Dreams Related To Student

Marrying a former student

Female. Dreamt I married my male ex-student. I am 28, he is about 20 or 21 years old.

Becoming that close to your former student in a dream may reveal your attraction towards him. Perhaps you admire some of his qualities which you suppressed because it seemed inappropriate to you or to the eyes of outsiders. It can also mean that you are afraid of getting older and you want to recapture your youth. In a sense, the attraction may not be about your former student specifically, but what he represents to you, such as youth, potential and optimism. Growing older may be making you more aware of responsibilities and societal expectations which could have triggered a longing for your younger and more carefree years.

Being a student

Being a student in a dream vision, especially if you have already graduated or are in a lower grade than you are now, often carries a neutral interpretation. The meaning behind this esoteric symbol is related to the feeling of being younger and, therefore, less knowledgeable about the world than you are now. For instance, if you found yourself in university or college, your subconscious mind may be looking for answers about how to progress in life or in career since this was the time you were beginning to make those plans for your future. Alternatively, someone seeing themselves in high school or elementary school may be searching for the happiness they received when they were praised for their results in the classroom. These individuals may be lacking in support in wake life, leading for them to seek acceptance and tranquility in the safe, familiar four walls of their former classroom.

A student breaking into the house

A student of mine was trying to break into my house. My husband came up and laughed.

Based on the imagery, you may be in a situation when you are overly concerned about your performance and aptitude in front of your students. You subconsciously seek ways to improve your rapport and performance. A possibility that you have been asked questions or inquiries from your audience you could not answer could also be on your mind lately. People, including students, come in all shapes and sizes, so may be it is time to embrace diversity and be a bit more open-minded?