Dreams Related To Strangled

Being strangled

In dreamscape, getting strangled by someone means you are not living an authentic life. You are suppressing a vital aspect of your personality due to peer pressure or perhaps self-denial. You could be repressing your sexuality due to religious belief, familial obligations or societal expectations. Perhaps psychotherapy can help you embrace who you are and express yourself fully regardless of other people's opinions about you.

Being strangled by someone you know

Being strangled or chocked by someone you recognize in the dream realm is not actually a sign that they wish physical violence against you. Rather, this choking activity represents your own inability to express what you want or feel to this individual. This person is probably someone you have wanted to talk to for awhile but have never found the right words or timing. Now may be the time to address things though.

Someone else being strangled

Watching as someone else is being strangled in a dream, such as in the case of domestic abuse or a random act of violence, means that your own experiences with authority, power and violence may be inhibiting you from acting to help others who are suffering. The suppression of your feelings or memories associated with this time in your life may be making it difficult for you to get emotionally involved in the situation others around you are facing. If you do not take steps to address your own demons and help those who need it, someone may be needlessly hurt or killed.

Being strangled to death

Being strangled or suffocated to the point of death is a highly scary and ominous situation to find yourself in during a dream, especially if sleep paralysis was involved. According to John Paul Jackson and his works, this symbol means that something is hindering your activity or progress in wake life, even if you are not exactly aware of it yet. As such, you are slowly losing momentum on your goals because figuratively your muscles are not getting the oxygen they need. Finding the source of whatever is slowing you down, be it a person or a system, would allow you to find a work around and continue moving forward.