Dreams Related To Statue

Seeing god statue

Seeing yourself in a temple and worshipping a statue of a Hindu God or Goddess such as Lord Krishna or Shiva, is considered a lucky omen. It is a universal message of arrival of good times in your wake life. It is also a sign of wisdom and positivity across your spiritual spectrum. With such omens of deities and idols appearing in your dreams, you must keep your faith as strong as ever to let the signs to manifest.

Falling and being surrounded by statues

I saw me falling from top of some place in a very heavy water fall. I was scared and I landed on a huge stone from where I got without any injury and I started walking and then I saw huge idols of Lord Buddha in bronze color around me.

Falling from a great height and surviving in a dream could predict being faced with opportunities and experiences that look very tempting or promising. However, the feeling of being scared during this fall suggests you may be easily fooled or have a tendency to get involved with meaningless and trifle things instead of focusing on what really matters. The imagery of idols at the end of this dream is suggestive of your current search for inspirational and challenging things in life, which could certainly make you happier and more wholesome once your destination is reached.

Religious statues

In general, a religious statue in the dream realm can carry various interpretations depending on the figure you saw. According the Christian theology, statues of the saints suggest you are someone who can admire the positive aspects of others and share a certain pathos with them. You can also make a connection between your beliefs and your life on this earth for the benefit and service of all people, even those you do not agree with. According to Eastern dream interpretation sources, statues of the Buddha or Indian deities mean that you are putting in the work to purge negative energy from your life and attempting to find peace and prosperity in your current circumstances.

Light striking a Buddha statue

I dreamed of golden Buddha with bright light from the sky striking in it and the reflection of Buddha is a boy in white cloth.

A dream wherein you see golden Buddha indicates that you have attained a certain level of spirituality. Since the symbol itself represents enlightenment, it could portend the occurrence of events which would have a profound impact on how you live your life. You would be more religiously inclined. The notion of seeing Buddha's reflection when the light strikes it symbolizes your ability to see things deeply and clearly. This ability would actually help you find your real purpose in life and guide you in the right direction.

A church statue of a blue bull

After working so hard on it, church members proudly completed a six-foot high statue of a blue bull, and rolled out the door of the church.

If you are a member of this congregation, the symbolic depiction of the blue bull statue in this dream signifies soon receiving a monetary incentive or donation for your collective efforts or recently accomplished deeds. The size of the statue in this dream is also important, because you subconsciously anticipate being rewarded as a group and directly proportional to your joined efforts in making it happen.

Next to a famous statue and crying

In my dream Mata Durga Pooja was done in the temple at midnight and we had to go close to her statue for receiving blessings. I was massaging her feet, the mother opened her eyes and saw me tearing up and again she was a decorated statue. What should I do ?

Dream visions about being at the feet level of a statue, regardless whether it is a religious representation or a secular object, contain connotations of being dependent on someone or submissive to their will and power. Considering the fact that your mother noticed you crying in this dream, it could be an indication of your discontentment with your current situation, or your growing desire to break free or rid yourself from this influence. The vision of the statue being decorated means that you could be trying to figure out this situation by comparing it to other people's experiences or knowledge.

Coliseum protected by statues

Entering a coliseum (felt like a learning institution) that was "guarded/protected" by large statues with glowing green eyes. A person who I can't stand to be around was only person with me.

Envisioning yourself entering a coliseum symbolically represents the stress in your life or the weight of responsibility that you feel on your shoulders. This is seen in the green eyes of the guardians of that place, which indicate being tied to this work. You likely feel you cannot get away from the pressure or that something bad would happen if you stepped away. Your fears may be accurate, as being with someone you do not necessarily like could predict backlash from not doing what is expected of you, especially from peers or group members.

Seeing statues of gods

I entered a pious person's house and introduced myself as the son of my dad (name specified). I go inside and see a small silver statue of lord Ganesha sleeping on a silver plate, this whole thing is in a silver architected small temple. Upon return, I see another temple where there is no god on the throne.

Temples in dreams typically represent enlightenment and spiritual growth. Seeing a statue of Ganesha in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape your father's shadow and make a name for yourself. As such, the second scenario involving the temple with no god alludes to your personal conviction that faith and religion are not the only solutions in getting yourself closer to your goals. Perhaps believing in yourself and your capabilities is just as important.

Statues of Norse Gods

I walk to the the statues of Norse Gods somewhere in a temple that strangers showed me. All resembling my younger sister in height but each had different faces. When I approached the statues I was then on a wooden plank high next to the hand where Odin was holding a fire. I looked down and saw a black worm going into the statue. When I turned back to the fire in Odin's hand it was gone and a black cluster of serpents had replaced it. The room started going black, then I fell off the wooden plank.

Temples, in the context of dreams, typically point toward the dreamer's enlightenment and spiritual growth over a period of time. Seeing statues of the Norse Gods in your dream reveals your yearning for success and recognition. Perhaps you want to escape from someone's shadow and make a name for yourself. This desire would seem to be fulfilled, as the image of the flames being replaced with serpents implies, a symbol commonly associated with receiving much-anticipated recognition or promotion. This means that your time and effort on a task or project may produce lucrative results or lead to others recognizing your talents. If you have a chance to stand out or do something great, your efforts are likely to be rewarded.

Being saved by a statue of Adonis

I met a short man while walking and he asked me if I would help him find his statue of Adonis. It turns out it was at the bottom of some lake, so he jumps and he finds the head but then he finds the full body of the statue. Suddenly an octopus shows up and the full body statue comes to life and saves us. The dream ends with us staring at each other and the only name I remember is Adonis.

The image of Adonis is usually associated with good looks and masculinity. Perhaps the short man in your dream is someone who seems unimpressive at first glance but possesses admirable traits once you get to know him better. Meanwhile, the octopus represents a complicated situation or a convoluted event which would bring out this person's attractive qualities. It is during this tough time when you would catch a glimpse of his problem-solving skills and other impressive characteristics. He may be not be the man of your dreams, but he is likely the perfect match for you as indicated by the triumphant ending in your dream vision.