Dreams Related To Stalked

Stalked by someone

Being stalked by someone is actually a representation of your tendency to overly police your thoughts. You are so conscious and self-aware, for fear of committing blunders and massive mistakes, that sometimes it can be exhausting for you.This also reveals your lack of understanding about who you really are. Much as you would like to believe that you know yourself fully, you may be surprised to find undiscovered parts of yourself which will enrich your life all the more. Learn to listen to and understand your instincts instead of needlessly trying to control your urges.

Being stalked by someone you do not know

Being stalked by a man or a woman you do not know in real life while you are dreaming is often interpreted as a sign that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to maintain a certain mental state. You are so preoccupied with the possibility of making mistakes or letting your mind wander that you are literally exhausting yourself. In a sense, this also means you do not have a good understanding of yourself as a person. You want to believe in yourself, but you still do not trust yourself fully to make the wisest decisions or choose the right path. Now may be the time to start listening to your gut instincts instead of just trying to control your urges.

Feeling as if being stalked by someone

A house in a random location in a field with nothing around. I can only go a certain distance before coming back or feeling like I will be attacked if I go too far away. At the same time, I'm being chased by a person, but can't visually see their face and being stalked by them as well. I sense the person is trying to kill me but in the dream, I feel the need to fight back and fight for my survival. This dream reoccurs and sometimes I'm with another person who I also cannot see, but are on the same side.

A house in a desolate landscape reflects feelings of isolation and loneliness. You may be feeling cut off from friends and family due to personal reasons. The faceless stranger who is either out to get you or is on your side possibly reveals aspects of your personality that are either destructive or positive depending on your state of mind. This recurring theme in your dream reveals your conflicted emotions and clouded perspectives. You may need to dig deeper and get to know yourself better to make yourself whole to keep you from pushing away those who love and need you.

Being stalked by someone likeable

I am a female. I dreamt that I met a man and he was very into me. I liked him too and we made out for a while. But I wasn't ready to take the next step and kind of gave him the cold shoulder. Then my sister gave him the code to my house and he kept coming in and trying to get me to mess around with him. It ended with me trying to get away from him and hiding in my friend's house. I still liked him in the end though.

Dreaming about an encounter with a man you are initially attracted to symbolizes your desire to indulge in trivialities. It's indicative of your habit to give more attention than is required to things that are superficial. The fact that this man keeps following you despite you avoiding him perhaps points towards the petty issues which do spring up time and again. And although you may feel tempted to think about these issues, the best course of action is to focus on aspects of your life that are actually significant.

Someone stalking me

Someone stalking you in the dream realm is often considered a sign of persisting memories or feelings that you have difficulty getting rid of. According to dream workers, this symbol reveals that you are carrying your past baggage around, which is why these feelings manifest in the form of a stalker. Perhaps something in reality is prompting these unwanted reminders of bad relationships from years ago or some terrible act or crime that you committed in your youth. Getting past this situation may require the help of a professional.