Dreams Related To Stage

A slow motion dream about a stage

Everything is in slow motion. I walk on to a large green stage. On the stage there is a television playing a music video (if it matters, the music video was in black and white and the song was "Got you where I want you" by the Flys). There are carpenter tools scattered on the stage. My wife is sitting on the stage holding a baby boy.

Dreaming in slow motion means you are feeling sluggish or weighed down in reality because of all your responsibilities. In addition, you could be stressed out by piling duties, tasks and commitments you are juggling at work as well as in your personal life. Meanwhile, the stage alludes to performance or acting out. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, you and your wife are putting on a brave face and making it seem, to others at least, that you are in complete control of everything even when things are unraveling in your household. The baby boy could symbolize a new venture or journey you and your wife are going to take on and this is possibly the main cause of concern or conflict between the two of you right now. As for the song, it could just be your subconscious trying to find an anthem for your current predicament.