Dreams Related To Stallion

Talking to a stallion

I was waiting for horse's to comeback from a long trip. To feed and provide water and I asked the stallion of the herd was it a long trip. He complained and said yes if it wasn't for this voodoo leg if mine. And he named who was doing this to him.

Dreaming that you are talking to a horse could mean that you would soon be pleasantly surprised. In particular, you may be positively impressed by your own sympathetic and generous action of helping and supporting someone who is in need of help. Another aspect of your dream reinforces this interpretation. Namely, you were waiting for the arrival of a probably exhausted horse with the intention of attending to its primary needs of food and water. Such altruistic and kind gesture will go around and come around. That is, later on, you may also be surprised by seeing such action come back to benefit you. The second line of symbols in this dream refers to the long trip, the voodoo discussion and the biblical connotation of the bread. These three symbols suggest that you could have a spiritual or humanitarian drive or desire. However, there would be some obstacles over which you might have no control making your spiritual path more difficult.