Dreams Related To Stadium

Meeting with someone at a stadium

I was at an enclosed stadium but it felt like my work environment. I think I was a younger single woman and I was seriously dating this guy I interacted with there. I made a comment about his job that he didn't agree with and corrected me. I left the dining area quite upset to a lower section of the stadium which by the stairway were these small trees. They were pruned to keep short. I rubbed the tree and could feel the bark. I don't remember anything after that.

Dreaming of a younger version of yourself could be an indication of nostalgia. You may be missing your younger and more carefree days, especially if you are currently facing a lot of adult responsibilities. In addition, a stadium represents ambition and the guy represents obstacles to your personal goals. So it is possible that you associate ambition and drive with your past self, maybe you feel like your priorities have changed because of various developments in your life and now you are wondering what would have happened if you pursued your passions. As such, the small or short trees, which symbolize growth and desire, could reflect your own stunted growth. Life may have led you down a path which veered away from your personal ambitions, so you feel like you still have so much room to grow and that your full potential has not been realized.