Dreams Related To Street

Walking down the street

Dreaming about walking or strolling down the street usually is a positive sign. It could reveal forthcoming success. Such favorable outcome could be associated with a plan, project, occupation or activity with which you are currently involved. Moreover, this would be an activity to which you already had dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort. Its completion would evoke positive feelings of fulfilment, pride and happiness.

Seeing a street

Seeing a street in front of you in a dream is a favorable symbol. Specifically, it is possible that this period could be auspicious in that you could see your dreams come true. For example, something that you have been planning for quite a while could finally happen. Alternatively, one of your projects can finally materialize itself into a very positive outcome.

Unknown street or city

Walking down an unknown street or moving through an unfamiliar city suggests your life is on the verge of a major change. You may have an epiphany about a current problem, or you may come across a solution to something that has been bothering you recently. This revelation would bring you much satisfaction and allow you peace of mind, which would allow you to actually enjoy your free time instead of being bogged down by other worries.

Getting lost on an unfamiliar street

Dreaming about getting lost and having a hard time finding your way around some streets because you do not know the local language and experience communication difficulties is a negative sign. It could mean that you would soon come across some erroneous ideas and misjudgments, or experience some misunderstandings. For instance, your acquaintances and friends could stop listening to you, and start to criticize your ideas and take you for a fool. You could find yourself alone with your own problems. Noone would offer to help and support you.

If you further had a vision in your dream that you successfully found your way around or managed to find the place you were looking for, the dream could bear a positive charge instead. In this case, you would experience problems, but you would be able to surmount every hardship and obstacle. That is, you would succeed and achieve your objectives even without the support of others.

Walking an empty street at night

Dreaming about finding yourself walking down the street at night symbolizes a period of slowness, dullness or monotony. Since this would be a temporary phase, you should not let yourself become despaired or discouraged. Rather, you could see this uneventfulness and slow pace as an opportunity to invest in some of your interests and activities. For example, you could use the time to investigate about some ever-present concerns, such as spirituality, fitness, health, art, crafts, DIY, education…Therefore, you would not be wasting your time, but rather improving and investing in yourself.

Spirituality is an ever-present concern because, eventually, everyone feels the need of finding answers about spiritual aspects such as the meaning of life and the meaning of death. By bringing these issues into the center of your attention without the pressure of some particular triggering event, as most people do, you may be positively surprised. Your life might even undergo some positive and drastic changes. Moreover, after this transitional and introspective life period, you could be rewarded with a great opportunity or solution. That is, turning to spiritual issues would not be a waste of time.

Walking down an unfamiliar street

Dreaming about finding yourself walking down the street you do not recognize or where you have never been before could be an indication of upcoming travel. It is possible that you will soon make a trip or go on a journey. You might visit a place where you have never been before or where you have not been for a long while. This would not necessarily be an exciting, insightful, valuable or fun journey. But it would neither be a difficult, dangerous or unpleasant experience. It would simply be that, a trip.

Looking for a house on a street

Dreaming that you are busy searching for a new house is a symbol of a difficult decision-making. That is, you could presently be preoccupied with some important and life-changing decisions. And although you might be leaning towards a particular choice, you could be held back by fears and doubts. You might be unsure whether you really making the right move. Hence, you are looking for options in the dream. Such choice could be related to your personal or professional life.

Looking for a street

Dreaming that you need to find some particular street and that you are looking for its location is a good sign. It could mean you would have enough time to properly prepare yourself for some important thing which is about to happen. That is, you would be able to put some thought into the delineation or design of particular plan or course of action. For example, you could prepare a well-researched business plan, find a better location for your business or train yourself to perfection while performing a particular activity. Without rushing, better solutions could be found, and success and profit would most likely follow.

Walking the street with a company

Dreaming of seeing yourself walking down the street alongside a big group of people is a positive sign. It could translate that you would soon participate in some collective project, business or activity. Your involvement in this endeavor would be rewarding and make you feel good about yourself.

Walking slowly on the street

Dreaming about observing yourself strolling slowly down the street and enjoying this walk is a symbol of new relationships. You could be about to encounter someone who so far was a stranger to you. You might find yourself enjoying their company, and soon spend a considerable amount of time with them. You would eventually end up treating them as your close friends.

Paving a street

Dreaming about paving a street usually is a forewarning. In particular, your impulsiveness and thoughtlessness could lead you to neglect some valuable asset or important details. Nevertheless, such omission or lack of attention would not negatively affect your plans, businesses, or activities. This is because, as soon as you would spot your mistake or forgetfulness, you would promptly and swiftly deal with it in due time. That is, overall, the dream speaks of fast reactions. These can have both negative and positive consequences.

Being on the street in a good mood

Dreaming about finding yourself cheerfully standing on the street, alongside good-spirited, friendly and smiling people is a positive sign. It could reveal that you would soon be at the center of other people’s attention. You would occupy the center of the stage, so to speak, and everyone would fully attend to your ideas and wishes. This overall responsiveness could mean that there are many people who love, respect and treasure you. This would make you feel or help you realize how fortunate you are.

Standing in an empty street in the daytime

Dreaming about standing alone in an empty street during the day time could symbolize solitude and isolation. That is, you might feel that you are absolutely alone. Alternatively, you could actually be completely isolated, with noone around you. This experienced social absence could concern people around you in general, or simply people that you know. That is, you might miss encountering people while carrying in with your daily affairs, or specifically miss meeting familiar people. Moreover, you could perhaps not immediately know why and how you got yourself in that position. Rather, you would discover the reasons for having become isolated only later along the way.

This dream should not be a source of worry, anxiety, sadness or disappointment. Furthermore, you would not necessarily be the one to blame for such isolation. For example, it could simply be that others are being ungrateful, insensitive or rude. They could also be egotistically pursuing their own goals, and forgetting to pay attention to the people around them. That is, you were being neglected due to other people’s selfish drives. Nevertheless, what matters about this dream is that you should take it as a sign. You should embrace your aloneness, accept that you have gone your own separate ways and seek to meet your own life objectives. This is an opportunity to focus on your own resources and your own development. It is also a lesson. There are people who do not merit your care, dedication and friendship.

A brightly-lit street

Dreaming about strolling through or finding yourself in a brightly-lit street is a warning. It adverts you to the fleeting nature of some of your current interests and pursuits. That is, you could presently or soon be involved in some thrilling project, activity, occupation or relationship. However, you might soon realize that the excitement would not last forever. As soon as the moment passed, you might not even be able to hold on to any pleasant memories.

Being afraid of someone in the street

Dreaming about being frightened or afraid of someone while walking down the street, such as robbers or other shady individuals, is a forewarning. It could be telling you that you are or soon would be in very difficult, life-threatening and dangerous circumstances. Such upcoming risk would be consequent of your current actions or behavior. That is, you could currently or soon decide to participate or engage in activities or projects that might put your life at risk.

Being afraid to be on the street

I will highly appreciate it if you could help me in finding out the meaning of this dream, it's really bothering me on daily basis, I watch out for myself as I have this fear to be out on the street, it's really bad. Please help.

Walking in the street in a dream vision is an auspicious sign predicting success at work and suggests you have already poured a lot of your time, effort, and heart into your chosen field. However, being fearful of being on the street seems to indicate you are worried about taking the next step on your career path. It may be you have been offered a promotion you are not sure you are ready for, or you might think it is time to change careers completely. In either case, taking such a major plunge might be risky, but if you choose to take the opportunity and do your best with it, you are likely to have results that you can be proud of.

A body burning on the street and a white dog

Burning of a dead body. The smoke was covering the entire street like a fog. Three people were trying to cross that street. I am yelling at them "Don't cross that way. I know another way". A white dog came running to me, with a scared look on its face and I took it in my hands with a smile. The person who was burning the body was singing a song which I didn't recognize.

The presence of morbid imagery in dreams typically reveals that the dreamer is suffering. The burning corpse in your vision could symbolize self-destruction or a downward spiral, meaning your harmful and unhealthy habits or activities may be catching up with you. Perhaps you are developing these vices as a coping mechanism for some other troubles in your life. This is connected with the smokey fog that seemed to cover the streets, a symbol that implies you cannot see the damage you are doing to yourself or do not understand how to dig yourself out of this pit. The image of the white dog coming towards you, however, reveals that there is hope. White dogs symbolize true and loyal friends, so now would be a good time to rely on those who always have your best interests at heart. They would be able to help you solve your problems and develop healthier coping mechanisms.