Dreams Related To Stone

Finding precious stones

Precious stones have esoteric magnetism that can influence our lives. They hold prophetic meaning in the dreamscape especially when they are central to your vision. To discover precious stones, in the mountain for example, means you will have the opportunity of working with and learning from an influential personality. This could be the chance you have been looking for to hone your skills. If the precious stones are set in jewelry like a ring, then it represents a project that will open a lot of doors for you. Make sure you make the most of it.

Someone throwing stones at you

Someone throwing rocks or stones at you during the course of a dream vision means that there is some aspect of your character that embarrasses or shames you. Perhaps you do not like your shyness, or you are confused about your sexuality. The important thing you need to do at this point is focus on your needs as a person. Really look in on yourself and your soul to figure out what you need physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Blood coming from a stone

I am a 24-year old male. In my dream I am playing in front of the buildings I used to live 15 years ago. I can't remember the reason, someone whom I didn't even see approached and stabbed me and I started bleeding. I was dying in my dream, but lying on the floor, I saw this: It was either a wall or a big stone wheel, but it had carved in a sun with a face with many other details around the face. And I see blood (my own I guess) pouring down that carving. The blood was blue in color. Thank you.

Dreaming about being in a familiar place from wake life, particularly one from your childhood, indicates being in a safe or comfortable place in your life. The peace you are experiencing, however, is likely to be disturbed in the near future, as predicted by the stabbing you experienced. Being stabbed with a knife, especially in this sudden, jarring manner, suggests some jealous, impatient person is about to make a direct move against you. Blood is often connected to reputation, so it seems likely that this person is interested in irreparably damaging your reputation through untrue gossip and ill rumors. The giant stone you see represents feeling alone and isolated from others, unable to move and call out for help. You may fear that your friends have abandoned you or are not available now that you are in need of their assistance. You may want to take precautions and reassure yourself that your friends have your back after experiencing this vision.

Making a wish upon gold stones

I have dreamed that a gold stones turned into a gold crocodile (I think it was a talking monument crocodile or made of metal) and asking me for a wish and then I told my wish.. What is the meaning of this?

The gold stones you envision are usually a negative sign associated with being deceived. Someone is likely trying to pull the wool over your eyes and swindle you, possibly leading to some major monetary losses. This is also supported by the image of the crocodile, which indicates the con artist is someone you know, probably someone you currently trust more than you should. You should keep an eye out for any suspicious activities and be cautious of those who may try to influence how you spend your money.

Stones being thrown at you

Someone throwing stones at you or pelting you with rocks carries special meaning according to both Judeo-Christian and Islamic dream interpretation sources. This imagery is symbolic of a problem that has recently developed around you. The answers to your questions cannot be found easily, and death and unhappiness may appear to be around every corner. Others may judge your inability to take action or prevent these bad things from happening. However, if you found the strength to stand up in the vision, it suggests you are not the type of let this keep you down. Even if your spirit is tired, your creativity and perseverance would allow you to move forward.