, was sitting at the end of the bed. She looked happy. I blinked, and she was beside the bed. I blinked again, she was next to me. I blinked again, and her arms were over my shoulders like when she hugs me. But I was suffocating and she wouldn't get off. I was screaming too. After that I woke up.

This dream vision could have two possible meanings. On of them is related to the environment you sleep in, the room could be too hot, dusty or your bed could have a lot of hair on it which prevents you from breathing when you sleep. A dream with animals represented by dogs could also be a sign of having a person or people close to you who bring a lot of havoc in your life or someone you cannot distance yourself from in your life because of the emotional attachment. They could be exerting a lot of influence on you and are difficult to break free from.