Dreams Related To Street market

Busy street market

To walk past or drive by a very busy street market in your dreams is a sign of boredom. It could mean you are getting fed up with your current life, and you are looking for new ways to experience joy and pleasure.

Being at a street market

Dreaming of taking a trip to be at a local street market is a warning about having a careless and wild sex life. It means you have been lacking caution in your sex activities to the point where you don't even remember your last sex partner's name.

Being a vendor at a street market

To dream of being a vendor selling goods or merchandise at the local street market means you possess the business skills or talent to successfully sell things, or you will use your business knowledge to help others become successful in business.

Buying goods at a street market

To dream of seeing yourself buying goods at a local street market and negotiating prices while buying the goods is a positive sign. It means you are about to have a very fulfilling and satisfying love life.

Selling goods with good pace at a street market

To see yourself selling goods at a good pace at a local street market is a sign of good luck and fortune. It means you will have greater odds at being successful if you try to play lotto, casino, or any other gambling game.

The only way you are going to have your luck last is by not anticipating a jackpot or thinking you will be able to win each time you play. You will set yourself up for much disappointment if you think this way. So, relax, be patient, and the luck will continue to be at your disposal.

Someone you know as a street market vendor

Dreaming of seeing someone you know acting as a street market vendor selling goods or merchandise is a sign that you may be too demanding when it comes to this person. Your demands are based on the false assumption this person should give more to you than what you really deserve.

The only way you can get what you really need from this person is to treat this person fairly and allow the person to willingly help you instead of trying to persuade the person to help you.

Street flea market

If you find yourself ending up at a street flea market in your dreams, then it means your exaggerated preoccupation with what you have at the moment is causing you to become very unhappy because your material assets are not where you desire them to be.

It is wisdom when you finally realize that a person should be content with whatever they have at the moment. So, if you embrace this idea, it will become much easier for you to dismiss feelings of dissatisfaction about your current financial state and material wealth.

Deserted street market

Dreaming of seeing a deserted street market with empty stands and no customers means you have gotten to that point in your life where you realize you had to lose a few friends close to you for many reasons, such as betraying you or failing to tell you someone needed your help and allowing that person to fall by the wayside.

Refusing to buy goods offered in a street market

Refusing to buy merchandise offered in a street market you frequently visit is a sign of frustration. This means you are becoming fed up with the irritation you feel from false accusations of cheating that your lover or spouse keep discussing with you on a regular basis.

Wandering around a street market

Dreaming of standing near or wandering around a street market with no intent to purchase anything means you will have a meeting, party, or other gathering function that will ultimately become a waste of time for the participants.

Empty stands in a street market

If you dream about walking around and seeing empty stands in a street market that have no merchandise on display on them, then this is a warning you will face a major disappointment or experience failure in a project or plan you are currently trying to accomplish.

Buying fruits at a market

I found myself in the market place trying to buy some garden egg fruit. Two days later I am in a super market where cupboards and chairs are being sold.

The dream about trying to buy fruits at a market indicates that you could currently be pursuing or working on something which is of a great importance to you, however there could be signs showing little progress, if any moving forward at all, because you could be putting a lot of strain and uncertainty on people who are also involved. Those whom you are trying to impress show little interest or total indifference to your plans and ideas. At the same time, the vision of a place where furniture is sold could also indicate that you could still succeed and take your ambitions to the next level if you rely more on your own strengths and abilities and disregard any negative comments about the viability and future success of this current undertaking.

Empty street market

Being in a deserted street market with one or two people with me. Then seeing a sign to my left that says "Emerald 2".

Dreams about finding yourself in an empty street market devoid of crowds and vendors means that you have recently come up or soon will have intentions to break ties with and eliminate some friends or acquaintances among those whom you closely know. You could have witnessed or gone through some acts of betrayal or dishonesty and feel that this is the right time to narrow your social circle because of this kind of behavior and attitude toward you. The symbol of emerald in dream interpretation is closely associated with harmony and, in the context of your dream vision, establishing more lasting and meaningful connections with new people. It is possible, that based on your recollection of two people you were with in the market and the number 2 on the sign, you could be either eliminating two people from the circle of your friends or currently associating yourself with two persons whom you consider to be your friends from this point on.